Korean Story: High School Romance Episode 32

 Korean Story: High School Romance Episode 32

HIGH SCHOOL r0m@nç£🎼🎸

😱 He’s a prince 😱

Author Viola





I couldn’t fathom what was going through Angelou’s mind as he took few steps backward while the men advanced towards him.

I knew he would be found even though he tried h@rd to hide himself from the public. He glanced at me and took to his heel and the men chased after him.

“what’s happening? Who are they?” The guys asked in confusion

“and why did they call him Xeric?” Blue added

“This isn’t time for questions let’s find Kelanie” I replied

“what about Angelou?”

“he’ll be fine, they won’t hurt him” I replied then Tristan walked in

“Tristan” Zion called “have you seen Kelanie around?”

“She’s supposed to be with you girls”

“she was till Shayne took her out and now she’s missing” Phoebe snarled

“where’s Kelanie?” Tristan asked Shayne

“we were together and… and some men c@m£ and… and took her” Shayne stuttered and Tristan ran out

“Bitch!” Phoebe cussed and punched Shayne before we could st©p her “why didn’t they take you too? Your dad is a minister you should be the one kidnapped”

“that’s enough” I said and held her back cause she tried hitting Shayne again

“Let her talk” Fiona seethed “Kel wasn’t kidnapped. What the heck did you do to her?”

Shayne broke down in tears “I can’t do anything to hurt her”

“Kel is in real danger we can’t stand here arguing let’s find her” Lex said

“How do we find her when this rookie won’t tell us where she is” Phoebe snarled and threatened to hit Shayne again

“That’s enough let’s inform the securities then call the cops” I suggested

“we’ll split into four groups” I began “Fiona, Zion, and Blue inform the securities and try reaching Kelanie. Selene and Phoebe stay behind and wait in case Kelanie comes around. Ray, Sky, and Alaric, you’ll search together, Shayne will lead you and I’ll search with Derek, and Lex”

They nodded and we all set out in different directions.

“I’ll call her” Lex said then brought out his phone and tried calling her

“she’s not answering” he said after few rings

“I don’t trust Shayne” Derek said “if there’s anyone to get kidnapped she should be the one and who would want Kel kidnapped?”

“and why would the kidnapper take only one of the girls?” I asked rhetorically

“let’s ask those around if they saw her” Lex suggested

“it’s dark they wouldn’t had seen what she looks like”

“then let’s ask of any suspicious movements or vehicle”

“Chance! Lex! Derek!” a familiar voice called and we whirled around to see Tristan walking out of a corner with Kelanie in his arms I quic-kly placed a call to the others informing them that we found her.

“where did you find her?”

“she was drowning in a river” Tristan replied and we exchanged meaningful glances.

“Shayne tried killing her” Lex blurted out

“or the kidnappers did” Derek said

“unless they were s£nt by Shayne” I stated

“you should’ve…” Derek trailed off as the men who chased Angelou walked out with him

“it’s a surprise they caught him, they never did” I said watching them Angelou looked pale and he was dripping w€t

“Are they cops?” Tristan asked

“No, he’s fine let’s go” I replied

We left the competition and drove to the suite.

“You should’ve tried resuscitating her”

Selene said as Tristan placed Kelanie on the be-d

“she hadn’t drank too much water when I found her”

“what are we going to do to Shayne? She can’t go scot free” Phoebe said

“her dad is a minister there’s nothing we can do” I said

“if only Kelanie was in good terms with her parents” Blue muttered

“Let’s deal with Shayne ourselves. We can’t let her sing” Fiona suggested

“Shayne tried killing Kelanie cause she’s scared of us and if we try hurting her she’ll think we’re scared of her” I said pointedly

“what do you suggest?”

“let’s wait for the result” I replied

“what if she wins?”

“Reds and Splitz aren’t anything compared to us and I know it”

“Chance this is the most annoying decision ever” Phoebe seethed “I’ll deal with her myself” and she stormed out

“You really want Shayne to go unpunished?” Tristan asked

“That’s not what am saying”

“then what are you saying?” Fiona hurled

“Let’s wait till the competition ends” I replied

Fiona huffed loudly and crossed her arms on her che-st.

“Aren’t you going to tell us about Angelou?” Sky asked and lucky enough, Kelanie started coughing and we rushed to her.


She opened her eyes slowly and gazed around for some seconds then j£rked up.

“what happened?”

“Are you alright?” Tristan asked her then took her hand in his

“Where are we? Is the competition over yet?” she asked on ignoring his question

“The competition is still on but you went missing so we had to find you” Selene explained

“Shayne” Kelanie muttered under her breath “Shayne pushed me into the water cause she knew I can’t swim”

“it’s a good thing Tristan found you” Blue said then Kelanie looked at Tristan

“Where’s Angelou?” she suddenly asked and everyone turned to me

“he left for home”


“Angelou is a prince and his birth name is Xeric. He’s the only child of Grand Duke Alexander Austin III of Luxembourg but he doesn’t want to be a Duke, he doesn’t want to rule so he flee from home and changed his name to Angelou. He has been on the run for the past two years and was never caught but I think luck ran out of him today” I explained

“All these while we’ve been staying with a Prince?”

