Episode 6

©Miriam Edem

"But you should have called me! I shouted.

"Hey you better shut your mouth there! Didnt we call you huh? My mother shouted back and drew my hands inside as Luke opened the door for us. 

"Where did you go to? She sternly asked. 

'I told you I was with the politician, I replied.

"So you have the mind to leave the house to go meet a politician without telling me huh? What if he kidnapped you or took you away without us knowing? She asked.

"But I thought you trust him? I confusedly asked and she hit me hard on my head.

"So I'll trust a man I barely know huh? She asked.

"But mama he said it that sunday he Came and you didn't say no to it, didn't you winked me yourself to accept? I asked back rubbing my head.

"You're still stupid. I should have known, you should have told me and that's the wrong you did! She shouted. 

"Sorry mama he was the one who told me not to tell you. But I hope you didn't cause a scene at Maxwell place? I asked and she hissed and saw Luke bringing in the bags I came it. She left me and got the bags from him and almost turned everything on the table but I had to stop her because of the bag that contained food. 

"Hey! He bought all this for you? She asked with her angry mood dying off immediately but I only nodded. 

"Where is he? Luke asked. 

"He dropped me off at the junction, he said he will be visiting soon, I replied and his call came on phone. 

"Excuse me please, I said to them and left for my room and picked up. 

"Hello, I said with a moody voice.

"Why? Did mom quarell you? He asked. 

"She's not happy I didn't tell her, and again I forgot my phone and didn't see all the missed calls, I replied. 

"Oops, is she mad at me also? He asked. 

'She's angry we didn't tell her, I replied.

"I'm so sorry about that, and don't worry I'll come around to apologize I did that, he said. 

"It's okay, I said.

"Hey what about what I told you? I meant everything I said, he said and I rolled my eyes. 

"You don't expect me to say yes to Yuh just like that right? I asked.

"You're right, take your time. I'll talk to you soon, he said and dropped the call and I heaved and cleaned my face. 

I looked at my phone and slowly called Maxwell number and after two rings he picked up,

"Maxwell, I said and stood up happy he picked up.

"Are you calling to give me my own share of insults? He asked.

"Maxwell I'm sorry, it was a misunderstanding. My brother saw your name when you called earlier, so he thought I was going to see you, I replied.

"Is that so? Did you leave the house to go meet a man? He asked.

"Maxwell you have no right to ask that you know. I only called to say sorry for what my mother did, I replied.

"Why can't you answer me? I can feel it in your voice Beatrice, Maxwell said. 

"Okay I think I'm done, my apologies again, I said.

'Don't drop this call Betty, he sternly said when I was about dropping the call. 

"What's going on with you? I feel something is wrong and you're not telling me either, he calmly said.

"Maxwell please just stop, this can't work. You've seen it yourself that my mother does not like you and tell me how we are going to be in peace with all that is going on? I asked.

"We can put her in prayers if there's an agreement between us, you know this can work out right? It was not a mistake I confessed my love to you and I know what I saw, he replied.

'You know what you saw? Good for you because God has not shown me anything yet and what if all this is a sign that its not meant to be? Please the last thing I ever want now is settle down with someone that is not meant for me, I said.

"Its okay. I see your mind is already made up, he said and dropped the call and I freely let myself on my bed not knowing how I was feeling at that point. My mother walked in immediately clapping her hands as if she was applauding me,

"Good girl, she said touching my back and sat down.

"Mommy you were eavesdropping, that's wrong, I said. 

"I will soon break this your big mouth one day. What kind of future do you want for your children? She asked.

"A bright one of course. They won't suffer or struggle the way I did, I replied. 

"Good. Has Maxwell in anyway made any plans to support your dreams or see that you two can build such a home and future for your children? She asked.

"Mommy I just got close to him and I don't know if he got such plans, I replied. 

"What have you two been talking sef after he asked for your hand in marriage? Holy spirit and the kingdom of God huh? Is it a home you two want to build or a church? My mother asked and I rubbed my face. Honestly speaking for a man who says he wants to marry me, every discussion we've ever had is bible study, and I began to see sense in where my mother is driving at. She may be a hard and annoying mother but then she always want the best for her children.

