Companion – Second Day of Spring Lyrics

It’s the second day of spring,
Another season’s behind me
I don’t feel any different
Though there’s someone new beside me

And the sun kisses my skin
Ever gently, ever burning
And I can’t shake the wanting,
The ever yearning

That I’ve left alone too long,
Shaking me inside out
I know where I do and don’t belong
But right here,
It’s all right here
So, I guess I can stay awhile

Yes, things are better on paper
Oh, it’s easy to say
Things are good,
Still I cut my fingers
On the edges every day

And I know that you love me
I know you mean me well
I’m so sorry in advance,
I’m sorry for
Circumstances that

Leave me cold and cruel
There’s no easy for me
In leaving you,
But right now
I don’t know how to let you down
So, for right here,
It’s all right here


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