iayze – Fly By Lyrics

Fan ass n***a gon’ see me in person and shut up,
The glock just came with a switch b***h what up?
Playin’ like we finna box make him put his lil gun up,
Then slump his mom over the table,
And my rent like 2 bands I remember watchin’ cable,
We gon’ kick through the door and slump his daddy,
He tryna breathe he ain’t able,
You never been in a stolo, you see the opps then you scream “Go!,”
ARP jump like a pogo, Im tryna see his lil brains on the flo’,

Kickin’ back smokin’ my dope, that n***a mad I be f**kin’ his h*e,
Put up the ARP ride with the dracos,
Kick through the door I’m like show me the dough,
Bad lil b***h she gon’ get on the flo’,
Opp ass n***as and they callin’ the popo,
Brains on the curb now that s**t look like fro-yo,
Countin’ up chicken b***h ain’t talkin’ pollo,
She wanna boot off of casamigos,
Sosa out his top tryn f**k her amigas,
Creep through the block then I hit 3 guys,
556 long as fries no Five Guys,
762 hit his leg make him cha cha,
Feel like a baby put lean in a baba,
This b***h crazy had to tell her ass bye bye,
i8 Beam finna watch me fly by,
Smoke yo homie and watch you cry,
B***h better not be outside side by side,
If he at the show then we catchin’ them guys,
I don’t give a f**k I’ll vrrr South vrrr,

I’m from the Murda b***h I’m talkin’ out west,
Pull up to his projects and air out the complex,
I’m from the south b***h we can’t plex,
She talkin’ bout usin’ her mouth all over a text
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