Babyface Ray – A1 Since Day 1 Lyrics


My daughter spoiled like I used to be, I used to think
N***** was thorough, shit was for life, retro, my wife
Mama won’t change, bro in the game
Pops preaching the same thing they ain’t had before the fame (I just need my space right now)
Running the mileage up, grab the thermometer
Look at these n***** face, they mad ’cause my dollars up
Bank account super cocky like Ye with the collar up
N***** calling me opp like they really took shots at us
Started seein’ that money, was motivated for this moment
I’m talking to my opponent, I’m in the mirror, I noticed (Yeah)
Never was supposed to win, these n***** dyin’ to show it (Dyin’)
Loyalty, these bitches playin’, you know they dyin’ to know me
Spent some money on Rollies, I ain’t got no time to be wastin’
In penthouses in the sky, I’m counting money and pacin’
My wrist is getting too crowded, I spent your chain on a bracelet
We wanted the elevation, ain’t know this shit came with hatred (Yeah)
Lightskin bitch, got her pregnant, she got a baby
Tellin’ me her situation, I know this shit ’bout some paper
Brown pretty ting from the west, say it’s my baby
DNA test say it’s good, congrats, you made it

And you can’t really tell me this shit ain’t ’bout no coke ’cause I know how it go (I know how this shit go)
I took her on tour, no pressure, man, I’m used to takin’ risks on the road (For real)
Fuck these n*****, I’ma go and get this shit, get this shit on my own (Phew)
You can’t take the heat, get the fuck up out the kitchen while I stand at the stove

My brother sent a text, took it as disrespect
Say I don’t say enough about him when I spit these raps
He know I love him from the bottom, I’m just speaking facts
I wish I listened to you early, man, these streets is real
Right now, I’m thinking back, gunshots and raids
All of them nights I prayed, I’m seeing for better days (For real)
Long walks to school, practices in them games
Hating in our hood, call on me and I came (Yeah)
Let a n**** play, we gon’ demonstrate, I’m spendin’ everything
Know your daughter like mines too, she getting everything (Yeah, yeah)
If them tables were turned, n**** (Damn), I’d let you do the same
I just waited my turn, n****, bro, you can get the Range
Fuck the beef, fuck the words, n****, you seen a n**** pain
If it’s one thing I learned, n****, for me you’ll never change
You know Face, he one thorough n****, I’m bleeding for the game
That Patrón kinda fucked me up, I’m breathing kinda strange
Many nights with no paper on me, that money never made me (Damn)
Learned to talk with no heart, B, our love was devastated
Team was fucking with my head, damn, I damn hear couldn’t take it
Woke up to a cold world, it’s like they stripped me naked
Street dreams and was hungry, we set up in a vacant
I just sleep when that load there, we pressin’ in the basement
N***** probably wouldn’t knew me, the years that I was facin’
You ain’t gotta go see LeBron, you wanna witness greatness

I just need my space right now
I know, I need some motherfuckin’ space too
I need space, what the fuckin’ word, n****? Yeah
She can’t spit on me, n****
No faith when I’m in my body, know that


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