Kahlia Henao – Break a Hoe Lyrics

I’m breaking bitches down, yeah, I lay them like an edge
I’m eating all the crumbs and I’m leaving nothing left
I never needed bitches, I can say that with my chest
Offer them my hand just to take my fucking leg

But I’m cool with it
‘Cause I’m flossing like a boss
Watch me move with it
I see them hoes in the club so I split
It’s time to shake my ass with my friend ’cause we lit
Only real ones in my section you can’t sit, nah, nah

Got a cup of 42 in my hand
If you get then you you understand
Don’t listen to them boys, they don’t know what they sayin’
This is a girls world, they ain’t never in the plan
Ha ha
Got em hooked off my aura, got them hypnotised
I’ll be the prize if he rides I’ll forever ride
Look in my eyes i can’t lie this a different high
They could never kill the vibe they could never try

You can’t beat me, hoe
Nah nah
You can’t beat me, hoe
You can’t beat me, hoe
Nah nah
You can’t beat me, hoe

Hold up, let me start again
You bitches never were my friends
You say you’re real, it’s all pretend
I can’t get caught, can’t reoffend

I started at a level that these haters cannot reach
I came up out the hills now I’m living by the beach
I got this natural talent that I really cannot teach
Tryna turn it to a milly while I’m laying down to sleep

Heard they wanna cancel me but they can never block my view
I keep it going on and on like Erykah Badu
Never got the time, I got better shit to do
It’s only me versus I, ain’t got shit to prove to you

I ain’t new to this
On some music shit
You bitches ruined it
You see my spot? It’s at the top, they looking furious
Make way for the queen, I’m the ruler, bitch
It’s Kahlia

You can’t be me hoe
Nah nah
You can’t beat me hoe
You can’t beat me hoe
Nah nah
You can’t beat me hoe
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