Episode 4

©Miriam Edem

My brother took me outside while I cleaned my tears

"You should not get her angry, you know how she behaves right? Luke asked. 

"Why can't someone tell her she's wrong whenever its clear she's wrong? I asked. 

"So what do you want to do? Tell her she's wrong and what next? He asked. 

"Did you know what she did to Maxwell? And she's not even sober that she hurt someone yet she expects me to be happy with her politician of a friend right? I asked.

"He has nothing to do with what happened, and whatever mama said to Maxwell you should not have been rude to him the way you did, that was embarrassing and mama had to cover up for you. Don't forget he has helped us, he replied. 

"What about Maxwell? Who bought the first medication for you? I asked.

"Oh Betty how am I suppose to know? Okay I'll apologize to Maxwell for whatever mama said to him, is that okay now? He asked. 

"No it's not, Maxwell is not talking to me anymore, he does not want to pick my calls and your apology won't change all the insults Mama poured on him for no reason, I replied and he heaved.. 

"For everyone peace of mind Betty, just listen to mama and stay away from Maxwell. I have no problem with him trust him, but then mama does not like him and for you to safe Maxwell from her insults then stay away from him, Luke said and I looked at him. 

"What do you mean? I asked him and Maxwell looked around to be sure our mother was not around. 

"Betty its clear mama wants you for a rich man, he replied and I smiled 

"Really? So you've already planned to sell me out? I asked.

"What are you saying? He asked. 

"She wants me for a rich man huh? Please tell her to get married to a rich man instead and leave me alone, I replied. 

"Betty whatever that is going on I don't care, its your life so do whatever you want, He said and left me outside and I heaved and cleaned my face knowing that I am in for trouble.

For about a week Maxwell kept ignoring me and it was seriously pissing me off. Was I the one who insulted him or does he think I liked the way my mother treats him? I kept wondering and the sister I made her hair last week noticed it and drew me to a corner. 

"What's the matter? She asked me. 

"What? I asked.

"Between you and Maxwell, she replied and I sighed.

"I don't want to talk about it please, Maxwell does not want to talk to me, I replied. 

"Eh that's why am asking what happened? Did you two quarell? She asked. 

"Not at all, abeg am tired sef, such anger issues is not good for me, I replied. 

"I know not everyone is perfect, but then try to settle things out with him because people are beginning to talk, she said. 

"Ahhhhh! Are you serious? I asked very surprised. 

"Just so you know, she replied tapping me and left.

I left the church after service back home and saw a jeep with a different colour of last time parked outside the house again, then I saw Godswill and Luke making shoes together outside. 

I slowly approached and greeted them,

"Welcome, Luke replied me. 

"You're back from church? Godswill asked but I only nodded. 

"Is it not too sunny? I asked.

"He didn't want to go in, He's scared you'll get angry with him like last time, Luke replied.

"Oh common not that, Godswill said and I heaved.

"Sorry about last time, I wasn't in my good mood, I calmly said to him

"We all have our bad moods, don't worry, Godswill said and I nodded.

"I'll be back please, I said and left them outside to change up, and when I returned I joined them and we began talking and laughing until my mother returned from church. You need to see how happy she was when she saw Godswill and I watched as he hugged her with his lovely smiles....... I couldn't stop smiling myself.

Godswill is so cool, unlike his position as a politician and a well learned man, his humbleness is so unique that people of his class can't bring themselves so low to people like us. 

"No wonder the service today was wow! I danced and danced not knowing I'll be having a big visitor at home, my mother said and I shook my head and looked at Luke who just smiled. 

"I'm so delighted to hear that ma, Godswill calmly said. 

"Welcome again. Have you given him something to eat? My mother asked us. 

"He refused to go in, I replied her. 

"Ahh why na? I know its not up to your taste but please just bear with us, my mother said keeping a sad face and he smiled.

"It's okay I'll go in, Godswill said. 

"Yes o, Betty oya enter the kitchen fast, my mother said clapping her hands and I just disappeared from where I sat to the backyard.

