Episode 14

©Miriam Edem

The doctor left without leaving a tabet nor presciption behind for me and the whole of the day was terrible because whenever I urinate, I'll be looking for where to cool my legs. I literally ran mad in the house running around naked in pain but in all this, Godswill kept me silent for about two days before he bought me medications.

I sat on the floor with my hair scattered when he walked in holding a small bag,

"Guess what I bought for my wife? He asked and I weakly looked at him saying nothing and he brought out a pack of drugs waving it at me. 

"Thank you, I weakly said to him.

"No not yet, you have to lick my feet and thank me, he said and I shook my head.

"You mean? I asked.

'Are you now deaf? Lick my shoes and thank me if you want this drugs, there are very effective you know, he replied and I heaved. 

Betty has to live and whatever that will make me survive this I will. I just crawled to where he stood and licked his shoe but he pressed my head hard on the shoe for some minutes and pushed me aside. 

I breathed hard with tears piled up in my eyes and he threw on me the bag,

"Make sure you treat your infection, I still have lots of fun to have with you anyway, he said and left.

That morning he didn't stay for breakfast, and after I was done eating I went to the enlargement photograph looking at it,

"Was death the only means you ran away from here? I asked looking at his late wife and left to the kitchen. 

The kitchen was literally empty and there were no sharp objects like a knife. Of course he knows the kind of human being he is and kept away anything I can use to harm him.

I was ready to kill someone, after all I am married to the devil himself. Now I understand what it means like to marry right, it makes your spiritual life better if its with the right one, because at a point in time I was very weak to pray in my condition, that was how helpless I was. 

I came out from the kitchen when I heard a noise outside and it was a man trimming the flowers.

I looked at what he was using and wished I could steal it from him and trim some part of the devil horn out of Godswill head, suddenly the gate opened and a car drove in. 

I stood at the door where I was and saw it was Godswill mother, I had to leave the door to welcome her.

"Ahh Betty how are you? She asked and I gave a weak smile. 

"Are you sick? She asked. 

"Yes mommy, I'm not feeling too well, I replied. 

"Oh I can see it in you, get well fast okay because you look so horrible. Is my son home? She asked and I shook my head. 

"He left very early this morning, I replied.

"He should be back, she said taking her phone but the gate opened and Godswill jeep drove in. 

"Oh here he is, His mother said smiling and I rolled my eyes. It was a very bad time for them to come because my plans will be ruined, the tool of that man was entering my eyes but I had to pretend to be cool and we went in together.

"Your wife is sick, has she seen the doctor? She asked when we got to the sitting room.

"Oh yea, I got medications for her today, don't worry she'll be fine i think it's change of environment, he replied.

"She better be, you know the look of your wife tells the people how responsible and loving you are right? And she's looking bad to me and its not good to your name, his mother said and he smiled and held my waist tight. 

"Don't worry mama you know what I can do right? In fact we'll be going on our honeymoon tomorrow, I'm just back from the resort, he said and I looked at him. 

"What! I asked.

"Surprised right? He asked pecking me and I felt like throwing up.

"Wow that's great, you took a lot of time though and why not outside the country? She asked. 

"No mom I have a lot of things to do, the resort will do just fine but I promise to do more better when am free, he replied.

"Good for you then, its been long I visited and I dropped by to say hi, she said getting up. 

"Thanks mommy, I said.

"You're welcome, and happy honeymoon, she said winking at me and Godswill laughed and hugged her.

"Its just a week and I'll come back for you, he said holding her waist romantically and she crossed her hands on his neck that I blinked my eyes to be sure am seeing well.

"Don't take too long, she said and pecked him and they left together. 

I sat on the sofa thinking hard. I know he's very close to his mother but this closeness don pass closeness na or is this how the whites behave also? I wondered. 

He got in and I looked at him,

"What honey moon are you talking about? Do Yuh have any evil plan to do to me? I asked him. 

"Sometimes you make me regret. So with the drugs I just gave you your mouth is wide opened right? He asked and I swallowed and looked away. He squatted before me and held me legs, 

"Don't you want us to have our honey moon? It'll be fun you know, he said smiling and I slowly took his hands away from my legs.

