UMI – magnetic Lyrics

Time doesn’t matter
In our place
Mind over matter
We know this

Can’t help but get a little taste
Boy you got me wanting you to wait
(Wait oh)

I’m so sick oh
What a waste
I wanna go
Wanna know
Wanna flow
Wanna roll with you yeah

Your love for me
I brought sumn we could roll
If ya mama ain’t home an you free

Cuz you
And me

Ain’t too

Learned my little lessons
Made my peace
No use to be stressing
Little me

Count my blessing busting out the seams
My baby she beckon when I sing

I got my shoe scuffed
What a waste

Water seeping thru the hole
Raining with you going home on the way

I take a breather
Take a break
You need something you could hold on ya own
You just don’t feel safe yeah

Cuz you
And me

Ain’t too

Cuz you
And me

Ain’t too

Ahhhh~ 🙂


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