Episode 7

©Miriam Edem

I murmured and joined in the cooking, and just when I wanted running to meet up with my client a car drove in. I wondered who it was because Godswill is always known for his jeep, but alas it was him.

I just knew automatically my going out is canceled and I went to him,

"Welcome sir and happy birthday, I said and he smiled. 

"Thanks Beatrice, were you going out? He asked. 

"Uhmmm no, I lied and My mother came out. 

"Heyyyy honorable welcome and happy birthday. You will live long and prosper in every area of your life. Chai God anyone who plans evil for you let that person fall into that evil! She prayed. 

"Amen amen mama thank you very much. I am drunk with prayers already, in fact I'm just coming back from a church I offered to give them money to expand its building, he said. 

"Ahhhh you're even building a church? Tell me why God will get tired of blessing you? My mother asked. 

"Its the Lord doing and I owe my existence to him, he replied.

"Please come in I can't keep my honorable standing outside, my mother said taking his hands.

"Uhmmm Luke please open up and take the things from the boot, he said giving him his car key.

"You brought something for us? No na we should be the one to keep something for you, my mother said. 

'Its okay mama, lets go, he said following her in while I didn't know whether I should follow them in or help Luke out. 

The lady I wanted making her hair called immediately and I apologized and told her I'll be there very early in the morning to fix her hair,

"Ahh Betty you promised na, what if I have somewhere to go? She asked.

"No vex abeg something came up and I was thinking I'll make it, but don't worry I'll be there before the cock crows, I Replied and she laughed. 

'No problem, she said and dropped the call and I saw Luke bringing down twenty litres of groundnut oil and I quickly went closer and saw the boot packed full. 

"Ahhhh Betty is this your knocking of door or something? Luke asked. 

"Are you kidding me? I asked and he drew me close putting his mouth in my ears,

"Is he interested in you? He asked and I smiled hitting him.

"Tell me now o, you know I'm now your father, he said and I smirked. 

"So you'll write down notes of bride price for him huh? I asked. 

"Start to tell me now o I may pity you small, he Replied laughing and brought down a bag of rice while I carried the groundnut oil inside. 

When we were done we went in and saw my mother had already set the table,

"What were you people doing outside sef? My mother asked. 

"Hmm mommy you'll not understand. You need to see what Dr brought for us, it can start a shop for us o, Luke replied. 

"Are you serious? Ahhhh honorable how should I say God bless you? She asked.

"No no mommy don't thank me, what did I do that you're thanking me? Just imagine you prepared such meal for me On my birthday, I'm so grateful ma, Godswill replied and my heart melted. Such a lovely soul!!

We ate and drank with him as we talked, That was when I saw he was so jovial and it was as if we've known him for a long time or he's a family to us. I didn't want any other prophesy, despite the age gap between us I know he is just the one, I was convinced!

At 4pm he was ready to go and thanked my mother for her hospitality in celebrating his birthday then he paused and kept a sober face and looked at me,

"Will you marry me? He dropped that Jesus came out from my mother mouth. I was mouth opened and shocked myself, that was the last thing I wanted to hear from him.

"Sir? Luke asked not hearing him well. 

"I'm too old to beat around the bush or have that pleasure to sleep around with young girls. At my age and position it is expected I should go for what I want and there's no point of Pretending for I have nothing to hide. If you're ready to accept me Betty let's get married, and I'll show you to my mother today, Godswill said and my throat went dry. Though he had no ring with him, but then his eyes were so sincere and I heard myself said yes. 

I didn't realize it was a yes sef o if not I heard my mother and Luke clapping happily and congratulating us then I was so shy. 

"I promise to make you happy, Godswill said holding my hand and hugged me and I saw my mother singing and dancing and I smiled. 

"Am I still meeting your mother today? I asked. 

"No please I don't like night thing, let it be in the morning na? My mother asked. 

"No problem, I'll take you there tomorrow, okay I have to go now, Godswill replied and we saw him off. He hugged me before entering his car and we watched him drove off. Luke immediately fell on me hugging me tightly kissing my cheeks and my mother landed him a Hit on his back,

"Why are you kissing big man wife? Do you want to go to jail? My mother asked and I laughed. 

"Congratulations my daughter, you are truly my daughter and my pride, my mother said tapping me while I sheepishly smiled. To be honest I felt so good and proud I said yes, I guess I had already fallen in love with him and knowing who I'll be getting married to soon was too much joy for me. 

The next day just as I promised I left to make the lady hair despite my mother told me to stop touching the heads of all the village people became I am now in a better class. I smiled at her mentality and left because I gave her my word that I'll be there. During the process of making her hair, she made mention of Maxwell how people say I've dumped him to go after a rich man driving in jeep. 

I stopped and looked at her,

"Who told you this? I asked.

"Villagers na, they said ever since a jeep started driving into your compound things has changed between you and Maxwell. Some even saw you entering a jeep at the junction was it yesterday or so, she replied and I swallowed.

"Is that so? Anyway gossiping is not a new thing, I said and concentrated on her hair. 

"But you're not denying it na, she said. 

"I don't have such time, I coldly replied and hurried up with her hair. I got my pay and left immediately, such dirty gossips about me get me pissed off and I can't hide it. 

On the way back home I saw Maxwell and I just faced my front to pass him but he stopped and greeted me and I also stopped. 

'Can you just stop all of this? Are you putting words into the mouths of the villagers or what? I asked him. 

"What are you talking about? He asked. 

"Stop giving them this feeling that we are together, stop making the villagers to gossip about me, I replied. 

'Betty what's wrong with you? Must you and your family attack me every second? So I can't even greet you again since you are ignoring and keeping malice with me, where's your Christianity? He asked and I scoffed. 

"Really Maxwell are you asking me that? I asked. 

"You know what, I only greeted you okay so spare me this, excuse me, he replied and walked away. That single act pained me o, so I angrily went home. Luke saw my mood and asked what the problem was which I told him,

"Just Ignore him, since the villagers are already gossiping it won't be long when they will hear that you're getting married to someone who can single handedly buy all their family fortunes, Luke said and I couldn't stop smiling.

"Hmmmm so you can be this motivating huh? I asked and he smiled. 

"Your food is there joor, he replied and I went In. Just when I was relaxing Godswill call came on phone and I picked up,

"Angel.... Oh sorry I missed your call I think there's a lot you will have to understand about me okay, he said and I heaved. 

"No problem, I wanted saying good morning when I called. How are you? I asked.

"I'm good dear, I called mom and she'll be home by 4, but I'll be there to pick you up just before that time okay, he said.

"No problem, I said checking the time. 

"Just look beautiful for me okay, I'll call you when am there, he said and threw a kiss and dropped the call. I smiled and left to take a shower and began to go through the clothes he bought for me, my mother walked in just in time and helped choose a dress for me and I was looking so sweet despite I had no makeup or wig done.(ads1)

"When God gave out daughters he gave me the best, my mother said admiring me and I smiled. 

"But you used to call her ode, I said and she laughed. 

"Because sometimes she used to behave like one, don't mind me o, she said and His call came on phone.

"Arrived? I asked when I picked up. 

"Yea baby, hope you're done? He asked. 

"Yes I'll be there soon, I replied. 

"I'm waiting, he said and dropped the call and I looked at my mother.

"Wish me luck, I said to her. 

"Ahh no woman in her right senses will reject you na, in fact you'll be welcomed with open hands, go with the luck of God my dear, my mother said and I smiled and left.....  ...... 



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