NLE Choppa – Set Up Story Part 1 Lyrics

If you ain’t at a house party, you at the wrong party (Shh, yeah)
Shit, know what we on
These hoes
Don’t trust these hoes (No, no, no, no, no)
I won’t never trust no hoe
Fuck that shit

House on the hills, I wake up to pussy
I’m really enjoyin’ the view (Enjoyin’ the view)
It’s a couple of hoes that hittin’ my line
They said that they wanna come through (They said that they wanna come through)
So I roll up a Swisher, she suckin’ my dick
I swear to God, that bitch the truth (Dun, dun)
But the other hoes hittin’ my line, they thick
I don’t know what I’ma do (I don’t know what I’ma do)
So I tell her, “Get out,” she said that, “You trippin'”
It just what I thought, this hoe got to bitchin’
The time that we spent, this shit hurt ya feelings (Let’s go)
I knew I was wrong, I shouldn’ta did it, ayy (Woah)
Kick her out the spot, other hoes pull up
She got some big ass titties with a big ass butt
I can see how she look, man, I know she a slut (Yeah, yeah)
If I shoot her one, she gon’ catch her a nut (Yeah, yeah)

(Na-na-na-na, la-la-la-la, what the fuck goin’ on?)
I think she tryna set me up (We gon’ see though, set me up, set me up)
(What the fuck goin’ on, bruh?)
I got my shooter in the cut (I got my shooter, shooter)

I’m lookin’ at Tevo, he mackin’ her friend
I know he gon’ buss that hoe down (I know it)
You could look at my bitch, look at her hips
Yeah, she curvy and round (You know that she cute)
I throw back a Perc’
Gimme twenty minutes, bet that I’m workin’ this hoe (I bet that, hoe)
Throw back the ten or the fifteen or the thirty
I don’t even fuckin’ know, fuck it, took it, though
I look at this bitch and I realize (Fuck)
She sneaky, she been on that phone too long
The last hoe played, they both died (Brrt)
This shit dejà vu, what the fuck goin’ on (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
I’ma scope this shit out (I’m peek)
I’ma play this shit smooth, I might be wrong (I might be wrong)
Had that Glock in the couch (What?)
Tevo, make sure that you clutchin’ yo’ chrome

(La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, what’s goin’ on, bruh?)
I think she tryna set me up (I think she tryna set me up; we gon’ see though)
(La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, what’s goin’ on?)
I got my shooter in the cut (Ayy)

They sip a lil’ crown, they get a lil’ horny
I think that they ready to fuck (To fuck, yeah)
So I think in my head ’bout all of my strokes (Yeah, yeah)
About how I’ma pipe this bitch up (Yeah, yeah)
You know that I got my Magnum, that is not a problem
We do not have them troubles (None of those troubles)
So she come in my room, I turn on that Marvin Gaye
So I know I’ma fuck (I know I’ma fuck)
Man, hold up (The fuck?), I can’t believe this bitch (Wait, hold up)
Lookin’ at your phone, you sent the drops (Fuck)
Betrayed or just defeated me
Look in her face, I spit up on it
Man, I damn near beat that bitch (Bitch)
And we gon’ let that n**** pull up just to show him how we get (Grrt, grrt, grrt, brrt, brrt)

(Na-la-la-la, la-la-la-na, can’t believe this shit)
I think she tryna set me up (She set me up, ; we gon’ see though)
(Na-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, she set me up)
I got my shooter in the cut (Hold on)

Ayy, there’s some trappers in here
To be continued
To be continued
Don’t let this shit play out


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