Rick Hyde – Ms. Young’s Lyrics

Uh (Brrra)
It’s Ricky
Even bigger, BSF, nigga (We the bigger, pussy)
The biggest (What’s up?)
(The biggest in the world)
(Haha, yeah)

So many presidents (Money), I never can argue with niggas ’bout relevance
They consider me better than
Since like 2011 when Shay rocked them lettermans
I was gettin’ the cheddar in
From Rogers and Jenny to masking the [(missing lyrics) 0:53] (Uh)
When they needed they medicine, it was going for eighty like Julian Edelman
Boonie back in the cell again (Damn)
Another conviction will make him a predicate (Free Boonie)
I walk like a G and I talk like a P ’cause it’s part of the etiquette (Big one-five-three, you heard?)
I ain’t moving the mountain, I’m sellin’ it
Anybody can beach you, the pelicans (Haha)
If it’s smoke with a nigga, we settle it
Put you right in the blog like I’m Elliot (Uh)
They’ll respect the soprano, the delegate (Sheesh)
Up a hundred and fifty, that’s leverage (That’s facts)
Wanna make you a profit, put fent’ in it
But don’t hit it too much like it’s delicate
Every verse that I put out is eloquent
Every step on the ladder is evident
I hear niggas keep saying they, “Better than”
Why the fans don’t consider you legend then?
Still streaming from my last drop
A million of ’em the out the glass pop
It was point five like a bad beat
Now I’m plus two like a bad black
I’m representin’ for the have nots
You disappointing like a bad shot
I hate niggas like South Buff, get yo’ neck tied like a ascot
Real money don’t fold over (That money)
Real niggas don’t fold either (Uh)
Twenty thousand all cohesive, all out the slot like Cole Beasley
Heard niggas gon’ take somethin’
Oh really? Like, Doe Beezy (Oh really?)
Red tops out the four-feezy
Give you no ceilings like the old Weezy (Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang)

Yeah (Uh)
It’s Ricky
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