It happens that after parting with a loved one for a couple of hours, you miss it as if you had not seen each other for ages! A simple SMS to a loved one I miss, does not require explanations and lengthy prefaces. In one word fit the meaning of those feelings that you experience.

Another beautiful way to talk about what you miss is poetry. With the help of them, you can bring to a person how much you appreciate his presence nearby, and the word "miss" carries a very deep meaning. By this you prove the sincerity of your feelings!

1. I miss your eyes,

Your joyful smile!

I want to hug you now,

I want to see you soon!

Heart and soul yearn,

You are far away, you are not with me,

I will say at a meeting, breathing a little,

About the fact that I live with you!

2. I miss my voice, my eyes, I miss my

dear smile,

I miss the moments where we are near,

And everything that is connected with you.

And thoughts are only about how I miss you,

How your sweet hands are missing.

But everything will be fine, I know for sure.

And there will be a meeting, as in my dreams.

3. Missing You. And every minute it seems to me that I'm just going crazy. Everything around is blurry. Nothing interesting. The weather is rubbish. The mood is unimportant. And life has lost all its bright colors. And there is only one reason - you are not around. I miss you very much and want you terribly. I want to hug you tightly and feel the smell of my beloved person.

4. How boring, lonely

And so empty without you!

We are far from each other

And sadder day by day.

I miss, I yearn

And I dream of one

thing, That I will kiss you when we meet,

All things - they later ...

5. I miss you so much, my sunshine...

How long time goes by in separation!

And your face rises in memory,

And I stretch out my hands to you.

And I wait, hoping, believing and loving,

I am a new meeting, warmed by joy...

The time will come - I will meet you,

And again the world will be filled with light!

6. You mean so much to me,

You fill life with meaning.

I miss you very much.

Please dream of me today.

To admire you,

To not let go anywhere,

To not part for a moment...

And so as not to be bored so much.

7. I'm very sad when I'm apart.
Life passes like in a dream,
I'm lonely and empty -
I miss you!

I would like to see you,
In every thought only you.
In my heart and in my soul,
Your lovely features are with me!
8. I miss you very much,
I miss you next to me.
I remember your lips now,
Your kiss is insanely sweet.

Time drags on too long,
And separation seems eternal.
So it goes with us every day
In anticipation of a new meeting.

 9. It's torture - not to see each other for a long time,

Give me the remote - I'll waste those days,

What the road will give us

Until the moment that we will be alone.

I miss, and not at all in jest,

How I want to hug as soon as possible,

How I want to kiss - just creepy!

Every day I miss you more!

10. Days pass, nights pass,
And in my head all thoughts are only about you.
I miss our meetings very much,
I feel like in the dark without you!

To see you even for a minute,
To calm my heart.
I would like to believe that separation is a joke,
but the soul suffers from it
11. How sad it is when
your needed hand is not around.
And I have no one to caress with my eyes,
And your lips are far away.

I'm waiting to meet again.
I know that the time will come,
Just one gentle word -
And again the whole world will come to life.

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