Korean Novels: High School Romance Episode 31

 Korean Novels: High School Romance. Episode 2

🎸🎼 HIGH SCHOOL r0m@nç£🎼🎸

🎶🎤 Just sing 🎤🎶

Author Viola





No matter how h@rd I tried not to, I still k!$$£d Angelou back against my will. He held me firmly on my w@!st and I placed my palm on his che-st as we k!$$£d slowly under the moon.

“Don’t say you don’t love me” he said into the k!ssand I shuddered as his hands trailed down from my w@!st

“Angelou I can’t” I yanked out of his grip and he smiled faintly

“I know but don’t say you don’t love me. Am going to leave but I don’t want you to say it” he stated and walked out

I couldn’t place what just happened.

What does he mean by he’s leaving?

I watched him enter the suite then the door shut.

I was all alone again.

I made up my mind and went into the suite. The crazy guys agreed to all of us sharing one suite.

They termed it a get together.

I walked inside and they were sitting on the floor around a lot table. The light was off and a candle was lit on the table. Just looking at the setting you can tell they’re playing a game of truth and dare.

They turned their gaze to me but Angelou didn’t spare me a glance and I prayed he wouldn’t.

“Guys am sorry” I blurted out

“you’re forgiven” they all chorused

I smiled “thanks”

“come join the game” Zion said

“am not interested”

“That’s the price you pay for leaving us so come sit” Phoebe snarled

I suc¢vmbe-d and sat on the only available space which was opposite Angelou.

“My turn” Lex said

“We have to cast lot first” I argued

“we already did and the game already started” Blue replied

“I hate this game” I sighed

“T or D?” Lex asked me

I thought for a while then replied “T”

“Warning” Phoebe prompted “the game could be n@ûghty and nas-ty just ba-re with us, it’s for the fun of it”

I frowned and gazed at Lex for whatever n@ûghty question he was going to ask.

“is it that time of the month?” he asked

“no” I stated firmly

“why would you ask that?” Fiona smacked his head

“we’re sharing the same suite so I want to know how careful I should be”

“my turn” I said and turned to Selene “T or D?”


“k!ssthe person at your left”

She smiled cause Chance was sitting by her left. He pu-ll-ed her into a hvg and k!$$£d her.

“my turn” Selene said and turned to Angelou

“what now? I never said I was playing” Angelou snapped

She chuckled “T or D?”

He rolled his eyes “T”

“You got thirty minutes with Kelanie alone in a dark cold room. What would you do?”

Angelou shifted his gaze to me and our eyes met. My heart was racing like the question was really happening. What would we do if it was so?

“Find a way out” he replied without shifting his gaze

His reply was like a bomb in my heart.

Find a way out.

“T or D?” he asked Blue


“quit the game…”


“for ten minutes and order pizza. Am hungry” Angelou added and we bur-st into laughter

“for a minute I thought you wanted me to quit the game” Blue guffawed “I’ll be back” and she walked out

“who’s turn is it now?” I demanded

“anyone” Chance replied

“me” Ray said and turned to Angelou

“not me again” Angelou sighed

“T or D?”


“Leave the game for one hour and go into the elevator with Kelanie”

“what?” I snapped “we can’t stand in the elevator for one whole hour”

“five cups of vodka” Ray sm-irked and that was when I noticed that there were three bottles of vodka and a wine gl@ss on the table

“you guys are crazy”

“we know so make your choice now”

“where’s the elevator?”

“over there”

“can I have your phone?” Selene asked when I got up and I reluctantly gave it to her

“thanks” she said with a secret grin

I glanced at Angelou and he got up to his feet then headed towards the elevator. I followed behind and we got to the elevator. He didn’t say a word to me and I didn’t want to be the first to talk though I wanted to know what he meant by leaving. The elevator door closed and the light went out immediately. Angelou tried the bu-ttons but they weren’t working.

“I knew this was a tra-p” he muttered

I should’ve known

No wonder Selene took my phone

Angelou slumped to the floor and sat with his head ducked in his palms. I moved to the other end and sat down.


