Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 7

 Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 7

Deep Sea Episode 7


 I guess she is just tired.” “Hmmm… You women!” Prince snorted and headed for the dining room .

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Gift hurried after him .

Promise got out of bed again and shut the door .

She heard everything her siblings said. She yawned and stretched. Why was she so tired? She walked back to the bed and picked up the tray of food. She wondered where her mother got the strength from to prepare breakfast after all the cooking the other night .

‘God give me the strength to do what needs to be done when I am married. It will not be funny if I am too tired to take care of my husband and children. If my mum can do it, so can I.’ She bit into the sandwich. ‘My God! This is heaven.’ She took another bite and munched with relish. It was good to be back home. She wasn’t looking forward to returning to Abuja. She hoped the remaining months of her service year will come to an end with speed .

She had not received any calls, texts or emails from her boss since she left him at the airport four days ago. It had been a relief, but, it had also scared her. She wondered if he would pay her back for rejecting him. What if he made her remaining months in Yellow Tube miserable? What if he doesn’t stop disturbing her? She might quit and return to her first place of primary assignment. She doubt if she could stomach anymore harassment from him .

‘God please take control. Please take perfect control. I need you now more than ever.’ 


Gift found her sister seated on a cane chair outside the house, munching at a piece of chicken .

“Enjoyment galore.” Promised looked up at her and smiled .

“I guess all the hard work paid off after all.” She chuckled and sipped at her drink .

“Mum gave you free pass into the kitchen because you helped her to cook, lucky you.” “You should have joined us.” Gift placed a chair beside her sister and sat down, “I was watching a very interesting movie on dstv.” “Wow! The movie ended, but, the chicken fiesta has just begun.” “Whatever… ” Promise bursted out laughing .

“I am coming with you to Abuja once you resume.” She stopped laughing .

“School isn’t resuming until the end of the month .

That gives me two weeks maximum to explore Abuja.” She cleared her throat, “Wait… ” She was the only one resuming work on the seventh of January .

Her roomates would be resuming mid-month. She would have the apartment all to herself for a week .

“What?” She hoped her sister wouldn’t stall her visit any longer .

“You can come with me to Abuja…” “Hurray!” Gift hugged her sister in excitement .

“Okay, okay, you can let go now… Don’t choke me, I have a purpose to fulfill on this earth.” Gift released her sister and started to dance .

“But, you can only spend one week. On your next visit, you can stay longer.” “No problem,” she danced into the house .

Promise smiled and shook her head. Prince came out of the house in a hurry. He found his sister and settled on the seat beside her .

“Gift said she is coming with you to Abuja.” “Hmmmm… ” “When am I visiting?” “Soon… ” She sucked at the bone .

“How soon?” She faced him, “Just give me a call when you are ready and I will schedule your visit according to my plans.” He nodded in satisfaction, “Okay, okay, I will let you know.” “Good.” He picked up her empty glass and the discarded crushed bones and headed back into the house .

Promise relaxed on the chair, “Life is good.” She smiled and yawned. She was going to enjoy the holidays to the fullest .

‘God, thank you for this wonderful time of rest.’ “Thank you for the holidays!” She shouted out loud. In that very same moment, several fireworks erupted in the sky above glittering with dozens of beautiful colours .

************************** ************************** Promise and her younger sister alighted from the taxi and walked into the compound with their bags and luggages .

Bachelor was seated on a plastic chair outside his apartment eating from a bowl of fruits. He waved at them and they stopped to greet him .

“Bachelor, Bachelor, serious enjoyment.” “Please, please, this isn’t enjoyment. It is simply a necessity,” he swallowed the banana in his mouth .

“I hear you.” “Who is the pretty lady with you?” Promise patted Gift on the shoulder, “She is my younger sister.” He flashed his white set of teeth, “Hello dear,” he winked at her, “You are taller than your elder sister. Are you into modelling?” “No,” she glanced at her sister who was trying not to laugh .

“Really? You should try it. You have the height, and the… ” His eyes ran over her figure, “… and the perfect shape.” Gift rolled her eyes, she was just two inches taller than her sister who was five feet seven inches. He wasn’t the only man who had found her attractive and suggested modelling. Was it compulsory for every tall lady to go into modelling? “Bachelor, take your eyes off this one. She is still a baby,” she pulled her sister along. He watched them go, his eyes were still on Gift .

“Why do you call him bachelor? What is his real name?”To Be Cont

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