He was only able to eat little of what we served him, still I appreciate the fact he touched our food which to be honest was not that rich for someone like him. 

A call came on his phone and I saw on the screen "my heart". I removed my eyes and he picked up,

"Hello mom, he said and I rolled my eyes, just when I thought his girlfriend or something called. 

"Okay mommy I'll be there soon, bye, he said and dropped the call.

"Looks like your mother is really close to you, my mother said smiling at him.

"Yes, she's my everything, he replied.

"Awwwnnn so sweet, I said and he smiled.

"Thanks for the meal, I really enjoyed it, he said. 

"No no thank you for eating our management food, thank you so much, my mother said while I stood up the clear the plates. When I came back from the backyard I saw him giving my mother some notes,

"Ahhhh this one is for what na? My mother asked. 

"Use that to prepare more delicious meal. You're like a mother to me now and I think you should be happy, he replied.

"Hey thank you Jesus! Ahhhh you're a son, friend and even in law to me..... In fact everything, she said laughing hard and I rolled my eyes. 

"Thank you sir, Luke said to him

 "It's nothing, and ermmm when next I come, can you keep a nice design for me? I want to get you connected, you're too talented to be here, Godswill said. 

"Are you serious! My brother shouted but he only smiled.

'Ahhhhhh I am making the shoes right away, thank you so much, Luke said almost going on his knees but Godswill stopped him.

'Don't do that please, he said and looked at me. 

"Would you mind going out with me any day soon? He asked and I just looked at my mother who winked at me and I cleared my throat.

"Okay, I replied him.

"Thank you. Okay I'll leave now, Godswill said and we saw him outside and watched him drove off after he got my number.

My mother started jumping again holding the notes in her hand while Luke on this other way was so excited. That has always been his dream of taking his designs outside to places it will be well appreciated. 


The story of my family was beginning to change with the coming of Godswill and I saw that as a great open door and visitation of God to my family. 

That night I had a dream. I saw myself in front of two open doors, and when I confusedly looked at the doors, one was so white and expensive from the other door and the inside looks beautiful, then I slowly stepped into the door looking around. Suddenly the door got closed and darkness was all I saw in the once bright room then I began to cry bitterly and fearfully woke up.

I heard my mother singing loudly in the sitting room and I cleaned my face thinking about the dream because it was not clear. 

"What does it mean? I asked myself and decided to pray about it. 

That morning I left to fetch water and bumped into Maxwell. I just ignored him at once and he called my name but I didn't bother to stop after all I do call him and he won't bother to look at my face. 

"Beatrice please stop! He ran behind me and I stopped and looked at him

"I'm sorry, he said and I smiled. 

"Actually that was what I wanted to tell you when you were busy ignoring me, I said. 

"Beatrice I don't know, I just wanted to stay clear from you thinking that will help, but its not working, he said. 

"I'm very sorry it didn't work, because you see I want to continue from where you stopped and don't worry it will work. Please excuse me, I said and left immediately. 

I felt very angry I saw Maxwell for all those times I have been begging to talk to him yet he ignored me as if I was a nobody..... Very annoying. While I was still thinking about it a call came on my phone and I picked up,


"Hello, is this Betty on phone? I heard a voice.

"Yes, Betty is speaking, I replied.

"Okay, I am that gentleman you gave your number at your father compound, he said and I recognized his voice. 

"Sir? Good morning sir, I happily greeted and he laughed. 

"Morning Betty, Will you be free today? He asked.

'Yes sure, I replied. 

'Try not to tell mommy okay, can you meet me at the junction at 1pm? He asked. 

"Why don't you want me to tell my mother? I asked. 

'Oh you see i don't want her to be so excited and don't worry you'll know later, he replied. 

"If you say so, 1pm will be fine, I said. 

"Thanks and you won't regret it, he said and dropped the call and I looked at my phone smiling and left to fetch the remaining rubber of water..,........




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