Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 5

 Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 5

Deep Sea Episode 5


“You want Promise to use all the money Yellow Tube gives her to buy a generator. You are very wicked,” she eyed her.

“Please mind your business. I was addressing Promise and not you,” Adaeze retorted .

Kabira signalled to Promise to remain quiet. They all knew Adaeze to be a trouble maker .

The bachelor living in the apartment opposite theirs drove into the compound .

“Hey! Bachelor is back!” Adaeze jumped to her feet and hurried away.

Kabira and Promise shook their heads. They all knew she had been longing for the man since they moved into the compound .

“That girl is acting so cheap,” Bolatito hissed .

“Leave her alone,” Kabira yawned .

“I am going to spoil her show tonight,” Bolatito left them .

“Bola! Bola!” Bola ignored her and joined Adaeze who was chatting with the bachelor .

“Bola is looking for Adaeze’s trouble.” “Leave both of them. They are both after the bachelor.” Kabira hissed. Her mission in Abuja was to serve her country and nothing else. She would rather allow a man to chase her than to throw herself at him .

“Shameless girls,” she hissed again .

Promise watched her room-mates who were competing for the bachelor’s attention. She doubted if she would date anyone during her service year. She would rather wait till she returned to Lagos, get a good job, then she would be ready for a serious relationship. The last relationship she was involved in started and ended at school. She wasn’t ready for a repeat .

******* Promise walked into the Publications department and greeted everyone seated. The office was large and it was divided into five cubicles .

“You must be Promise Daodu, we have been expecting you,” the only lady in the office shook hands with her .

“Okay.” “I am Maimuna Idris.” “Okay,” she smiled at the woman who looked a little bit over thirty .

“This is Abubakar Sheu, Ogbonna Ilechukwu and Edet Uduak,” Maimuna introduced her colleagues .

“It is nice to meet you all,” she smiled at them .

“You are welcome,” the men chorused .

“Our head of department has gone out. When he returns, he will see you.” “Okay.” “I will give you a tour around the office.” “Thank you,” Promise followed her. She had not been sure how she would be received. She had not expected her new colleagues to be nice to her. She thanked God in her heart. Her service year was turning out to be perfect .

******* At the end of her first day at Yellow Tube Communications, Promise called her parents and informed them that she was no longer teaching in a Secondary school. They rejoiced with her and wished her well. She also called her siblings .

Prince was elated and Gift was thrilled and reminded her of her plans to visit .

Promise wondered how Gift would cope with her roomates. The apartment was barely convenient for four girls to live in, a visit from her younger sister would cause chaos. She might have to stall her sister’s visit until one or two of her room- mates decided to travel home. That was the best plan she could come up with at the moment. She was happy that things seemed to be working out in her favour. God was so good to her and she was eternally grateful .

************************** ************************** 

Promise and Kabira locked their apartment and got into the cab waiting for them at the gate. The driver hurled their luggages into the boot of the car and headed for the airport .

“What time is your flight?” “Four. When is yours?” “Three,” Promise leaned closer to the window and gazed out .

“I am so glad that I am heading back to Jos. A month in that city is totally worth it.” Promise looked back at her, “You are lucky .

Yellow Tube is resuming in three weeks time.” “Really?” She nodded .

“I don’t envy you at all.” Promise’s phone began to ring. She checked the caller’s ID, it was her boss. She glared at the phone. ‘Why can’t this man leave me alone? Why can’t men take no for an answer? This man should stop stressing me.’ She had succeeded in avoiding him for five good days. He had tried calling her a few times, but she refused to respond. He had sent her text messages concerning the Paris trip, but she had also ignored his messages. She had thought he would back off, but, this wasn’t the case. The phone kept on ringing .

“Won’t you pick your call?” She shook her head and leaned closer to the window. She had been approached by married men in the past, but she had always said no. It was wrong to date a married man. It was against her faith and believes. It was also morally wrong .

If she decided to have an affair with a married man, whoever she married would definitely cheat on her. Whatever one sow, one would reap .

Kabira stared at her. Promise was the closest to her among her room-mates. She had been acting kind of far-off and detached for the past few days. She hoped all was well with her. The holidays would definitely do her good. They all needed time off work. The past three months had been very demanding.To Be Continued...

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