I glanced at Angelou and though I wasn’t seeing him clearly cause the elevator was dark, I could tell he was asleep cause of his soft snores.

I was really cold and bored and Angelou was sleeping peacefully. I wanted to talk to him but I didn’t want to look weak.

The feeling was still weird.

There was a loud sound like a hvge drum falling and I j£rked up but Angelou didn’t move. The silence was becoming scary and I just wished I hadn’t agreed to that stupid game.

The sound c@m£ again and I ran to Angelou’s side but he still didn’t move. I sat down beside him carefully so put b©dy wouldn’t t©uçh and he wakes up.

The sound c@m£ again this time very close and I screamed and fell on Angelou.

He woke up and I quic-kly got up.

“Am sorry”

He sighed and sat back then continued sleeping.

I so hate being ignored.

I sat far from him and tried sleeping but I couldn’t and there was nothing to while away time. I c@m£ up with an idea of stamping my feet to get Angelou’s attention. I started stamping my feet but he didn’t even act like I was there, reminding me of how he was when he first c@m£ into Glamour High.

I rest my head on the wall and shut my eyes then I felt someone cover me with a blanket but my eyes were already heavy so I couldn’t see who it was as I drifted into sleep.


“NYN!” I heard screams from every corner and I fluttered my eyes open

It was morning already and the sun was out. I looked around and I was the only one in be-d. Last thing I remember, I was stuck in the elevator with Angelou.

“New York Night!” Blue squealed running into the room

“Good morning” I greeted wiping my sleepy eyes

“It’s NYN”

“I’ve been hearing that since I woke up. Can you girls st©p scre…”

“NYN!” The others ran into the room dancing

I rolled my eyes and fell back to the be-d and covered my face with the duvet.

“it’s NYN!” they continued squealing pu-lling the duvet



“You can do this” I told myself for the umpteenth time since the competition started. Guests were being introduced and the paparazzi were at every corner we had to hide to have time to rehearse.

“Don’t miss any line” I reminded myself

“st©p being nervous” Selene told me and wiped my sweat

“I can’t help it, the whole world would be watching”

“don’t think about anything but yourself” she advised “take a look at Angelou…”

I glanced at Angelou who was sitting with the guys

“he’s so cool and relaxed”

I took in a de-ep breath but my eyes didn’t leave Angelou. He looked cute in their black outfit and his hair band made him look like a girl.

“Hey!” Selene waved her palm across my face “you’re staring”

I got embarr@ssed and I looked away “I just admire his courage”

“is that really all you admire? I can’t believe you stayed alone in a dark elevator for two hours and you both didn’t even hvg”

“Two hours? Thought we were dared one hour”

“we thought one hour wouldn’t be enough so we extended it”

I sighed and rolled my eyes “I can’t wait for all these to be over”

“Let’s give ourselves a band name together” Blue suggested

“like Stupid Blooms” a familiar voice said from behind and we whirled around to see Mabel and her Barbie dolls

“we finally meet at NYN thought you’d all be dead by then”

Blue scoffed and went on with what she was saying totally ignoring Mabel. Mabel huffed loudly and stormed out.

“She’s so full of herself” Selene snarled

“Guys you’re up first” Mr Justin said running in


“don’t be scared it’s something you’ve always been doing. Just sing”

My heart was already in my mouth as we ran to the back of the stage.

“You can do this” Angelou spoke to me for the first time after the k!ssand he was staring de-ep into my eyes “just sing”

“St©p being nervous you aren’t the first” Mr Justin said to my relief “I just wanted to see how ready you are but you’re the sixth band”

I smiled and took a seat then the first band was called. They sang and the second band sang, then third… and it was finally our turn.

“you can do this” Mr Justin k!$$£d our foreheads one after the other then we ran up stage

I froze immediately we were up stage.

“you can do this” Angelou whispered to me and pu-ll-ed me close like he felt my fear. The crowd was all ‘awwwn’ and the judges smiled in admiration at the way Angelou held me.

