Kevin Gates – Intro Lyrics

Reportin’ live from the top of the mixtape food chain
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, I still see you little n***** down there
Prayin’ and hopin’ this shit and you better kiss my crown, n****
I raised you little n*****, Kevin Gates, DJ Holiday, my summer

Out my top, motherfuck that shit, street n****, not a gangbanger
In the hood, n***** bang daily
Caught ‘caine-slangin’ was a game changer
Thank God nobody shot stanky, Carolina Street, me and Spanky
Pit bulls in the yard, Luca murder streak goin’ hard
Boulevard Mel on a call, I’m about to buy the boulevard
Mayonnaise jars full of boilin’ water
Watch it melt down to the hard
Lil quick, say he whooped a charge
I got mocha, give me it wit’ the fall
N**** touch juice, they got to fall
But this Sicko, I want to see ’em ball
Twenty-fives bouncin’ off the wall
Straight-up player, amazin’, I’m a dog
Fronted Madd Marvin, that’s a nine, Cedric Tesco on the line
Told Birdman, ‘I don’t get tired’, he say, ‘It’s too much at one time’
Young and thuggin’, really came from nothin’
I just want to see my n***** shine

Believe that, you know, me and Bryan Johnson
We in the room talkin’, I was still in the street
‘Round the time I first had Colin jump the deal
You heard me? He said that me don’t get a n**** all that
I’m like, ‘Shit, my little n**** come form nothin’
I want to see him shine (Turn up)

Face card worth a million, Breadwinners in the buildin’
All a rapper got to do is play wit’ me and it’s ’bout to be a killin’
Fuck wit’ n***** on the murder team
Homicide division, murder scene
Industry been fucked up wit’ me, rap game I been murderin’
Fuck-n****, you a hater, behold fillet with the table
Just told Luci I’m a gangsta, step game somethin’ major
Jumpin’ on the phone, he out Abbeville, n****, (-) and I’m slangin’
Oscar Givins, you a real n****, Breadwinner Gang, no changin’
Hit Jonesboro wit’ Jamalo Lee, hold up, let me give a illustration
Oscar get it in, work release, say the wrong thing, he’ll stank you
Demonstration, Billy Gateses, extra big dog, why he fakin’?
You a real n****, n**** died, you won’t even look me in the eyes
N****, pussy all in your eyes, yeah, I said it, what, you surprised?
My momma know I done killed n*****
N**** been ready for the died


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