Episode 2. 

"I can't believe you can stoop so low to do this, what came over you? His fiancee asked. 

"I don't know I don't know but I'll figure it out I promise, Mukasa said.

"Figure it out? Well go ahead and do that, she shouted and left the house immediately.

"Cynthia! He shouted and angrily looked at Christiania.

"Cynthia Christiana, I guess you have a big crush on Letter C, Christy said looking at him.

"If you know what's good for you, get out of my house before I get back, he sternly said and left the house and Christiana let herself freely on the sofa. 

"What have you done to yourself? She asked herself not knowing the next step. 

Cynthia arrived at her best friend place and met her doing some laundry, 

"What's wrong with your face? She asked but Cynthia ignored and went in. 

She cleaned her hands and met her in,

"What's wrong? Achen asked. 

"Its Mukasa, Cynthia replied and sniffed. 

"And, what did he do? Achen asked. 

"He got a small girl pregnant, a girl who isn't up to 18 years old, Cynthia replied..

"No you must be joking, Mukasa can't do this when you two are engaged, Achen said. 

"I wish it was a joke but its true, I met the girl in his house and he's asking her to go for an abortion, Cynthia said. 

"What are you going to do? Achen asked. 

"Are you still asking? I don't think I can continue with him anymore, I'm calling it off, Cynthia replied. 

"Then you'll be so stupid, Achen said getting up and Cynthia looked at her. 

"I'll be stupid? After what he has done? Cynthia asked. 

"Well you should know men naturally gat high libido and your dear Mukasa is not an exception. You traveled for 4 good months darling, and he got a lower girl to keep him company but that doesn't mean he loves her, Achen said.

"What are you saying? He just cheated on me and that doesn't mean anything to you right? Cynthia asked. 

"So if he cheated on you will you let a 16 year old girl or so come in between your relationship of 6 years? Common girl you're 27 and you can't accept defeat that easily except the relationship didn't mean anything to you, Achen said and Cynthia began to cry. 

"But this is not fair, Cynthia said.

"I know darling, life itself is not fair at all and you should know that, Achen said consoling her.

"About the poor girl, I pity her so much she looks so innocent, Cynthia said and Achen laughed. 

"I can imagine her shouting harder harder! Achen said.

"That wasn't funny you know, Cynthia said.

"Yes it was, to you she is innocent, how innocent was she that she got pregnant? She wasn't raped and how will you explain that? Look girl, if you let pity come into your heart for her, I promise you, you are going to lose everything, Achen said and Mukasa call came on phone. 

"I don't want to pick that up, Cynthia said. 

"Why? I don't think the phone will bite you if you pick it up. You can't give that little girl any slightest chance, remember she's carrying his baby and if you miss it she will have your guy to herself. I'm sure you don't want that right? Achen asked and she nodded.

"That's good, Achen said.

"What I'm i going to do with her now? Cynthia asked. 

"lets Talk about that later, for now I'll pick the call for you then, Achen said and picked up when the phone rang again.......

Christiana left and slowly went home to see her mom cooking outside, she immediately went on her knees,

"Mommy please forgive me, I didn't know what came over me I'm so sorry, Christy said and her mom looked at her. 

"Let me say I am respecting the child you are carrying else I would have given you the beatings of your life. Christiania where did I go wrong in training you? Ever since your dad died when you were 3 I struggled and took care of you refusing to remarry scared you might be maltreated. But this is all I can get from you and you stand there to tell me you're sorry! Her mom shouted. 

"Mommy I know please, I am one big failure to you and I accept that. Please mommy forgive me, it won't happen again, Christiana cried still on her knees. 

"I'm so ashamed of you right now, get out of my sight and I don't want to ever see you again, her mom said and went in closing the door behind her. 

"Mommy please I beg you, I have no where to go! Christy cried out.

"You should have considered that first before opening your legs wide for a man, her mom replied inside and after a while without seeing her mom, she got up and slowly went back to Mukasa.

She sat outside hungry waiting for him to return, and in the evening he came back with his fiancee. 

"What is she still doing here? Cynthia asked. 

"I thought I asked you to leave? He added. 

"I did but I was still chased out, I have no place to go, Christy replied and Cynthia angrily went in saying nothing. 

"You know you can't be here Christiana, gosh how did I involve myself in this mess! Mukasa said rubbing his head.

"Please I'm begging you, let me be a servant here as long as I have a place to sleep for the sake of our baby....... "Your baby not mime! He shouted.

"My baby please I beg you, Christiana cried and Mukasa paced around. 

"You can abort this thing and I'll pay you off, soon everything will be forgotten and things will go back to normal for you, but you can't reason things because you're daft, he said. 

"Things can never be normal again after what I've done, and i can't make it right by killing my child. I have lost it already and I am not ready to lose another, Christy said and Cynthia came out looking at her. 

"Let her stay, after all she asked to be a maid and a maid she will be, Cynthia said.

"Thank you, Christy said and slowly went in. 

"What are you doing? Mukasa asked her surprised.

"Trust me, she replied....



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