Flores – Sangre Lyrics

9 children are killed by a gun in my country
There is gun on every street in every community in my country There is a gun in every police officers uniform
sworn to protect
American Lives
from invisible threats they have in their minds
one man down
one less brown
one black life
one less strife
while a mexican woman is murdered by a gun yes an american one. Everyday
her body lays in the street and cops wonʼt bother cant find a man to blame… so
her name just fades away…oh
just another day
somethings just never change
cause they always find a way dont they?
keep us paying for a price we thought wed paid exploitation
degradation assimilation you name it homicide genocide
American guns American cages American prisons American hatred its all the same shit
you cant tell me to close my eyes
I cant breath when I See them cry
for their mothers for their fathers
I . C . E stealing children in the night lawless hooded white gestapos unleashed dogs, sniffing for fox holes killing us folk since 1492
this is just what the white man does
its what they do
but we gotta keep america safe right?
and they love that american hate right?
Cause weʼre those dirty brown thieves and rapists coming here to steal their pay checks
theyʼd like to see us kill each other
As we fight for scraps they feed our brothers
While they rape the land they stole from our mothers but we were here first
we laid the seed
a time before borders
the lines they conceived
my indigenous blood
we were born free
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