Story: BETTY AND THE BEAST Episode 2



Episode 2

©Miriam Edem

Before the accident, I wanted making the hair of one of the sisters in church the next day.... I do that for a living. Knowing I can't miss any dime at that time, I decided to go make her hair the next day so I can help with the bills. While I was at her place making her hair, one discussion led to other and she brought up the divorce issue of one of our sisters who married about 4 years ago. 

"But why will she leave her husband despite having two children for him? Who will take care of the children now? I asked. 

"The man said he will, besides the lady said the man is very wicked and does not love her, she replied. 

"That's not true, every man has a mumu button that weakens him. If the man does not love her after 4 years of marriage then its her fault, she can't work her charm well on him or fight for her marriage, one of the sisters who visited said. 

'You dont know where the shoe is paining her, and you know some men can be very frustrating despite the woman effort, I said. 

"Yes they are but they are humans with weak point. Get close to him and find out, that's why the holy spirit is there to show you all things right? The sister asked and I heaved.

"Every man can be tamed Betty don't let anyone deceive you except the woman does not care, and again if your husband is hardened then it's the work of the devil, pray for him because God hates divorce, the sister I was making her hair added and I just nodded. 

I got troubled instantly, I don't know why at the mention of marriage I automatically get scared, I can't explain where the fears do come from.

When I was almost done with her hair, Maxwell call came on phone and I told him where I was,

"Okay I'll meet you there soon, he said and dropped the call and the sister smiled at me. 

"Why? I asked her. 

"See as your voice change as you pick his call, something is fishy, She replied and I shook my head.

"Maybe you're drying fish somewhere, by the way how did you know who called? I asked.

"So i dont know Maxwell voice? Sha nothing hides under the sun, but he fits you anyway, she replied and I smirked and suddenly all the abuses of my mother on Maxwell just rang in my ears. 

"But how do you see Maxwell? I asked her. 

"If you ask me he's a good guy, so has he proposed? She asked back. 

"Ahh calm down na, small question you throw bomb, I replied.

"No there's no need to hide you know you can trust me right? She asked and I heaved and looked at her for a while. She's about 4 years older and experienced than I am, I had to tell her what Maxwell said to me. 

'Hey girl you're lucky sha, for Maxwell to ask a lady out, hmm it's like the coming of Jesus. How did he keep his face to ask you out sef? She asked laughing and I rolled my eyes. 

"So are you still praying? She asked. 

"Of course, he told me to take my time though, I replied. 

"Okay na, I have no problem honestly if its Maxwell, congrats girl, she said and I smiled.

"In advance right? I asked. 

"Who knows just claim it, she replied............

Maxwell came as he promised when I was putting the braids in hot water and he waited for me under a tree some distance from the compound. When I was done I met him outside and we walked out,

"Ermm about yesterday...... 'Forget about it, he cuts in when I wanted apologizing.

"But it was wrong, I said. 

"Its fine. Looks like you told your mother something, he said and I nodded. 

"I'm sorry I did, maybe she wouldn't have behaved the way she did, I replied. 

"She doesn't like me? Am I that bad? He asked and I just breathed out not knowing how to tell him. 

"Don't think about it, I think what happened to my brother yesterday affected her somehow, I replied. 

"If you say so, you'll be going there now right? He asked.

"Yes, I have to help my mother out, I replied.

"Uhmmmm should I join you? He asked.

"Not today please, I replied.

"I understand, see you in church then if you can, he said.

"I'll try, I said. 

"Alright just know that your brother will be fine, okay bye, he said and I nodded and stopped a bike.

When I arrived at the hospital, I saw different gifts and the place was kind of rowdy. 

I walked straight to my brother room and saw a stranger talking with my mother,

"Oh that's my daughter, a very talented hair dresser, my mother quickly said as I closed the door behind as my eyes saw gifts in my brother room. 

"Good afternoon sir, I greeted him.

"Afternoon Beatrice, he replied and I was like "he knows my name already???

I just sat beside my brother not knowing what to say again,

"So are you schooling? The man asked.

"Uhmmm not yet, I replied.

"But you have your SSCE right? He asked.

"Ahh yes and she cleared all her papers. She has the better brain than her brother, my mother replied rather laughing and my brother looked at me and I swallowed.

"That's good, so when do you plan of going back? He asked.

"You mean? Sorry to ask who are you? I asked.

"Beatrice answer simple question! My mother shouted on me. 

"No no its fine, its not a bad question though. Okay I'm Dr Godswill, he replied. 

"Why are there gifts in the hospital? I asked him.

"Oh that, I'm running for a position but aside that I find pleasure visiting hospitals to see what I can do to help that's why am here, he replied.

"Wow, thanks for this, I said. 

"Don't mention, he said...........

When he left, my mother was just smiling at me and I cleared my throat and looked at her,

"How did he know my name and why was all the questions and discussions about me even when I was not there? I asked. (ads1)

"Hmmmm Betty after you left na, cars drove in and started sharing gifts. As a sharp woman I took the ones I could and kept them in the room. After the sharing, he began seeing the patients and he came to your brother room na, and I began to cry to him o that we don't have money for Luke medication and am a widow with two children. That was when he asked of the other one and I told him you went to hustle to get money, then I began to tell him how you're very hardworking and a good daughter just so that Luke can leave the hospital soon. I was just hyping you to him sef, as a politican na we see such things once in a while and I have to grab the opportunity so that he will help us o, she replied and I just folded my hands looking at her. 

"What! She asked when I was not saying anything. 

"So did he helped you? How much did you cash out after giving Luke such bad rating? I asked. 

"Luke cant take that to heart na because we all know he has a better brain than you. Anyway He said he will look into our matter so just calm down, he must surely come back to give us money. I think he's a very good man, my mother replied winking at me and I shook my head....,...

The next day Dr Godswill came again and my mother was not in the hospital. She left to take her rest and Luke was sleeping, so I decided to sit outside the door when I saw him approached me. 

I stood up and greeted him which he calmly replied and asked about my mother and I told him it was not long she left to take her rest.

"Okay, please sit down, he said and sat down which I also did on the bench that was outside. 

"So Betty your mother said a lot about you yesterday, its not easy for a mother to confidently say so much about a child except such a child is extremely good, he said and I smiled. 

"She's good at pouring praises on her children, I said. 

"That's impressive, but I asked a question yesterday which you pushed aside. Won't you like to further? He asked and I smiled. (ads1)

"I'll love to but there's no money for that. Probably if my father.......... "That's no problem. I don't have a father either but here am I right? He cuts in and I looked at him.

"You don't? I asked him. 

"He left when I was 6, but my success was not tied down with him, he replied. 

"He left or is he dead? I asked.

"Left, he left with another woman leaving me with my mother to suffer, but he's dead now for thats his punishment, he replied.

"Sorry about that, I said and he smiled. That was when I saw his dimples beautifully curved on his cheeks covered with beards well shaved. 

"That's not important. So is your brother asleep? He asked and I nodded. 

"That's why am out, I replied. (ads1)

"Alright. I promised your mother that I'll be back, but since she's not here give her this. That is for your brother bills so you don't have to disturb yourself, he said and my eyes bulged out. 

"Thank you, I said as I shakily got the fat envelope from him. 

"Its Nothing and I hope I'll see you again right? He asked but I just went speechless looking at the envelope in my hands. 



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