Chris Patrick - Honesty Lyrics + mp3 download


Chris Patrick - Honesty Lyrics + mp3 download

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Chris Patrick - Honesty Song Lyrics 


Roy, I love this


Expecting you to catch me when you fall is the single most reason why it seems like I can't stay around

Toxicity will only breed toxicity

And you deserve way more than just a nigga who gon weigh you down

Tryna change my inner workings will distort your outer beauty

Its equivalent exchange, you gotta pay it down

If you fall into my arms hope you never grow as one

Because the coldness of my heart is finna break you down

Word to Boogie, it's the nigga needs

Trying to work that cookie in between your knees

All them nights we spent together will in turn become regrets about the days that you just wasted and you didn't seize

A lot of shit you didn't need

All the visions of a little seed

Will probably turn to baby mama drama that will constantly be flaunted on the systems of our Twitter feed

Court dates feel more normal

Payments start coming in monthly

Every time you stare at the face of the child that you bore, you start questioning yourself and why you fuck me

Rather than letting that shit occur

We better off cutting ties before it ends up as ugly

Rather than letting you use your words

I'm better off cutting ties before you tell me you love me

Nothing really changes with the ring

What's the point of jumping over brooms?

Growth could end up stunted by commitment

Once we hit divorce and the process of legality will follow

In the outcome is the money that you split with

Wouldn't wanna risk it

I don't wanna drag you through the mud

Nah, I would rather carry you the distance

To show you that the love you hope to have is just a figment of our minds

We've been dreaming bout a life that's unrealistic


Ain't my strong suit

I'm the solo player-one type

Instead of you depositing your heart and withdrawing this bread for gifts, you should probably get your funds right

Hold your gun tight

Demons get exposed if it's done right

I'm nothing but a nigga who gon drain you or your soul

Block your chances of you blossoming in sunlight

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