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Biography and date of birth of MORGENSHTERN, personal life and interesting facts
Biography and date of birth of MORGENSHTERN, personal life and interesting facts

 Who is he

  • Career: blogger , rapper , rock musician 
  • Date of Birth: February 17, 1998 
  • Eastern horoscope:  Tiger 
  • Place of Birth: Ufa , Republic of Bashkortostan , Russia 
  • Growth: 185 cm 
  • The weight: 85 kg 
  • Family status: Not married (2022)
  • Children: None
  • Social network:  Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - VK 

Morgenstern is the stage name of a young Ufa singer who performs hip-hop, pop and rock songs. The guy's name is Alisher Tagirovich Valeev. He was born and raised in Ufa. As a teenager, he became interested in music and video blogging. He shot musical and humorous videos, posted them on VKontakte and on YouTube. 

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As a student, he created the MMD CREW group. After its collapse, he worked solo, changed his pseudonym several times until he settled on Morgenstern. The whole country learned about him thanks to social networks and talented music videos. 

The songs and manner of performance of the young Ufa citizen have always been distinguished by originality and outrageousness. His videos gained thousands, and then millions, of views in a matter of days. Alisher constantly kept the audience in suspense. He suddenly deleted his own songs and the clips shot on them from social networks that were most popular with the audience. After some time, he restored them again. 

His creative takeoff came true in 2018. Over the past two years, Alisher has toured Russia with concerts, filmed clips for his own tracks and posted them on VKontakte and YouTube. The most famous Morgenstern songs: “Cops on the tail” (together with Timurka Bits), “Like this”, “Uff ... Money ...”, “New gelding”, “I don’t give a fuck”, “I will be your palm tree”, “She-it” , "YUNG HEFNER", "I am dust". 

Childhood and youth

 Alisher was born in Ufa on February 17, 1998. The guy grew up without a father. I went to school in this city. During his school years, he became interested in rap. Favorite performers: Vitya Gostyukhin and Alexey Dolmatov (Guf). After listening to popular rappers, the boy decided that he himself could sing in the same way and even better. Mom supported her son's passion for music, even bought him an expensive microphone.

At the age of 12, Alisher began recording his first songs on video and uploading videos to YouTube. In 2010, he, along with a friend (White Up), published a self-composed rap song called "Above the Clouds". The boy took the pseudonym DeeneS MC. In this video, two teenagers rapped and prophesied fame for themselves. Later, everything turned out exactly as the guys sang: every Ufa citizen learned about the work of Alisher Morgenstern. The video "Above the Clouds" can now be found on YouTube. 

In addition to music, Alisher was fond of sports, in summer he loved to ride skateboards, in winter - snowboarding. As a teenager, he worked as a courier, car wash, sometimes he sang in front of the audience on the street. 

Music and career on YouTube

 Alisher has been composing songs since childhood and publishes them on his YouTube channels. His first works ("Above the Clouds") in the style of hip-hop appeared in 2010. From time to time, the guy either posted or deleted his videos from social networks. After graduation, he went to study at the Bashkir Pedagogical University. As a student, he also became interested in rock music and even created a group called MMD CREW. 


In 2017, Alisher posted several interesting videos on YouTube: “Back to the USSR”, “Hymn of Graduates”, “Beer and Skateboard”. The guy was the frontman of MMD CREW, worked in pop and rock styles. In 2017, the group even performed several times with concerts in Ufa. The MMD CREW band posted their clips on YouTube on the channel of the same name. The team did not last long. Soon the guys fled, and Alisher took up a solo creative career. 

The dean of his university didn’t like the artist’s extravagant style, besides, Alisher shot a video for his blog at the school where he practiced. Because of this, in the spring of 2017, the musician was expelled from the university. Soon he entered the Ufa Aviation University. As before, he composed texts and music, recorded his tracks, posted them on the Internet, and shot clips.

In 2018 he created a new project - Izirep. Alisher filmed parody videos and showed how you can compose a hit in 5 minutes. In his videos, he discussed the music of popular rappers (Pharaoh, Aljay, Kizaru).


 In 2018, he recorded songs under the pseudonym MamaVirgin. On YouTube you can find such compositions by Alisher as “Girls, what happened to you?”, “SADHU”, “FUCKOFF”. Each track gained several thousand views. In the same year, Alisher posted his videos on the YouTube channel under the stage name 1st July (“Dance”, “Sleep”, “Whiskey for Breakfast”).

 The artist's work was influenced by the passion for the music of the German metal band Rammstein. Perhaps, thanks to the hit of this group - "Morgenstern", Alisher's stage name appeared. True, in 2018, the artist posted tracks on the Internet under different nicknames. (alert-note)

In the fall of 2018, the singer began posting his compositions on YouTube under the pseudonym Morgenstern. The most popular songs: "Don't go into my house", "Let go". In 2019, hits appeared: “I’ll be your palm tree”, “Green-eyed girls”, “Smile fool”, “Like this”, “Uff ... Money ...”. Morgenstern's latest mega-popular songs: "YUNG HEFNER" (22 million views on YouTube in 1 month), "New Gelding" (43 million views in 5 months), "I don't give a fuck" (together with Klava Koka and 26 million views in 2 months) , "She-it" (2.2 million views per month). The latest work is the album "Legendary Dust". 

What is known about personal life

 Alisher is currently (February 2020) single. Recently, the singer has been recording songs together with the popular Russian singer Klava Koka (Klavdia Vysokova), who collaborates with the Black Star label. Together, the artists starred in the video "I don't care." In January, on his Instagram page, Alisher posted a joint photo with Klava and wrote that they were preparing an album together. 

All these events lead the fans to the idea that perhaps Alisher and Klava have an affair. The girl on the eve broke up with Yegor Creed. Alisher, before meeting with Klava, was also worried about unhappy love. Whether the artists will be together, time will tell. 

Interesting facts about the blogger

 Alisher maintains his blog on Instagram and a YouTube channel. The guy has been doing video blogging for 10 years. The singer works independently on the creation of his tracks. In December 2017, he filmed "The Election Clip". For 2 years, this video has gained 8.8 million views on YouTube. True, the artist's VKontakte page was blocked for this clip. Although there were no offensive words in the lyrics of the song. The singer jokingly urged the Russians to vote for him. 

For some reason, the performer Morgenstern did not like the work of rapper Yuri Khovansky. Alisher made a parody of this artist's song and even challenged him to a rap battle. I must say that Yuri Khovansky himself loved to criticize the work of other Russian singers and even took part in the Versus Battle. True, he refused to compete with Morgenstern for free and demanded a fee of 2 million rubles. Alisher refused to pay money. 




MORGENSHTERN Photo black dress

Alisher Morgenstern now

 Currently (February 2020) Morgenstern continues to be creative. The singer maintains a blog on Instagram, where he posts his new songs and the latest photos. On this site, the artist has only 118 publications and as many as 3.4 million subscribers. In January 2020, he was in Ostankino, on the Urgant program. 

In the new year, the singer has already managed to please his fans with the new album "Legendary Dust". This collection of songs included 10 tracks: “I am dust”, “Four”, “Red wine”, “Last” and others. The artist continues to give concerts, takes part in various television programs, plans to tour Russia, record a new album. 

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