Sleepy Hallow – Die Young Lyrics

Die Young Lyrics by Sleepy Hallow (feat. 347aidan)

I don’t wanna die young so
I stay wit A stick still on that shit
Fuck 2 times 6
Forgot who I was lemme talk my shit
Like sturdyana bussa move when I get up
Behind ya Shawty bad she get it from her mama
I do what I do & she do what
She wanna that’s a factain’t no cap me & Sheff had to run up
Them racks if we miss them we double back 2018
I was stuck inna trap fell in love & I got too attached
Heart got broke it ain’t no coming back fuck
All my opps it ain’t no coming

Is you widdit it if you up it I up itlets get it sleep
Ain’t feel no love inna minute but fuck it cause
I ain’t been broke inna minute & ya bitch hit me up
Said she just wanna fuck
Cause she ain’t feel da strokes inna minute
You know me I be hittin it different
So you can’t get her back when I’m finished –
So can’t get her..
When I’m Cooking I’m not inna kitchen
I’m prolly somewhere outta town doing business
So I’m sorry if I couldn’t kick it
I got attached so I had to go missin said she love me
That part ah my mission
N***** b fake gotta keep ‘em a distance
Baby stop allat trippin u should just listen
3 Todd’s
My Body Different

I don’t wanna die young
That might make mama crazy
No ocean I’m too wavy
No therapy could save me took L’s been winnin lately
Locked in ain’t no escaping
Sometimes I get in patient mask on no face no cases (Yeah)
Fall back baby I gotta breath
Fear nobody
I’m ready bleed & She for the streets she not for me
From a place where they never believe
Inna hood thought
I never would leave, like what would you do
If you run into me grab dat choppa
And u betta squeeze
Had no knockaz he bob n he weave if
I go betta follow my lead
You seen what seen then u prolly agree cops & robbers
I’m playing the thief & mama told me not to play in these streets
It’s too late cause I’m playing for keeps


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