Episode 6.

Christiana mom wasn't comfortable as she was missing her daughter dearly. She hated herself for allowing anger rule over her that she abandoned her own daughter.

While Mukasa, Cynthia and Achen were still talking about Christiana, her mom got in calling Christiana name.
"Who's that? Cynthia asked and they went out to see who was calling her.

"Hey where is my daughter? I want her back, her mom said.
"Is she not with you? Mukasa asked.

"Look I am not here to waste time, I only want to go back with my daughter, and don't worry I'll take care of the baby, she said.
"Your daughter left today, haven't you seen her yet? Cynthia asked.

"Left today? Her mom asked confused.
"Or probably she has diverted to the real man that got her pregnant, that's what slut do anyway, Achen added.

"Who did you just call a slut! Her mom shouted.
"What do you expect a teenage girl should be called who is already throwing her legs around? Achen boldly asked back and Christy mom looked at her.

"What will you call a shameless grown up fool like this who slept with a slut huh? She asked back.

"Look here madam, you better leave now as you can see your useless daughter isn't here! Cynthia shouted.

"I won't leave here until you tell me what you've done to my daughter, I brought her here myself and I won't go without her, she said.

'You brought here for what? Do you think you can force the pregnancy on his head? Your daughter was smart to go because she knows he is not responsible now get out! Cynthia shouted.

"You are not serious. Christiana come out let's go! Her mom insisted and attempted to get in but they pushed her down.

"You better leave now before I lose my temper, your daughter may be waiting for you at home, now get out my house! Mukasa shouted and she struggled to stand up.

"God will punish you! After sleeping with my daughter you don't want me to see her, God will punish you! She cur$ed.
"Get out! Mukasa shouted.

"I will come back to carry my daughter and you will give her to me, wicked people, she said and slowly left and Mukasa angrily went in.

"Where did that witch go to if not her mom place? Looks like she has another place she is hiding, Achen said.

"This girl is stepping on my toes, i really regret taking her out to the hospital, I should have flushed it out myself, Mukasa said and Cynthia angrily looked at him.

"Next time take precautions when that thing of yours rises up, just look at the insult and mess you have put us in. Gosh! Cynthia exclaimed.........

Evening came and Christiana was more than worried when the woman asked her to close up.
"Okay Christiana see you tomorrow and be sure you come early, the woman said and left taking the keys with her, while Christiana was scared to speak up.

She looked around her with no place to go and turned round the shop at the back and sat outside.

She was grateful she was able to eat at least, but a place for her to sleep was what she couldn't tell her employer scared she may send her out.

She saw some table covers outside and quickly swept the floor and spread few on the floor and covered the rest on her body against cold and mosquitoes......

Christiana mom couldn't stop crying as she blamed herself for everything, she walked around and asked everybody about Christiana but no one saw her.

Already Mukasa left the house to look for Christy too suspecting she should be around the hospital area but he couldn't find her.

"You didn't find her still? Cynthia asked when he got back and he shook his head and gulped down a glass of water.

"What will you do? What if she surfaces tomorrow with your baby? She asked.

"Then she will be very stupid because I will deal with her so terribly and she will regret the day she got pregnant! Mukasa shouted.

"But is your baby, you cant deny your flesh and blood, Cynthia said.
"Please I need to rest, he said and went in.........


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