Yungeen Ace – Pop Shit Lyrics

Pop Shit Lyrics by Yungeen Ace & Spinabenz

Feeling a little toxic ain’t pop no pill today
Remember I was starving I ain’t did shit but I made a mil today
Said he got the drop I told him chill let him live today
Bag on his head they don’t give a fuck they killed him anyway
Calling shots just like a narrator
Don’t underestimate me stood over him and sent him to the cemetery
Love and memory they put it all up in the obituary
Bitch he was supposed to be dead why he ain’t dead already
I don’t like speaking on opps because I’m already ahead already
I don’t miscontrue when it be my killers know we coming through
Big or small step on something I’ll never ever pick and choose
They still don’t know who did it they wave his face across the news
Sent them shots straight to his face so this case they cannot prove
They gone make me spray it broad day 100 round drum out the drake
They gone have to call faceoff swang that motherfucker all day
Ima shoot this bitch the fuck up I don’t play
Pull drop the window swang this bitch we shooting all K’s
They know me I’m on some gangster shit I’ll do this broad day
I let my dog have my PlayStation I don’t motherfucking play
Ima pull up to they shit and dump some rounds out this drake
When I catch that N**** ima blow his shit ima shoot him right in the face
38 shell catch him forsure it’s finna be another closed case
They Steady asking about my name better know it hold weight
They steady asking what’s in my wood you better know I smoke ape
I spin once they know I get active fuck the law and the detective
Phone on Ain’t no tracker
Fuck the opps you know they acting
Deep in the streets you know I die for it
Pass me the Glock I’m surviving
Choppers clap they know I’m not him
On the block they know I’ll knock them
I don’t know what these n**** thought
I don’t know why the fuck these n****s tried me
I was 14 years old when I had stood over that body
I was 18 when the police found out I was collecting bodies
Fuck that shit I’m out my body
I’m off this drink they think I’m wilding
Fucked this freaky bitch I ain’t ready for no baby she think I’m childish
Bitch I had nutted all in that pussy I told that hoe I wore a condom
I speak the truth on what I talk they think it’s nonsense
Just cause I play dumb and get retarded they think I don’t got sense
Lord forgive me you seen me drop shit
They thought I had a cap gun they way I pop shit
And they would’ve thought I was in a band cause how I rock shit
Spina got the keys to the game he a locksmith
Leave him in the streets bust his brain he on that opp shit
Opps be trying to squash beef on the low but this is not it
No sympathy for your mama pussy n**** you know I drill shit
Kill shit
15 years old I was going on real hits
19 years old I caught a real blick
Blicky blicky
My n**** told on me shit got sticky icky
Name a N**** out here in my city who really fucking with me
Ever since they killed my day 1 n**** that shit fucked with me
My ex bitch fucked my brother since then that shit done stuck with me
Fuck with me
N**** I be active in these streets they know wassup with me
We done did so much shit over east my n**** stuck with me
Fully automatic I’ll shoot it if you fuck with me
If Wopo got the chopper he’ll shoot you for a buck 50
If wopo got the chopper he’ll shoot yo ass for nothing really

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