French Montana & Harry Fraud – Rushmore Pack Lyrics

Rushmore Pack Lyrics by French Montana & Harry Fraud

As I stand here and my mind begins to drift back
You know what time it is (You know what time it is)
To overhear the lady
When you hear that (When you hear that)
We used to watch all those as mates
“Haan” (Haan)
(La musica de Harry Fraud)
Sometimes she would hold me in her arms
Smokin’ on your Rushmore pack (Smokin’ on your Rushmore pack)
She would begin to talk to the law
She would begin to tell the law
Smokin’ on your Rushmore pack (Smokin’ on your Rushmore pack)

Lies don’t faze me (Uh)
Only surprised when they keep it real
Sixty mil’ strong, that’s time to heal
From the trap, we went bonkers, talk your shit (Talk your shit)
We ain’t the steppers, we the stompers, talk yo’ shit (Talk yo’ shit)
Just rap, I made beats that’s Grammy nominated
They locked up Max and took Chinx, made it complicated
Still settin’ money orders when I get a call from ’em
When you start from the bottom, ain’t no way to fall off from it
Word to Coletho for this game, ain’t no askin’, I was blessed with
Never do a deal while you desperate (Don)
Sometimes you gotta let God fix it
‘Cause if you do, you goin’ to jail, they want you to rot in that cell
Devin Booker with the aim (Aim)
Be careful who you trust, salt and sugar look the same (Bah)
Wu-Tang with the dust, nah
Six sharin’, Staten Island (Woo), with my hoodie on, wylin’
Made millions off violence, drop your shorty on Oak Island
I always say

At the end of the day, it’s to be the best
No matter what y’all n*****, or what them n***** is doin’
Or you say, “Who’s your top five?”
All of ’em is gonna have one thing in common
And that’s bars (And that’s bars)

JAY-Z repped Marc’ (Uh-huh), and she call me Cross Bronx
For all them n***** that done crossed me, you weren’t with me, or you lost me (Woo)
Fiends jumpin’ like a moshpit, talk yo’ shit (Talk your shit)
Shorty rippin’ off my boxers, talk yo’ shit (Talk your shit)
Took Cocaine City to the extreme (Uh-huh)
This ain’t even what the blind man could see his dreams (Woo)
It’s a movement, not amoment (Moment), they feel you just to own it (Own it)
Block hot, feelin’ like the Colosseum with the homies (Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah)
And you heard of me, Coke Wave boys boost the murder rate
Ghostface in the Ghostface bumpin’ Purple Tape (Ayy, skrrt)
I won’t apologize (Nah), for how you see things through your eyes
Never judge a book, quarter-mill’ a hook (Hook)
It ain’t the Montana from before (From before)
I still send your OG to the stove, uh (The stove)
You can buy the charts but you can’t buy the culture
Me and Fraud back to back, I done told you (Montana)

Just like that
And that’s all, folks
We back at it, Fraud
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