"Make sure you take a saw with you to cut off my part, place it on the Bed and have every fun you want with it okay, I said and he laughed and stood up.

He took his briefcase and opened it and brought out a dildo and showed me and I closed my eyes. 

"This will do right? Fun fun fun! He shouted laughing hard, took his briefcase and left for his room.

I breathed out scratching my head and peeped through the window but there were two jobless guys watching only God knows and there was no where I can escape without passing through the gate except there's any invisible powers to smuggle me out.

"What if I get close to him? The idea came to my head and I smiled to myself. If a woman was able to kill Sampson then who is Godswill???

I went to my room and looked myself in the mirror, Truly I was looking very horrible and very dark and I breathed out. 

On the dressing table where different deodorants and everything a woman needs to make her beautiful but I was not interested in any of them neither did I use them. I went to the bathroom and properly scrubbed my body, came out and applied ointment on my skin. Combed my hair out in an afro style and had a new dress on. Coincidentally we came out from our different rooms the same time and he saw me just when he was on call and stopped. 

"Going out? I asked approaching him keeping his hand down ending the call and he nodded. 

"I was thinking if I can join you, its very bored at home you know, I said touching his chest and he slowly took my hands from him,

"Sounds like a plan, he said and I smirked.

"What's the plan going out with my husband today? I asked and he walked away from me and I followed him downstairs.

"I know what you're trying to do but it won't work trust me, he said pointing his hands at me smiling and his phone began to ring. 

"You don't know me Betty, you don't know me, he said and picked the call and left the house.

I rolled my eyes and sat on the sofa shaking my legs not knowing what to do when my plan has failed again. I wanted stealing a pen knife if he had taken me out to eat, at home here he uses only spoons and fork, he's very sensible indeed. I stood up and attempted to leave the house but the guards stopped me,

"Where are you going to? One asked. 

'To make my hair why? I asked back. 

"You can always have it at home, he replied. 

'What! Are you locking me here? I said I want to make my hair! I shouted.

"You better go in now or I move you, now! He shouted back and I angrily looked at them and stormed in jamming the door behind and screamed out in frustration.

Minutes later I was just in the sitting room feeling sleepy when a knock came on the door but I didn't answer. The door opened and a lady walked in and greeted me but I didn't say pim and the guard walked in. 

"You wanted making your hair right? She's here to do that, the guard said and I smiled and curled my legs on the sofa looking at them. 

"Really? You never told me you have a salon here, what if I want to roll my hair will you lend me your tongue? I asked him. 

"Get up and follow me, he said but I just hissed and looked away. 

"I said get up you wretch! He shouted and dragged me out of the sofa forcefully and I bite him hard and he gave me a blow..

"Please don't do that! The lady shouted holding me and he threw on her a key and left the sitting room. I touched my mouth and saw blood,

"Sorry ma, the lady said giving me a handkerchief.

"The boss will surely punish him for that, don't let him get away with that, she continued and I nodded. Looks like she does not know the "like boss like guard" spirit at work here.

'Thanks, i said and sat down.

"You want to roll your hair? There's no problem, his late wife had her personal salon here that has everything you want, she said and I looked at her. 

"You knew her? I asked and she nodded.

"Let's go then, I said and she led the way. I opened my mouth with what my eyes saw,

"This belongs to her? I asked and she nodded. 

"I really miss her and its nice to come in here again, she replied and sadly uncovered the dryer and I went very close to her. 

"Please tell me, how did she die? I asked and she looked at me.

"You don't know? She asked. 

"He does not want to talk about it, I lied and she heaved. 

"She was kidnapped for weeks and the kidnappers requested for about 50million naira for her release. He arranged for the money, but sadly he met her dead body alone with her head cut off and still missing, she replied and I went backwards. 

"Are you sure about that? I asked.

"That's all I know, she was such a calm soul, she replied and my heart began to beat fast. I was not convinced with her story, probably that was what they made everyone believe but I know the beast killed her. 

"I'm happy the boss is married again, he really broke down after her death, she continued and I smirked. 

"Indeed, I said in my heart.

"Very sad, okay since we're here what style do you think will be good for me? I asked sitting before the mirror there............



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