5 simple tips to Achieving Beautiful deep voice

The voice is a labor, not a natural given.

As the great Chaliapin used to say: "My voice is 10% of talent and 90% of plowing (hard work)

So if you clicked on the title, hoping for another live hack about

how to speak without tension, like Levitan.


So that's what I'm talking about!

There is an opinion that a beautiful voice is a natural phenomenon, and what to do with the voice

Nothing is possible for the unpleasant and weak, because genes, heredity, talent, etc...

Feeling shy about your own voice messages has become the norm. And this norm is successfully

they cover with reasoning that the voice ones are inconvenient and only psychos communicate with them.


Yes, in part, the owners of beautiful velvet timbres are lucky from their youth compared to the rest of the inhabitants of this world. But the only luck is that the difficulties of mastering the native language did not violate the correct (by nature) setting of the vocal apparatus.

For it happens that speech changes the work of the voice so much that it loses its colors, acquires blocks, unnecessary clips and is distorted in every possible way (hello to the letter Y).


How to avoid it?

Firstly, by frequent public speaking, as in the USA, for example (it is a compulsory subject at school).

Secondly - not only do not skip singing, but also sing for yourself, additionally. It is not necessary to take lessons - just sing for pleasure.

Thirdly, timely work with a speech therapist to eliminate banal speech problems.

Fourth - courses in artistic voice production (stage speech, in the common people)

Fifth - be subscribed to me and periodically come to see what's new

I posted about the beautiful voice and all that. (unfortunately, few do it)


It is never too late to drink Borjomi, and even if all these points slipped out of your mind at one time, you can start right now.


Today I will talk about how to find beautiful deep overtones in your voice by making it

low, velvety and rolling. And to whom, if not me, to tell about this, for I am

bass - one of the lowest voices in nature according to the classification.



In the video, I give a lot of special information that singers need. For the wider public, I will write simple recommendations that will help you improve your conversational voice.


1. Strobass. How to do it, I showed in detail on the video. In words, alas, you can not describe exactly.

(squeak with your bare head like you're sweeping it with a sound, or something like that)

2. Practicing artistic breathing (yes, the usual everyday is not enough to reveal the possibilities of your voice)

Full information here:

- It's great to sing! - To all who sing, on stage and in the shower, the answer is - "Where to breathe ??"

3. Low like a bull in a meadow. Seriously, don't laugh. So you will achieve a juicy and powerful sound, if you can feel such a sound by ringing on your lips and teeth.

In this position, you will need to start speaking so that your voice becomes beautiful and juicy.

4. Relax the throat from the clamps. So that the voice comes out of you freely.

5. Tap your fist on your chest when mooing or talking. A low beautiful voice should originate exactly where you knock, at the same time come out freely from you forward,

ringing on the lips, like a mooing bull.


That's all. It seems that there are no special tricks, but few people seem to know about it.

In general, if you want to take seriously your potentially beautiful voice - see

video and repeat, 5-10 minutes a day, you will not lose.


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