Lil Durk – Unhappy Father’s Day Lyrics

(LowLowTurnThatUp, hey)

Mother’s Day came around, I ain’t get the chance to tell you in person
I send cards off to my daughters even though they can’t read in cursive
Father’s Day come around, I swear to you it feel the worstest
‘Cause when I ain’t talk to em in a couple days that shit feel like a burden
I be on stage like it’s all good knowin’ deep down it’s hurtin’
And they be askin’ me for my time, they ain’t tryna see no purses
And I sent them off so many times, they startin’ to tell me to merch it
And I don’t feel like a father on Father’s Day, that shit the worstest

Tell ’em I’m sorry, forgive me
I’m tryna be they daddy, they daddy

I’m on the ‘Gram tryna flex
I bought an Audemar Piguet, nah, I still ain’t gon’ buy my son his pet
I was thirsty to fuck this bitch one day and he text me like “Play catch?”
I text him back, tell his mama do it, that’s why I don’t really get no respect
Zayden got real love for me, I know
Angelo got love for me, I know
Du’mier got real love for me, I know
I know
Baby Sky got love for me, I know
Big Sky got love for me, I know
Bella B got love for me, I know
Willow got love for me, I know
And I blame everybody for my problems, I ain’t blame myself
And I think money solve my problems, I need help
My nieces and nephews, they need me, can’t leave them
All my brothers keep ’em, my sister need me, I need them
When I catch a case, I gotta beat them
I don’t pay child support but I take care of ’em, I don’t see them
How I’m The Voice but I block my kids phone? Now they gotta DM
I send some threats to the phone knowin’ somebody else gon’ read them
‘Posed to talk about college, tryna get them this knowledge
‘Posed to be with them every day, I’ma make it up, I’m sorry
Smurkio, he a real n****, take care of his fam, he solid
How I’m a real n****, I ain’t seen my kids, I’m just honest
I’m on FaceTime they don’t even pay attention
They dropped the phone when I tell them I miss ’em
I’ma do way better, way-way better to get them
I’ma do way better, way-way better

And I be sayin’ like to everybody, to real, I’m a real n****, right
I say i’m The Voice, y’all see me take care of my people
You know I feed the homeless, take care of the hood
I take everybody around me, I take care of their families
But that shit be hurtin’ me, ’cause it be like
I don’t be doin’ that thing I’m ‘posed to do for my kids
Like I do for ’em, but I don’t see them
And you have n***** smile in your face
Don’t even tell you like, man, you bogus
That’s why I just came to reality, know what I’m sayin’
I just wanna say that I’m sorry, I apologize
Let’s get it

Tell ’em I’m sorry, forgive me
I’m tryna be they daddy, they daddy
(Tell ’em I’m sorry, forgive me
I’m tryna be they daddy, they daddy)

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