Episode 13

©Miriam Edem

I laid very exhausted trying to catch a breath as I blurly saw Godswill untying me. I couldn't move a muscle and I was very thirsty,

"What? Isn't it enjoyable? He asked but I only blinked my eyes trying to get my sight back. I felt someone raised my head up and something cold was placed on my lips and I quickly recognized it to be water. I desperately drank it because I needed it at that time, and slowly my sight became clear and I weakly drew myself up to lean.

"Feeling better now? He asked smiling as he sat at the edge of the bed. I noticed the guards were not there anymore and I was breathing heavily. The pains between my legs was increased x5 and I was bottling it up inside of me as I looked at him. Murder crossed through my head, its either I kill this man or this man will kill me first, 

"What killed your first wife? I asked and I was surprised I didn't ask this question before getting married to him. 

He scoffed,

"I thought I told Yuh all questions time is past, why are you still asking questions? He asked back. 

"I think I forgot that one, I replied breathing hard. 

"Oh your bad sweetheart, and ermmm..... He said checking his tablet and I felt like crying out when I felt the inside of my shrinking. I can't explain what was going through on inside of me and I began to sweat heavily as I tearfully used my hand to place on my private part but it was covered with blood. 

"What are you doing to me? I asked him and he took his eyes from his tablet. 

"Making love, isn't that the size of a manhood? He asked. 

"Is it? I asked. 

"Okay you don't like that right? I'll do you the favor to change it, gosh no woman has complained the way you're doing now, you're such a baby! he shouted getting up. 

"So its not only me right? Did you use same on your late wife? I asked. 

"Of course, You ladies are too cheap for my manhood, he replied and left. 

I sniffed and shifted myself slowly and fell from the bed, with my buttocks I crawled with it to enter the bathroom, I could not use my legs because of how it shivered.

When I returned from the bathroom, I just laid on the cold floor and weakly slept off unclad not until I heard a tap on my back,

"Oh she's sleeping, she enjoys that a lot. Love get up your brother is on call, I heard him said keeping the phone on my ear,

"Hello, I said still lying on the floor. 

"Enjoyment madam, don't be too fat o, Luke said. 

"Help me, help me please, I heard myself said.

"What? Betty are you okay? Luke asked and Godswill eyes were practically tearing me apart as he held the phone for me and sleep instantly cleared from my eyes when I remembered his threat.

"Betty are you there! Luke shouted.

"Yes yes, sorry I was still sleeping, I said clearing my voice. 

"You said I should help you, what's wrong? He asked. 

"Huh I said that? Oh yes I'm too filled, I replied.

"Are you sure? Do you mind we should visit you? Luke asked. 

"Uhmmm.... I said looking at Godswill not knowing what to say. 

"I newly got married you know, we need privacy, I replied.

"Okay if you say so, I just wanted to be sure you're okay, he said. 

"Thanks and how is mama? I asked. 

"She went for women meeting and she's doing good. I've been calling your number na so I can hear your voice but you didn't pick up, so I decided to call your husband, Luke said.

"Oh I have a new phone now and maybe its in silence, I'll check it later, I said. 

"No problem then, okay take care, he said. 

"Thanks for calling, I said and Godswill dropped the call. I fearfully looked at him scared of what he might do to me as he squatted facing me,

"You're so smart and that's why I like you. I'll pardon you today but next time you try that again, you'll be punished, he said touching my cheeks and I swallowed.

"Get dressed and join me on the table, he said and left the room.

I could not say no to whatever Godswill wants and to be honest I was really hungry to prove stubborn either. I simply put on a night gown and struggled to go down to eat but he was just looking at me where he sat,

"Betty at our outing, I like what you did to that lady though, he said and I almost hissed. Is he looking for discussion or what from me? I thought and concentrated on my food and when he saw he was talking to himself despite all he was saying but I was not even listening, he heaved,

"I'm sorry okay, he said and I looked at him. 

"Won't you say something? He asked but I was already done with my food. 

I just cleared my plates and returned back to my room and locked it behind,

"What's he apologizing for? Looks like a trap, I said and hissed loudly and thought of what I should do to relief my pains. I checked the drawers there but saw no tablets and I was feeling feverish. 

The bed was already in a mess which I had to change the sheets and wondered If he has anybody to do the laundr in the house because I was not ready to give out my blood to anybody to wash either. I simply soaked it in the bathroom and laid down to sleep.

