French Montana & Harry Fraud – Poetic With No Justice Lyrics

Poetic With No Justice Lyrics by French Montana & Harry Fraud

Is there any bug to be found?
In this old cold town
Can’t get love no matter how I try
I wonder why
French Montana
Uh (Uh)
Uh (Uh)
(La musica de Harry Fraud)

I dream filthy (Dream), livin’ risky (Livin’ risky)
Poppin’ pills, chase ’em down with Whiskey (Down with—)
My neck and arm itchy (Ah)
Writin’ down my sins in will, stackin’ paper, livin’ do or die
We share advice if you was I before you crucify me
You want the truth or lies? (Truth or lies) ‘Cause real suicide
Is when you live to seven-five but died at twenty-five
Fightin’ demons like I took a hunnid lives
Wakin’ up in cold sweat, livin’ rhymes in my prime
But I ain’t peak yet (I ain’t peak yet)
I want the money and the respect (Uh-huh)
But, until they kill you, you nobody like Keith Sweat (Man)
Now fuck the rank if you ain’t stuff it in the bank
They caught the cash and ordered it
You ain’t make it from the mud, you bought a starter kit
You wanna get me booked? CashApp me on my books (Zoom)
Gilbert Arenas, shoot myself in the foot (Bah)
I’m tyin’ loose ends, I can’t afford a stripe
Pistol in the hood of the car, tied with shoe strings (Skrrt)
Streets in New York, it get grimy, can’t lie to you (Can’t lie)
Homie, that set me up, the one drove me to the hospital (Uh)
I can’t lie, he was dead on scene
Retaliation is a must, in Allah we trust
Fear the woman’s ain’t no remorse (No remorse)
And if you broke, don’t even ask what the funeral cost
And of course, it ain’t fair, and nobody comin’ to help you (Help)
And I don’t need a shooter, I’ma do it myself (Bah, bah, bah)
Conspiracy is more time, I learned from Max (Max)
It gets hard, his own brother, and you take the charge (That’s hard)
This the chronic for the hustlers, poetic with no justice (Uh-huh)
Cut the snakes off like the crypto with the Russians (Uh-huh)
Chasin’ dollars but the currency is time (Ha)
You wanna hit the top, but you don’t wanna do the climb (Haan)
Keep a Glock like Godfathers
I’m on the block with the cold-hearted, let’s get the show started

Is there any bug to be found?
In this old cold town
Can’t get love no matter how I try
I wonder why
Oh, can’t seem to find a smily face
What’s happenin’ to the human race?
No one appreciates you when it’s right
I wonder why
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