void & Softwilly – Vladimir Putin DISS TRACK...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, okay, okay, okay, okay

Micro dick man why you whipping your cock out?
Grab me a rocket, I’m rolling through Moscow
Veins in your head looking like they gon’ pop out
Like your economy, you finna rot now

I was in Russia just keeping the peace
Yeah, your general got popped while patrolling the streets
Nine oligarch dicks they inside of your cheeks
Finna blast everybody in the KGB

It’s a headshot
Bout to turn vladimir into a dead opp
Said fuck a tank, bitch, we rockin’ a dreadnaught
Corrupt little fuck and it’s time that you get caught
Parkinson’s in your body, it’s giving you blood clots
I get to the packin’, now I’m on your head top
Ratted the money then went and bought ten yachts
Crawled out your igloo without proper forethought
Just like the ruble, bitch, you ’bouta get dropped

You shat on this country, that scent, it gonna linger
You scratching your balls while you licking your fingers (Ew)
You jerk off your dick as you look in the mirror
Yeah, bitch, call me scar ’cause I’m killing this Führer
I’m killing this Führer, I’m killing this tyrant
Light this shit up, I’ma need me a hydrant
No foreign investments, your econ’ is dying
Jinping’s dick and your ass, lately they been colliding

Vladimir Putin like what is you doin?
Yeah, nobody likes you, your own people booing
You started a war and now somehow you losing
Your poverty rate, yeah, that shit’s never moving
Now Russia in ruin
You killing reporters, you breaking them borders
A balding lil’ rat and you throwin’ a tantrum (Waah), in need of some pampers
You feeding the public with false propaganda
Yo’ general bent your ass over and give you the missle
Bashar Al Assad steady suckin yo nipple
You getting real old, yeah, yo’ face start to shrivel
I heard that you like giving Russian kids tickles

You built like a goomba, you ain’t got a neck
And yo’ wife steady lookin’ like her name is Shrek
Yeah, you crossin’ them borders and yo’ army got checked
You got so many sanctions you falling in debt like
You a bitch boy, you a bitch boy
Think he tough cause he caught a lil’ fish, boy (Damn)
Tell Putin I’ma put him in a ditch, boy
Hairline like yo’ oil trade, it don’t exist, boy (Like, what?)
Ayy, you don’t like that
Yeah, this shits gettin’ hot, need an ice pack
You injecting them roids in yo’ ass crack
Start a fight now you getting a fight back

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