Babyface Ray – Big Estate Lyrics

Big Estate Lyrics by Babyface Ray (feat. Baroline)

‘Cause we having heavy motion in this shit (Yeah)
N***** can’t fuck with my n**** Babyface Ray (For real)
Really heavy with this shit
This ain’t no gimmick (No muh’fuckin’ gimmick)
This ain’t no paid advertisement
This real shit, real street shit, real shit you n***** can’t even touch (Yeah)
Stop playing with my n****, we coming heavy (Heh)

I’ll show you some shit you can’t see (For real)
New freezer, brand new AP (For real)
Who turnt? I bet they say me
We beat the block like Tay Keith (Beat the block)
You woke up broke and talkin’ like you gettin’ dough, you need to stay sleep
You play with bro, it’s fifty on your head ’cause pussies ain’t cheap
Seventy on my wrist, man, I upgraded, yeah, I hate that laugh
You would think my young n***** OVO, they got the Draco laugh (Yeah)
N***** screamin’, “We outside,” they know where ‘Face was at
A hundred a head for everybody I’m with, ain’t gotta wait in line (Yeah)
Lobster tail, butterfly my steak, you got your weight up, huh? (You know that)
Ten years plus, I been puttin’ in work, you on the radar, huh? (You know that)
Told that bitch, “Can’t break my heart, I’m thinkin’ ’bout pape’ right now” (You know that)
Money spreaded all over the bed, I don’t know where to lay right now (Ayy)
Ain’t no odd intentions, me and guy, we did them trenches
God forbid you run your mouth, you come back out, it’s hollow tips (Yeah)
Them boys good and out on this
Characters, it’s no comparing us
Bought out the island, took my own shit, I’m telling everyone (Everyone)
Like Nick Cannon, yo’ bitch wildin’ out, I wouldn’t’ve married her (Nah)
Got that shit, done knocked down whole squads, I just don’t care enough (Yeah)
I can tell by n***** raps, you ain’t got no experience
The Benz was white with them blue lights and I got red interior
I got the ballers in rotation, now my style is furious
Knew they was hoes, the blood was on ’em, caught ’em on they period (I knew)
You know this shit get serious
Don’t go where it ain’t safe
My lil’ gun a hard hitter, he keep on showin’ the tape (Fuck)
I’m thinkin’ big estate, look out the window, see a lake (Yeah)
6 Mile general, that lil’ stretch out to DLA
Hoes FaceTiming, 4 a.m., she wanna see my face (Nah)
Worked through the grapevine, free my n****, he did a key a day (Free my n****)
I fuck, it’s one and done, you know I’m one of none, don’t trip, baby
My pockets full of hun’s, you know that shit ain’t nothin’, what’s rent, baby? (Yeah)


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