Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 4

 Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 4

Deep Sea Episode 4** she conversed with her maker with a smile pasted on her lips .

************************** ************************** 
On her way to the canteen, the principal called out to her. She saw him standing beside a middle age woman under the mango tree. The tree was very fruitful. Whenever the fruits were ripe, the students and teachers would pluck them until none was left .

‘What does this man want from me?’ She said to herself and approached him .

“Good afternoon sir. Good afternoon madam.” The woman nodded and smiled a bit .

“Please help Mrs. Kufuaye to carry these bags to her car,” Mallam Bature instructed her .

Promise groaned. ‘What kind of man is this? Didn’t he see any student around? Why did he call me? Why is this man always disturbing me?’ She said within her and picked up the polythene bags at the foot of the tree. The weight of the bags made her to stagger a bit. ‘My God! They are so heavy! Does this man think I am Super woman or Wonder woman? This is pure punishment.’ She hissed and followed the woman to her car. She wondered what was in the polythene bags. She tried to peep but she was at a disadvantage due to the weight of the bags .

Mrs. Kufuaye unlocked and opened the boot of her car. Promise placed the polythene bags inside the boot and started to walk away .

“Wait!” She halted and turned around. ‘What does she want now? I am hungry. I am tired. I have done what the principal wanted. I don’t have time for all this nonsense.’ “Promise, right?” She nodded and approached her .

“What is your discipline?” Promise sighed. ‘Now what? What is her business? Why does she want to know what I read at school? What kind of trouble have I entered today?’ She cleared her throat, “I studied Mass Communication.” The woman’s expression brightened, “Really?” “Yes, ma.” She smiled, “I work at Yellow Tube Communications. We need people like you. Why don’t you come and serve in our company?” Promise’s jaw dropped in shock. ‘Did she just say that I should come and serve where she worked? I know Yellow Tube Communications, it is one of the best communications company in Nigeria and they pay their staff well. Is this really happening or am I dreaming? If I am dreaming, I don’t want to wake up.’ She blinked and stared back at the woman. She closed her mouth and opened them again .

The woman laughed, “I can influence your transfer. We need people like you… ” She looked around, “You are wasting your skills teaching in this school.” She nodded in agreement, “Yes, ma. You are right ma,” her heart began to race. ‘Is this really happening to me? God! God! God! Shame on me! Shame on you Promise. I have been grumbling since the principal called me. God have mercy on me. I am so sorry daddy.’ “I am not against Corpers teaching at schools, but I feel more of them should be given opportunities to serve where they are most needed.” “I believe so too ma.” The woman gave her a complimentary card .

“Call me.” “Yes, ma. Thank you ma.” Mrs. Kufuaye got into her car and drove away .

************************** ************************** 
Promise removed her khaki face cap from her head and used it to fan herself. ‘Abuja is so hot.’ She stared at the card long and hard. ‘God please give Mrs. Kufuaye the grace to get me out of here. Oh my! Oh my! Forgive me for grumbling and complaining. Oh Lord God! Promise! Promise! Promise! You! You! You!’ She prayed and admonished herself. She bit at one of her fingers .

This was exactly what she had asked God for before she left Lagos. ‘Hey! Principal thank you for disturbing me! You can disturb me anytime you want. God, I will stop grumbling and complaining.’ She headed for the school canteen. She needed to eat, but her stomach felt full all of a sudden .

Would she be able to eat? She was too excited to eat. God had answered her prayers. If it all worked out, she wouldn’t have to disturb her parents at the end of the month. God was so good .

******** “You must celebrate your new transfer with us,” Bolatito tapped Promise on the shoulder, “You can host us at Yahuza suya spot or Mama Cass.” “I hear you.” “How I wish I can also get a new place of primary assignment. I will be so happy,” Kabira waved her hands in the air. Promise and Bolatito laughed at her comical display .

Adaeze hissed, “Stop fooling yourselves. God knows why we were all posted to schools to teach. Influencing your place of primary assignment is just like deviating from his plans.” They all stared at her, the jealousy in her tone wasn’t lost to them all .

“I hope PHCN will give us electricity soon,” Promise changed their topic of discussion. There had been light off since mid-day. They had decided to sit outside their apartment when they couldn’t take the heat anymore .

“Now that you will be earning something aside from what the Federal government is paying us, you can at least buy a generator,” Adaeze adjusted the stool she sat on .

“Adaeze!” Bolatito clapped her hands and faced her room-mate,To Be Continued.
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