"Betty, wise up. Know that whatever choice of partner you make today you will have to live with it. I won't involve myself in your journey of marriage and you won't divorce him either, I swear I won't let you to. I lived with mine despite I had the chance to go away but I endured and paid for my stupidness, you will do same o, it won't be you that will drag shame to this family by divorcing your husband and making people to laugh at us. You lie! My mother said and I closed my eyes. She stood up from my bed to go when she was done,

"Mommy, I called her and she stopped. 

"Dr is asking me to marry him, I said and she looked at me.

"What did you tell him? She asked with no expression on her face. 

"I didn't know what to tell him because I was not expecting that, I replied. 

"Think about it Betty, after all you have the right to make your choice, she said and left. 

I laid on my bed thinking hard. Yes I prayed for a life partner and I got two proposals, is God trying to tell me to make my choice between the two? Maxwell is a cool guy and we'll build a God fearing home together and again he will support me spiritually. Our children may not have that bright future because certainly we will have to struggle and I don't want that. For the few hours I went out with Godswill, I saw a better life outside the village and I want that for my children and only Godswill can give them that. But then I don't know too much about him, and for someone who has been married before, he should be experienced to know how to go about marriage and to help me out when am wrong. And again he has my family interest at heart, and with him my family dream of having a better life can be fulfilled, maybe this is just my open door, I thought and still felt weird.

For days Godswill didn't call and I didn't call either so I won't look desperate. I wanted trying this hard to get, and one evening I decided to go to church. After the meeting the pastor asked to see me which I went to him,

'Betty I think you should pray, am seeing confusing things about you, the pastor said. 

'But pastor i've been praying, I said to him. (ads1)

"Have you been having any weird dreams? I saw you yesterday in a dark room stranded, that's not good you know, he asked and I remembered the dream I had.

"Pastor I once had such dream. There were two open doors before me and I walked into one, suddenly the door got locked and everywhere was dark, I replied.

"You should know that not every open door is a blessing door. Some doors are opened for traps, destruction and death, just because it's open does it mean its all from God, you just have to be careful, the pastor said. 

"Thank you pastor, I said.(ads1)

'Have you heard from Maxwell? The pastor asked. 

"His in church, why? I asked back. 

"Its okay, you can go, the pastor said and I left. When I got to the bamboo fence of the church I saw Maxwell alone just hanging on it facing the dark road. I wanted saying hello to him but I didn't know how to start, I just left like I never saw him. 

On the way Godswill called and I picked up,

"Hey how have you been? He asked. 

'I'm good, and you? I asked. 

"Seriously its not easy, and sorry if I've not been calling, I'm too stressed up and wished I had a help mate, he replied and I heaved.

"I'll be coming tomorrow, he continued when I was not saying anything.

"Why? I asked. 

"You mean I should not visit? He asked. 

"Uhmm not that, sorry I asked, I replied.

"No Betty tell me your mind because I respect people decisions. I promise I won't get mad for that, you don't like me around right? He asked.

"No don't say that, I'm sorry it just came out without me knowing, I replied and he heaved.

"Are you scared I'll be coming to talk to your mom about us? He asked. 

"Hmm I don't know, I replied almost in a whisper. 

"Tomorrow is my birthday and I felt I should spend time with Yuh because I see you as my family now, but if it's not okay then I can just stay at home, he said.

"Oh my God! Please you Can come, I'll tell mom you'll be coming okay, I said to him. 

"Alright if you say so, see you tomorrow then, he said. 

"Happy birthday in advance, I said smiling.

"I appreciate, goodnight, he said and dropped the call.

I told mom about Godswill coming and Luke was equally excited because he already made the design to show him when next he comes. 

The next day my mother hit the market just to get something nice for him, and with the way she was seriously doing everything I just smiled and cleared my throat,

"Hmm mommy you have never cooked on our birthdays, this one you're taking it as it's a new year celebration I don't understand o, I said to her. 

"Luke see the kind of sister you have. So without anyone telling her, she does not know we have to cook to celebrate such a big man birthday? Do you think it's easy for someone of his class to bring his birthday to a no body like us? We may be poor but let's have sense at least, my mother said.

"Her own is to stand and talk, you better go wash that pot so I can pour the chicken inside, Luke said.

"Eh? Please na I want to go make someone hair now, she just called, I said. (ads1)

"Betty if I break your head now! Common go and wash pot ode! My mother shouted pointing a knife at me and I just regretted I came out to sharp my mouth..........

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