I got a new courage as he slid the microphone into my hand then he k!$$£d my cheek and took few steps back.

I stared right into his eyes as I sang the first line

🎶🎤 There’s a star trying to shine inside of me

🎶🎤 But I need someone to trust

🎶🎤 someone to hold and make it shine

🎶🎤 If only you could be my hero I’ll make it shine

He took smiled and joined

🎶🎤 I’ll pick you up when you’re down

🎶🎤 lift you up above the ground

🎶🎤 Give you victory oh victory

🎶🎤 make the world your stage and make it shine

🎶🎤 oh make it shine

🎶🎤 Everything reminds me of you

🎶🎤 I’ll pick you up when you’re down/ pick me up when am down

🎶🎤 I’ll lift you above the ground/ lift me above the ground

🎶🎤 I’ll give you victory oh victory/ give me victory oh victory

make the world your stage and make it shine

🎶🎤 make the world my stage

🎶🎤 I’ll make the world your stage

🎶🎤 If only you would be mine

🎶🎤 plea-se be mine/ I’ll be yours and you’ll be fine

🎶🎤 plea-se be mine/ I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine

He held my hand and pu-ll-ed me in then said the last line with hisl-ips close to mine but they weren’t tou-ching.

🎶🎤 plea-se be mine

The cheers and screams almost pu-ll-ed the roof and the girls were fighting to come close to Angelou, I had to push him back and block them off.

We walked out of the stage while The Stupids remained for their personal.

“we did it” we squealed hvgging each other behind the stage

“Great song out there” Shayne said with a broad smile then stretched out her hand for a handshake which Blue accepted without haste

“I’ve always known you to be a great singer Kelanie and I won’t be surprised if you won”

“you’re a good singer yourself it’s just a game of luck” I said truthfully

“can I have a word with you?” she paused then glanced at the girls then back to me “like privately”

“Sure” Blue replied and pushed me forward

“thanks” Shayne beamed then we headed for the exit

I glanced at the girls and they weren’t too happy reasons because Shayne was still a rival.

“That guy is he your b©yfri£nd?” she asked when we were outside

“Which guy?”

“the guy you sang with”


“he’s cute and really nice and he cares about you”

“you ba-rely know him”

“it was all in the way he treated you on stage like a precious stone. You got to appreciate that”

I nodded but said nothing

“There’s a place I’d love to show you” she said then led the way to a path where there was no light

“Do you know here?”

“Yes. There’s a shining globe that glows down there, I thought it was a fairytale till I saw it”

“am not interested let’s go back” I said and proceeded to leave but she st©pped me

“it’s not far from here”

“am scared of the dark”

“it’s bright down there cause of the globe”

I nodded and continued following her till we got to a river.

“aren’t we there yet? We’re far already”

“wanna swim?” she sm-irked

“I can’t swim let’s go back already”

“I know you can’t swim that’s why I brou-ght you here” she said and started pushing me into the water

“st©p it Shayne am going to fall”

“that’s what I want” she said and pushed me into the river “you really thought I was being friendly for nothing?” she laughed

“help me Shayne… am… to drown”

“I hope you drown before anyone notices you’re missing. You might have sang but you can’t win if you aren’t pres£nt”

I could feel my life drowning as the water covered me. Shayne ran out and I was too weak to shout. I just awaited my fate as I hoped someone would come by.


We finished singing and climbe-d down the stage while the next band climbe-d up. The Blooms welcomed us but Kelanie wasn’t pres£nt and I was having this strange feeling.

“where’s Kelanie?” Chance asked

“She’s having a chitchat with Shayne” Blue replied enthusiastically

I wasn’t comfortable with her reply and I didn’t know this Shayne of a girl.

Just then, a girl ran in P@nting.

“Shayne!” The Blooms shouted and my heart skipped a beat

“Kelanie has been kidnapped” she said


I didn’t want to listen as I proceeded to run out but someone called me by my birth name and I froze.



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