johan lenox – Aimless Lyrics

No one has a job
No one has a life
The boomers took it all
And left us here to die
We ain’t got a future
And no ones gonna make it right

I had big plans but I’m feeling too exhausted
Blame it on my friends, maybe I’m the one that’s toxic
I used to have a point but I think I might’ve lost it

So I guess we gotta face it
That we’re nothing more than aimless
No one’s coming here to save us
Where’re we gonna go?
I don’t want to know
We ain’t got no destination
Try to focus but we’re spacing
‘Cause we’re young and dumb and aimless
Where are we gonna go?
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know

VO: It just feels like a cop-out. I don’t know…
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