Rio Da Yung OG - Cold Hearted Lyrics + mp3 download


Rio Da Yung OG - Cold Hearted Lyrics + mp3 download

Rio Da Yung OG ft. Louie Ray - Cold Hearted Song Lyrics

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
Ooh, Sav killed it
Aight, Sav we got one more
Ghetto Boyz shit, ight

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG and Louie Ray]
I was born in the middle of the street
Bustin' back to back, bitch, I got the pistol on repeat
Catch me in a playground pouring liquor on a freak
Nigga took a shot at me now his picture on a tee
Cut a beat on, bitch, I be tripping, but not feet
.223 on me, bet these bitches tickle then sting
30 Gs on me, I might just go spend it on a piece
30 grams on me, hit it one time I got 60 G's
Believe it or not, I go Ripley's on a beat
I've been eating a lot, I might just catch diabetes
I be with Peezy a lot, the only one believing in me
But with Peezy or not, we still gon' touch 100 G's
In Southfield recording heat, junkie, please record me
Scared you fucked up? Nigga, I just went to sleep this morning
Hit some groupie hoes and paid ten thousand for three--
Hit some groupie hoes-- ight
I just hit some groupie hoes and paid ten racks for three abortions
Brodie walked me to the car with the heat, he know Ri important
I was feening one day, paid twelve hundred for a three of Mortons
Made a hundred off them peeps pills, but I don't be in Georgia
I need some real Actavis, I called [?]
When they snatched me, I fucked around, went blind, I ain't see shit
Just hit some hit dope two times, this a remix
Me and Chuck just mashed a three of green, this a cheap six
I just knocked a bitch up, she on week six
90 pills, selling 84, I'ma keep 6

Quit sucking my dick head like that, I gotta pee, bitch
I feel like Future, and Gucci in 0'12, I got free bricks
I don't drink Tris, but its good in pineapple pops
I cook straight drop, nigga I have a whole line down the block
Mike had a four, I had a five, we dropped a 9 in the pot
My cousin playing both sides, he gon' die with the opps
Should've chose another weapon, 'cause he died by his Glock
How the fuck you out here spanking shit, you died with your Glock?
Just bought my nurse bitch a pair of scrubs, and I ain't proud of [?]
I got a drip problem, I just spent $5,000 on some socks
Bitch this really my street, I own nine houses on this block
Okay, I'm ready to record, cut the beat on
Pulled the strap out on dog, he cut his feet on
I can't spit game, pull her to the side, whip out my meat on her
Coldhearted, got into it with my granny, whipped out heat on her
Shit! Alright
My nigga pour half full lines of Tris, and call it wock
Bitch, your baby daddy jumping on you, better call the cops
This nigga only wanna beef, I'm calling not
They ain't believe me and Ri was blood, I'm calling pops
I'm from Flint, knock the top of-- ight
I'm from Flint, knock the top of a nigga off, and call the shots
My nigga drove hisself to the ER, he called me shot
I'm tryna fuck somebody I ain't gotta talk to, call a thot
Buckshots out the shotgun stop the engine block
Bustin' back at the security, kill a rental cop
She look normal when she seen me, but her mental not
Ion want no head from you tonight, I want the middle spot
My car the same as a Maybach, but the pillows not
I be having ten or twenty on me, 50 shots
Me and Mike looking at each other, 'bout to kill a pot
Only worried 'bout ourself, we don't see the opps
Let me check my Distro, 'cause it might be a lot
Flying down on Dupont so fast, I ain't see the block
We gon' need Shaq to stand on Shaq's shoulders, shots too hard to block
Heart cold, we knew he was dead, but leaked another shot

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