Short I miss you SMS For Your Lover, Partner, Parent, Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Short I miss you SMS For Your Lover

 Hey, here we have Short  40 "I MISS YOU SMS" Listed for you. Show how much you missed your lover, friend, partner, wife, husband and parents get and share with them this Messages and show how much you care about them. please don't forget to drop a comment

  1. I miss you so madly, I wait when I can hug you again, press you, touch you and look into your native eyes.
  2. So I want to see you as soon as possible and hug you tightly, without you my soul is restless and I constantly think about you. I miss!
  3. I miss you and send you my warm hugs because from a distance is all I can do. I miss you, my heart is silent without your smile.
  4. I want to hug you soon, I want to be with you, I want to share my feelings and emotions with you with just a glance. I miss you so much, I miss you terribly.
  5. I look forward to when I can touch you even for a moment, feel the breath, hug, feel that just beside you. I miss!

  6. I miss your presence, your look, your touch and your smile. I really miss you!
  7. Kilometers separate us, but the soul is always there, as if one feels the touch of gentle hands, a light breath on the skin, the sweet anticipation of hugs when we meet. I miss!
  8. I understand that we cannot be together around the clock. But I miss you so much right now... 
  9. I constantly think about you ... I will calm down only when I can finally hug you.
  10. I miss you and with all my heart I want to snuggle up to you, feel your warmth, forget about everything in your arms.
  11.  You may not be around, but I feel you in my soul, you are deep in my heart. It's lonely, cold, sad without you. I miss!
  12.  Hello! I'm sad and lonely without you. Maybe you are not up to it now, but know that I dream of a meeting. You are so warm and gentle. Good luck out there without me...
  13.  I miss you, I yearn, I wait, I love you and I never stop thinking about you for a single moment. I miss you so much!
  14.  There are 24 hours in a day, which is 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds, and every second I think about you and miss you very much.
  15.  You own my thoughts all the time. Whatever I want to think about, I still return my thoughts to you. Maybe I'm just really bored...
  16.  When you are around, time flies incredibly, and without you, every second stretches endlessly. I miss you madly and look forward to meeting you!
  17.  I feel bad without you. Every thought I have of you. I miss you very much. I'd rather hug you.
  18.  How much I miss you. I need your smile. I need your warm hugs. I miss our heart-to-heart conversations. I feel bad without you.
  19.  I miss your warmth, your gentle hugging hands, your voice that speaks words of support to me. I miss you, come back soon, I'm looking forward to it.
  20.  Without you, there is sheer sadness and melancholy ... Even the good weather has ceased to please.
  21.  I really miss the lack of communication with you...
  22. It turns out that without intensive communication with you, I start to get bored ...
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  24. I miss you a lot, I wonder why the distance separated us from you. Come back, I'm looking forward to it.
  25. I hurry time with all my might, I ask him to go quickly to wait for your return. I miss!
  26. How sad without you, the world becomes pale and monotonous, everything is meaningless and uninteresting. I really miss you!
  27. Time is merciless to me, separated us from you and is in no hurry to go. How hard it is to wait for the meeting. I miss!
  28. I make the most of my time. I miss you, I can't find places, activities, even thoughts without you.

  29. How to bring closer the moment of our meeting in order to hug you sooner and look into your infinitely attractive eyes. I miss you like crazy.
  30. I miss you so much that I can't go an hour without thinking about you. You are constantly in my thoughts. Come back soon!
  31. I really want to come up to you, reach out and just touch. I want to feel that you are near, that nothing will separate us anymore. I miss!
  32. Every morning I wake up with the thought that I will soon see you, hear your voice and we will be together as before. I really miss you!

  33. Distance makes silence speak to me with your words, your voice and the echo of your laughter. I miss you very much and look forward to meeting you.
  34. I missed. Come soon. I want to hear your voice, feel your scent. I look forward to your return. I miss you very much.
  35. When you are not around, I need to think about you, when you are not with me, I need to dream about you. My love, I miss you and love you very much.
  36. I am lonely from the fact that I cannot hug you tightly, that distance does not give you to cuddle up to you. I miss you as much as possible!

  37. I don’t have enough patience, I want to hug and whisper important words. How slowly time seems to go when you are waiting for someone so much. I miss!
  38. I miss you very much. The desert can do without rain, a camel can go without drinking for many days. And I can't live without you. I really want to see you and hug you.
  39. It seems to me that we have not seen each other for an eternity ... I want, finally, to look into your bottomless eyes.
  40. Let fate return you to me soon, let time hurry to measure the hours, minutes and days until your return.
  41. I am very sad at the moment of parting with you. I look forward to meeting you. I have already reviewed all our photos. How bad it is when you are so far away..

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