Episode 9
©Miriam Edem

That night I saw myself in a field filled with roses. They were so beautiful and I played and shouted happily all by myself as I ran On the feild, but suddenly the roses began to die off.
"No! No! I screamed looking around and woke up with my mother shaking me.

"What happened? You were shouting in your sleep, My mother said.

"I was shouting? I asked her.
"No you were smiling. Eh eh so what happened yesterday? You didn't even gist me or is his mother bad? She asked sitting down and I heaved and cleaned my face.

"Mommy I'm not feeling comfortable with this, I replied.
"Why what happened? She seriously asked.

"I dont know, there's this inner peace I'm not feeling, something is trying to warn me about the future but I don't just get it, I replied.
"Betty what happened yesterday! My mother shouted.

"Nothing happened, but then the class of those people is just too high. They live like the governor and I think they won't respect this family because of our status, I replied and my mother was just looking at me then she shook her head and heaved.
"Betty what is wrong with you? You heard Godswill yourself when he told us his story and what he passed through with his mother when his father left them. They have tasted this poverty with us and knows what it feels like, yet you're talking about respect huh? What respect do you want again for someone of his class and level to leave his mansion and come into our hut to eat our food, Betty show me any politician that can do that. Why are you like this and who is doing this to you? You've seen an open door by God...... Remember the prophet who saw you and gave a prophesy that you will be the key to this family success, you remember abi? She asked and I nodded. That was about three years ago when a crusade was carried out in the village and I decided to join, then the prophesy came to me. To be honest that made me devoted in church because I wanted it to come through.

"Is this not the fulfillment of the prophesy? Look at his name sef Gods will what other sign do you want? You better reject and rebuke the thoughts of the devil discouraging you, or have you forgotten that the devil does not like good things? She asked and I breathed out and stood up pacing around.
'Mommy their wealth is intimidating, I replied her.

"You'll get used to it don't worry, its just a matter of time and you'll forget the days we do eat kernels to sleep, she said and I felt like crying when I remembered the food that was on the table yesterday.

I told her about Godswill plans of getting married to me soon and she had no problem with it. When she finally left the room she was able to talk me out of my mood and I just knelt down to pray, it was not a prayer of "oh Lord help me, show me a sign bla bla" it was a prayer of thanksgiving for the answered prayer.

Two days later Godswill came home and spoke with my mother about the wedding plans. Whatever discussion they had I didn't hear because I had to leave the house to go make a woman hair which he permitted me to.
When I returned home my mother told me his family will be coming in two weeks time so she has to start informing my uncles about the latest development.
Hmmmm everything was still like a joke to me even when my traditional marriage date was fixed, but in all the preparations I and Godswill haven't sat to talk about us.

It was as if he was avoiding me ever since I stopped him from kissing me in his car, but that afternoon I was determined to face him after all I'm about getting married to him.
He actually came to take Luke out to show his designs to his rich friends, according to him, Luke designs will be what will be sampled on the wedding day.
I tried communicating with him through the eyes but he was quiet,
"Can I see you outside please? I finally spoke up.

"Okay, he said and we excused ourselves and stood by his car.
"What is it? He asked.

"I don't understand, for weeks now you've been avoiding me yet you're going on with the wedding plans why? I asked him.
"I don't seem to understand you, do you want me to stop it? He asked.

"You know what am talking about stop pretending. Ever since we got back from your mother place that closeness isn't there and you know it, I replied and he smirked.
"Yuh mean? Don't I call you everyday? Don't I send you gifts? He asked.

'It's not that. Yes you do call but is it not to ask "how was your rest? Have a good day and fiam you'll end the call? When last have you sat me down for a discussion? Even when you visit you seem to concentrate more on my family and not me, I Replied and he laughed.
"Betty I never knew you're this jealous but that's okay. Honestly what happened in the car..... How you rejected my advances, I had to pull back into my shell so you won't read me in a negative way. I am trying to understand you and know what you hate and like, but if you think I'm keeping you silent then am sorry. You were suppose to tell me na, how do you expect me to know everything? There's a lot in my head and I want you to understand me okay, he said with his hand going through my face and I just got weak.

"I thought you were angry with what happened, I whispered.
"Why would I be when I'll have lots and lots of the kisses from you for the rest of my life right? He asked and I shyly covered my face.

"So was that your only problem? He asked and I nodded.
"We're cool now right? He asked and I smiled nodding.

"Alright let's go in then, girls with their wahala, he said with his hands on my shoulders.........,......

The news of my traditional marriage to a rich man was a shock to the village. The church, my friends and everybody was like "eh Betty so with this your innocent face you like better thing like this??
Yuh know the feeling na when you're about getting married? the feeling of "I have arrived" especially when the person is not your MATE, you understand ba?

I took Godswill to the pastor once before the traditional wedding date was announced to everybody, and Godswill seeing the church offered to give my pastor money to renovate it.
"Are you serious? Will the white be here? My pastor asked.
"No no only the tradition, the white will be in the city, Godswill replied.

"I understand and thank you, God bless you, the pastor said and I added the Amen for him. Afterall as his wife to be, the blessing go follow reach me.
My father house was fixed, painted and was glowing. My mother looked at it and began to cry when it was finished, she rolled on the ground wishing my father lived longer to see how God has finally visited us. lt was an emotional moment for us and my mother knows how to bring out tears by force from the eyes of the hardest human on earth.

Two days to my traditional marriage, my pastor asked to see me and I hurried down there because my mother was not at home. Hmmmm Did I tell you my mother started locking me in the house? To my mother she's protecting me from wicked and jealous people eyes.
When I got there the pastor looked at me and I was kind of confused,
"I know I once asked you this question before, did you pray before accepting the man you want to get married to? He asked and I scoffed.

"Pastor I don't understand this, i prayed and he came just after the prayers, I replied.
"You also said Maxwell came before him, he said.

"Pastor what are you trying to say? Do yuh want to give Maxwell to me because he's like a son to you? I asked angry with the lane the pastor was going to. What he didn't realize was that Beatrice was already and deeply in love with my husband I can already smell in few days time and the last thing I will accept is watch anybody want to spoil that day for me.
"Beatrice you're blowing this thing out of proportion, the pastor said.

"Pastor I understand you, I think you see Maxwell as the vessel God can accurately speak to. Because he said he saw a vision about us you think his vision is more from God huh? Don't forget God has not shown me anything about Maxwell yet and he's not even ready to settle down sef, you should be happy for me, I said and the pastor raised his hands up as a way of surrendering.
"I'm sorry, I only wanted to be sure, please don't take it to heart, he said.

"Is that all pastor? I asked rudely.
"That's all my daughter, he calmly replied.

"I have to go home now, I was busy when you called, I said.
'Its alright, and congratulations again, he said.

"Thanks and see you there, I said and stood up and left.
On the way I saw Maxwell rolling his bicycle as I slowly walked..... Yes big man wife steps has to change from all that scatter scatter walking steps I do have then.
"Hey, I thought you traveled? I've not been seeing you around why? Maxwell asked.

"Why should I travel? And for a new bride to be its expected I stay at home, I replied.
"Is that so? Alright then I just got back from work, I now work in shifts since another guy was added to me, he said.

"Welcome, I said not interested.
"Okay take care, Maxwell said.

"You too, I said and walked away feeling nothing but anger for him which I can't explain where it's coming from.............

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