Episode 3. 

"Where are you going to sleep? Cynthia asked when they got in. 

"Eermmm can I manage the sitting room? Christiana asked. 

"What about the bed room? Cynthia asked. 

"Cynthia! Mukasa called out. 

"What? Cynthia asked. 

"No the sitting room will be okay, thanks, Christiana came in and Mukasa angrily went inside. 

"Make yourself comfortable okay, Cynthia said smiling and was about to go in too. 

"Please I'm hungry, is there anything to eat? Christiana asked. 

"Ohhh sorry there is absolutely nothing in this house to eat, Cynthia replied and left while Christiana slowly sat on the sofa. 

Cynthia met Mukasa sitting on the bed with his hand on his head, 

"Hey calm down okay, Cynthia said.

"Calm down? Do you know what you've done? He shouted. 

"So I should have let her sleep outside? You heard her yourself, her mom drove her out and you put her in this mess don't forget that, Cynthia said. 

"But then she cant keep that baby, its a risk to us and you know it, He said. 

"She won't accept an abortion but there are other ways to get that thing out of her and make her life a living hell here if she refuses, she said. 

"But you're acting kind to her, how will that happen? He asked. 

"Just calm down and trust me, Cynthia said. 

"Alright if you say so, he said and kissed her laying her on bed.....

At night he woke up to ease himself and heard sobs, he ignored and attempted to lie back but couldn't help it. 

He went to the sitting room and met Christiana cuddled on the cold floor crying,

"What's wrong? He asked but she sniffed shaking her head. 

"You won't speak up now I'm asking you before I change my mind, he said and she sat up cleaning her tears. 

"I'm hungry, I haven't eaten or drank anything, she replied. 

"Really? He asked and she nodded. 

"Well, I don't think you expect me to go out now and get you something to eat, I told you already this won't be easy for you but you choose to ignore me. It won't be easy for you Christiana, please let it go, Mukasa said. 

"Can you go to bed now? I'm fine, Christiana said and laid back and Mukasa went in thinking of what he'll do to make Christiana finally accept.

"You're still awake? Cynthia asked.

"No I just finished draining my bowels, he said.

"But you look worried, She said. 

"Not at all, he said joining her on bed.......

The next morning Christiana was woken up with Cynthia laugh in the bedroom, she sat up cleaning her eyes as she listened to them playing in the room.

"Stop it put me down naughty boy! Cynthia shouted and ran out to the sitting room. 

"Good morning, Christiana greeted. 

"Morning, are you just sitting down there doing nothing? Don't you know you gat chores to do? Cynthia asked. 

"I know, please can I get something to eat first? I'm so hungry and am having pains all over my body sleeping on the cold tiles, Christy said and Cynthia burst out laughing at her. 

"Seriously? Are you trying to tell me you are not comfortable with the tiles huh? Look girl you should have known better when you opened your legs wide for my fiancee to get in. I don't bloody care if you're having pains or not, get up and work so you can have a plate of food at least, or you will continue to stay hungry understood! Cynthia shouted and Mukasa walked in looking at her. 

"Yes sorry, but what am i starting with? Christy asked getting up.

"Start with mopping, the tiles are dirty and you're not blind are you? Cynthia asked and Christy sniffed looking at Mukasa and he went in again. 

"Ohhh you looked at him thinking he will help you out huh? You must be joking. Be fast about it because you're going to cook next, Cynthia sternly said and went in. 

Done with the mopping they came out to access it but saw Christy leaning on the wall weak, 

"Hey! Is this how weak you are Christiana? Cynthia asked. 

"Please I'm hungry, Christy replied.

"Good and fine, rush down to the market and fix breakfast up before we get back, Cynthia said throwing money and a list of what she will buy for her. 

"And don't scoop or taste anything until i get back, Cynthia added and left with Mukasa.

Christiana burst out crying as she picked up the notes and list on the floor,then she staggered to the freezer to get water to drink before going to the market. 

About a hour or so they returned and saw her coming out from the kitchen, 

"Done? Cynthia asked and she nodded. 

"Good, honey go change up before tasting my co wife food, Cynthia said.

"Don't bother I'm not hungry, he said and was about going in.

"Hey common, I was just joking alright it won't be nice you know, Cynthia whispered holding him back but he quietly went in while Christiana looked at them. 

"What are you looking at? Cynthia asked. 

"Won't you check it out? Christy asked and she left to the kitchen.

She scooped a bit and tasted it, 

"Oh my God! What's this! Cynthia shouted looking at Christiana. 

