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Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 10

 Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 10

Deep Sea Episode 10


She stepped forward and collected a glass from him.
“Cheers,” he winked at her and downed his drink.
He refilled his glass and settled on the sofa.
She sipped at her drink and noticed the distinct grape flavour. She liked fruit wine and juices with grape flavour. Her frown faded completely.

“Come and sit beside me,” he patted the empty space beside him. She looked at him, then at the chair and back at him. Nothing in this world would make her sit that close to him. She turned towards the bed, drew out a short stool clothed with thick foam and sat on it. How was she going to get him out of her room? Keshinro refilled his glass again and opened the packet of chocolate. He passed it to her but she shook her head in refusal. He had not been able to sleep. He had not slept well all week long. He had been brain storming how he was going to cajole her. In his life time, only a few women had rejected him. So many had found him irresistible and had fallen for him with little or no pressure.
But, Promise was proving to be a hard nut to crack.
It was obvious that she was attracted to him, but he couldn’t understand how and where she found the strength and will power to refuse him. He must have her at all cost. He would not stop until she was his.
She fidgeted on her seat. She drained her glass and began to play with the ice cubes in the wine glass. ‘This man should go and sleep. Leave me alone Mr. Keshinro! Lord God almighty, what kind of trouble is this?’ “I am coming with you tomorrow. We shall explore Accra together,” he got up and walked out of the room. Promise stood up immediately, what did he just say? Was he coming with her? No, no, no. She wanted the day to herself. She stamped one of her feet on the ground in displeasure. What sort of man is this? She approached the sofa and noticed that the bottle of wine was almost empty and the packet of chocolate was half eaten. What was she going to do? How was she going to get out of this situation? ********* The continues ringing of her phone lured her out of slumber. She opened one eye and surveyed her environment. She was in her hotel room, seated on the sofa and was clad in a navy blue skirt suit. She opened her other eye and scratched at a sudden itch at the nape of her neck. What’s that smell? She sniffed the air, then sniffed at her skin.
“Yuck!” She was smelling badly. She didn’t take her bath the other night. How did she end up sleeping on the sofa? She let out a loud yawn and stretched her hands, legs and back. She turned her neck side ways and in a up and down motion.
She noticed the empty bottle of Eva wine and two empty wine glasses and an empty packet of Snickers chocolate on the table. A small ice cube bucket was lying an inch away from the table.
She yawned again. Her phone continued to ring.
Where was her phone? She tried to get up, but fell back on the chair. She felt weak at the knees and her body ached with vengence. Why did she sleep on the sofa? Why didn’t she sleep on her bed? ‘Where is that phone?’ She looked around her and searched the chair and the table. She found it under the sofa. She picked it up and sat on the tiled floor. She pressed the answer key and placed the phone close to her left ear.

“Hello.” “Are you ready?” “Hmmm… Ready for what?” Who was she speaking to? “Promise, the driver is waiting for us at the lobby.
We have a long day ahead of us.” His voice registered on her drowsy mind. It was her boss. She looked up at the wall clock. It was 8 a.m.
“Promise.” “Sir, good morning sir.” “Please meet us at the lobby.” “Sir… ” Her brows knotted in a frown.
“Promise are you okay?” She would rather stay indoors than go sightseeing with her boss. She was not prepared to bite more than she could chew.

“Promise?” “Sir… Sir, I don’t think I am up to it.” “Really?” “I didn’t get enough sleep, I want to lie in and get some rest.” “I see.” She noticed the note of disappointment in his voice. ‘Who cares?’ “Have a good day sir,” she hang up and heaved a sigh of relief. She needed to shower. She needed to rest and she was beginning to feel hungry. She would order for a light breakfast once she had, had her bath. She doesn’t feel like stepping out of her room. She might run into her boss and that would be catastrophic. She yawned again and lifted herself off the floor.

Promise finished packing and zipped her bag. The driver had called to inform her that their flight was at 3 p.m and he would take them to the airport at 2:30 p.m. She had an hour to kill.
Should she take a stroll or stay back and watch a movie? The knocks on her door interrupted her thoughts.
Who could that be? She adjusted her blouse and approached the door. She opened it and came face to face with her boss. She stepped back into the room, he walked in and she shut the door.
In a twinkle of an eye, he pulled her close and consumed her lips with his hungry ones. She tried to break free from his firm grip, but, To Be Continued

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