Rick Hyde – Poza Lyrics

Poza Lyrics by Rick Hyde (feat. Rome Streetz)

Where the hell you think I got this money from? The Bay?

Yo, check it
Was really doin’ dirt, n****, your story got no validity (Nah)
We aim to live regal off of illegal activity (Uh-huh)
Caught in a trap, mami sent the commissary slips to me (Love you, ma)
Came home on the same bullshit, no diggity (Yeah)
Now the raps I spit got my wrists all glittery (Bling)
N***** who fell off they shit watch me style in misery (Hahaha)
N***** who was never on hopin’ they could sit with me (Fuck outta here)
Old clientele still asking for a sixty piece
Of the shit that’ll lock his jaw when he grit his teeth
My homie go to his board soon, I hope he get released (Free my n****)
It’s funny how n***** who want the most get the least
This rap shit is my bitch, her neck is in a leash
RZA said protect ya neck, the TEC is in the fleece (Uh-huh)
First, it was drugs, now we investin’ in tech and cryptocurrency (What else?)
I want everything I came to get and some of your piece
Young and dumb thinkin’ life’s a sprint, I was runnin’ the streets
Now I aim to put my fork deep in somethin’ to eat
New thousand dollar Dior sneaks cover my feet
I feel better dripped in fly garments
I seen plenty bands sellin’ psychedelics out of my apartment
Was Metro card, now a n**** foreign car-parkin’ (Skrrt)
You lames talkin’ ’bout a game that you play no part in (Fuck outta here)
You watch from the nosebleeds, I’m point guard startin’ (It’s Ricky)
All-star, got the vision like a army marksman, n****

I still sell in a dyin’ market, I’m tryna up rates (Yeah)
N****, I’m the future of upstate (Facts)
I always knew I would touch cake, it was days I was up late
Cuttin’ into n***** tryna touch base
I need money, I can truncate
It’s mistakes I can’t unmake, I’m clean like a one take
I took losses n***** won’t take (Mm), but I won’t break
Shit get heavier than trunk weight
Twenty thousand off of one plate (Uh)
It’s a shooter in the videos with Ricky like guns play (Brrra)
I saw work gettin’ sunbathed
The fiend hit it and that n**** started meltin’ like a sun date (Uh)
These rap n***** is nothin’ but cap, n****
As soon as I dap n***** I wanna just clap n*****, uh (Blap)
It took the first eighty thousand my eyes open
I never saw this ridin’ my baby mom Focus (Skrrt)
I was worried about the bills like Bon Jovi
“N****, go and be great,” is what my mom told me
“N****, you gon’ be a legend,” what a fan told me
They don’t put you on top like anchovies (Haha)
Hundred decibels, that shit was just incredible (Wow)
If it’s up there then it’s stuck there like a edible (Uh)
You n***** be recitin’ all these lyrics that ain’t credible
They put me on repeat and they put me on a pedestal
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