"I'm sorry, you didn't ask if I can cook and you gave it to me, that's all I can do, Christy replied. 

"Oh really you can't cook and you end up mixing trash for us to eat. That's very good of you, because you see, you are going to eat this food to the last drop! Cynthia shouted. 

"Is it that bad? Christy asked. 

"Are you still asking me questions? Now start eating, Cynthia shouted pushing Christiana and gave her the pot. 

"Finish it all and now! Cynthia sternly said watching her and Mukasa stood laughing at her........




Episode 4. 

Christiania was scared already, knowing she was a bad cook and she didn't taste the food when cooking because she was asked not too knew the food will be terrible. 

"Don't waste my time! Cynthia shouted and she scooped a spoon into her mouth and attempted to bring it out. 

"If you dare bring that out I swear I will deal with you! Cynthia shouted and a knock was heard on the door. 

Mukasa went to open up and Achen walked in, 

"Hey welcome, Mukasa said.

"Thank you, where's that young lady? Achen asked. 

"Over here sweetheart, you need to see this with me! Cynthia answered in the kitchen and they met her there. 

"What's wrong? Achen asked. 

"You need to taste this food, just a day this girl living here she wants to kill us all. She cooked poison for us, just taste this, Cynthia replied and Christiana shook her head. 

"Poison? Achen asked and tasted the food. 

"Gosh! Who the hell prepared this? That person should be flogged and hanged, Achen shouted. 

"Thank you, and she must finish this food. Dear Christiana you told me you were hungry, now eat up fast! Cynthia said and Mukasa smiled and left the kitchen while Christiana was proving stubborn. 

Cynthia winked at her friend and she got the pot and spoon for her, 

"Here we don't waste food, Now eat back the potash you cooked! Achen said and Cynthia held her. Christiana was forever holy given the food and they let her go watching her as she cried sweating and coughing on the floor,

"How was the meal? Great right? Cynthia asked.

"Uhmmm so delicious, Achen added and they laughed looking at her. 

"I want to go please, please take me back to my mother, Christiana cried. 

"Go to where? No way you wanted giving birth right? Don't worry we will gladly help you, Cynthia said and left with Achen.

"Please! Christiana shouted but they ignored and met with Mukasa in the sitting room.

"Was that not too harsh? Mukasa asked. 

"Excuse me? She must not be in her comfort zone and we simply gave her what she cooked, what's wrong with that? Cynthia asked. 

"Just that I don't care if she's being maltreated, I don't want that for her but I just want that baby to be gone and I'll be fine, he said. 

"She bluntly told you she won't accept an abortion, what do you want us to do now? Cut her open and pull the foetus out? She's a small girl Mukasa and we have to put her in a situation she will have no choice than to do just what we want, Achen said.

"This may harden her more or make her run away with the pregnancy, he said. 

"She is not going anywhere, I won't let that happen. That baby must be terminated, she can't have a child for you when I'm here, Cynthia said and Christiana weakly walked in.

"I accept, please I don't need it anymore, Christiana said and Cynthia looked at Mukasa.

"You mean you accept the abortion? He asked. 

"Yes, I want my life back to normal please I don't need this anymore, she replied and Achen smiled at Christiana.

"Good girl, tomorrow I'll take you a good place where......  "No need for that, Mukasa cut in..

"Why? Cynthia asked. 

"I know what to give to her and it will be flush out, he replied. 

"Flush out? Please how is it done because i don't want to die, Christiana said. 

"Common don't be a baby, everything will be so simple and it won't hurt okay. How old is the pregnancy anyway? Achen asked. 

"I don't know, she replied. 

"Does it matter? It won't be more than 3 months anyway depending when I made the mistake, Mukasa slowly said.

"Yes the mistake indeed, Cynthia angrily said looking at him.

"Okay, everything will be done tomorrow, go tidy up yourself you stink, Achen said and Christiana slowly walked away. 

"I told you didn't I? It was so simple and she quickly accepted it, Achen said. 

"Thanks girlfriend, Cynthia said touching her. 

"Nah its nothing, now Mukasa I hope this mistake won't repeat itself again? Achen asked getting up. 

"I promise you, this will never happen again, Mukasa replied. 

"Good to know, Achen said and Cynthia left with her to see her off. 

Christiana slowly walked in looking at him and he went to her,

"I'm sorry okay, but we need to do this. I agree I Lied to you to satisfy my urges but then I promise I'll pay you off for the pains i caused you, he said. 

"I keep asking myself, Why did you choose me? Did i wronged you in anyway? Christy asked in tears.

"I'm sorry, honestly I am, Mukasa said.........



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