“so ro-mantic” Zion said dreamily “I’d love to be his queen”

“so sad we might never see him again” I said


“He’s dad is strict am sure Angelou will never find an escape this time”

“why doesn’t he want to be a Duke?”

“He hates responsibilities and affairs of the country”

“Wow!” Fiona simply mouthed and all along, Kelanie was quiet. She looked sad and I don’t blame her cause am also sad. I won’t be seeing my friend again.

“We can visit him right?” Zion asked

“The duke won’t let us see him unless it’s on the day of his coronation as the heir apparent”

“He’s not yet crowned?”

“He flee the night to his coronation”

Selene chuckled “running away from the opportunity others treasure”

“It’s not just that” I prompted “love is also involved”


“He was in love so he chose his love cause being a Duke, he had a betrothed though he doesn’t know her”

“sounds like a fairytale”

“That’s the way it is. When a prince is three years old, a girl is married to be his queen but they don’t see each other till the coronation”

“Is… ”

“No more questions” I cut in “let’s go see the progress of the competition”

They all got up reluctantly cause they wanted to hear more of Angelou. Kelanie was lost in thought and didn’t get up nor conscious of what was happening around her.

“Are you alright?” I asked her tapping her gently on her shoulder. The others had left the room so we were alone.

“no” she shook her head

“What’s wrong? If you aren’t strong you can stay behind”

“Is it really not possible to see Angelou now?” she asked

I smiled cause I knew that was her problem

“I don’t think so”

She sniffles “There’s something I want to tell him before… before…” she trailed off and sniffles again

“Are you crying?”

She shook her head “no”

I cu-pped her head between my f!ngersand made her look at me.

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to see him and it’s important”

“That would be on the day of his coronation”

“Was that what he meant by he would be leaving?”

“What’s so important that you didn’t tell him all these while?”

“it’s nothing” she said then added “let’s go”

“you can’t pretend to be okay if you want to see him, I’ll give you the address but you have to wait till his coronation”

“When is that?”

“I don’t know but soon. His dad would want to crown him as soon as possible”

She nodded then got up “let’s go meet the others”


It was h@rd to believe all Chance said. How could Angelou love me when he is betrothed and a prince.

What hurt the most was the fact that he was gone.

“Kel!” Blue called shaking me gently and I zoned out of my thoughts

“we arrived”

I gazed out through the window and we’re at the competition.

“I think all the bands finished singing” Lex said as we got down

“where have you been?” Mr Justin asked running to meet us “voting started ten minutes ago”

My heart leaped

“where’s Angelou?”


“You mean Angelou is a prince?” Mr Justin was baffled when Chance told him everything

“we were as surprised as you are” Fiona said

🎤 and the first five bands are…

“let’s go hear the result”

We ran behind the stage where the other bands where anticipating for the result.

🎤 Reds and Splitz in the fifth place

“what?” Shayne shouted and we burst into laughter

“Rock of Ages sang” murmurs c@m£ from every corner and my heart skipped a beat Rock of Ages is the world’s best music band with highest fans. They got no competition.

🎤 … Wind Flowers and Masked for third place

Great! I didn’t hear the fourth and second

🎤 Blooms and Stupids for second place


🎤 Rock of…

Shouts filled the hall and he st©pped talking

“we did our best” I told myself

Lorin, leader of The Rock of Ages climbe-d up stage and shouts almost got me deaf. He whispered something to the host then left.

🎤 there’s something with the result

🎤 Rock of Ages for second place

I screamed

🎤 Blooms and Stupids as New York Night’s winning bands

The Blooms squealed and ran up the stage for our award. I stayed behind cause there was nothing to be happy about. I just realized that you don’t know you love someone till that person leaves.

My phone started ringing and it was an unknown number.

📲 congratulations

That was Lancelot and I was shocked


📲You deserve it Kel

📱how are you doing?

📲 am so happy for you and am fine everything is fine

📱am happy you made it

📲 it’s all thanks to you

📱when will you guys be returning

📲 dad says we’ll be traveling to California to start a new life so we might never see again

📱awwwn! Am gonna miss you

📲 I’ll miss you more you mean everything to me

📱have you been discharged

📲 I’ll be discharged in two days time

📱and you’ll leave too?

📲 did anyone leave?


I was getting emotional

📲 we’ll leave after my cousin’s engagement

📱what engagement?

📲 she’s being engaged officially to her betrothed Xeric, he’s a Prince


📱 okay talk to you later

I hung up just before I broke down in tears and ran out. I couldn’t believe I lost Angelou and his princess is Lancelot’s sister and Lancelot is also going to start a new life.

What about me?



















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