The next morning I heard knocks on the door but I could not get up, I was shivering badly,

"Ma, boss needs you downstairs! I heard the guard outside but I couldn't answer. 

"What's going on? I heard Godswill voice. 

"She's not opening up sir, he replied. 

"Bring me the spare keys, Godswill said and a knock followed on the door. 

"Betty open this door! Godswill shouted but I was quiet. 

I heard the keys on the door and when I weakly looked at the door, I noticed there was no key on it, I'm sure he purposely made it that way, seeing that I closed my eyes back and the door opened. 

"How dare...... He paused when he saw me in bed. 

He touched me and saw my temperature was high,

"Call the doctor hurry, he said to his guard and he quickly left the room while he raised me up keeping my head on his lap,

"Hey what's wrong with you? He asked touching my forehead but I beat his hand off. I hate it when someone touches me there and knowing how Evil Godswill is he can't touch me there. 

"Oh you're beating my hands off huh? He asked and the guard walked in. 

"He's on his way, the guard said. 

"Good, call me when he arrives, Godswill said to him and he nodded and left. 

I wanted placing my head back on the bed but he violently kept it back and I screamed out,

"Stop daring me will you! He shouted. 

"Why? So you won't tie me up with your reckless making of love huh? You're making me sick the more stop acting all lovely here, I weakly said. 

"You're so frustrating and ungrateful, all I wanted was to satisfy you, I thought you love wild things since you grew up in a wild village, he said and i coughed adjusting my head properly on him and threw up on him. 

"Yuck! Betty! He shouted in a way that his guards ran in to see what's going on. 

He raised his hand to hit me but he left it hanging and angrily left the room. God bless my stomach for releasing that at the right time and I was too weak to laugh. That was a timely punishment for him from a wild girl.

Minutes later the doctor came and Godswill slowly entered after changing up,

"What's wrong with her? He asked and the doctor turned to him and greeted him..

"Welcome, he replied and drew close to the bed. 

"Its good you're here, she's complaining of her legs and I can't....... You know, the doctor said. 

"Oh that, She has a strong infection that gave her bruises, Godswill said and the doctor looked at me. 

"Why didnt You tell me have warts? He asked me. 

"He gave it to me, I replied the doctor.

"I did? That's the reward of you being dirty. Doctor I can't imagine I married a lady with infection, after love making she bleeds, is that my fault? Godswill asked and the doctor looked confused. 

"That's a bloody lie doctor. Why not tell him what you've been doing to me or are you ashamed to face your wicked act? I asked boldly forgetting that the doctor will be gone soon and I'll be left with him. 

"Look here doctor she's not well, are you going to treat her or not? Godswill asked him.

"You're getting me confused here because I want to understand what's really wrong, from warts to bleeding after love making........ "She has both. Warts and bleeding with offensive odour, what's difficult there for you to understand? Godswill cuts in and my eyes bulged Out.

"No, no I don't have any of that, I dont smell and i have no infection, I said breathing hard.

"Do you bleed or not after love making? He asked. 

"Yes but that's the result...... " just what I wanted to hear. Do you have wounds around your parts? The doctor cuts in. 

"Yes he cau...... 'Okay that's fine. Clearly you have an infection and why won't you have an infection when you grew up in the village? We all know the dirty pit toilets there and I have to do a VIA test on you also to check if you have any signs of cervical cancer, don't worry you'll be fine, the doctor said cutting me short again. 

"What! I don't have any of that! I shouted. 

"Thank you doctor, please I want to have a word with my wife, Godswill said and the doctor nodded and excused us.

"What are you trying to do? You know I don't have any infection Nor warts, please don't do this, I said to him.

'Oh you're begging me huh? What were you trying to paint to the doctor? Or are you forgetting that you are running your mouth with my doctor and anything I tell him to do he will do it Even if it's to kill you! He shouted and I gasped. 

"Please, please am begging you, I only sustained injuries during the act and i Need help urgently so it won't result to something serious. Help me please, I cried. 

'No Betty i wont, you want to prove stubborn right? Let's see who rules the jungle, He Said and I tearfully shook my head. 

"I'm sorry please, I whispered.

"When am done with you, you won't have the voice to talk so boldly again even if you have a chance, he said.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry it will never happen again I promise. Please help me I'm in pains, I cried out when he wanted leaving the room and he stopped and looked at me for a while and closed the door behind...........



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