Story: BLOOD IS THICK Episode 60


Episode 60.

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

Bale got home with some wears for Regina and Christiana was surprised, 

"Bale, but why? She asked getting it from him.

"I noticed she wasn't with her bag so I dropped by to get this for her, I hope it sizes her, he said and Christiana happily hugged him. 

"Thank you, she said and drew Regina near.

"Uncle bought this for you, isn't it beautiful? She asked and Regina nodded. 

"Thank you uncle, Regina said. 

"You're welcome, so were you done with your assignment? He asked and she nodded. 

"You clearly understood what she was teaching right? He asked and she nodded again. 

"That's good, Okay Christy I'll go rest my head, he said. 

"Alright, thanks again, Christy said and Bale smiled and went in while Christiana happily tried the clothes on Regina. 

Bale got into his room and laid down to rest, but he quickly remembered what Mukasa said to him, 

"A guy of about my age was with Christiana today, could that be Ochen? He asked himself and sat up. 

"But she hasn't said anything about someone helping her, I have to ask her myself, he said.........

Mukasa went back home frustrated as he felt his whole world was crashing, then he saw the number Bale dropped before he went out to get Catherine. 

He quickly dialed It and Bale picked up, 

"Yes, Bale said. 

"Its Mukasa, what's the plan? He asked and Bale smiled and sat up. 

"What if we talk tomorrow? Bale asked. 

"Fine, Mukasa said and dropped the call. 

Bale realized a little sleep passed through his eyes before Mukasa call came, he left the room and saw Christiana sitting alone going through Regina books. 

"Hey, still awake? He asked and she nodded. 

"I'm too excited to sleep, she replied. 

"This should be because of Regina if I'm not mistaken, he said and Christy smiled. 

"That's right, though she's asleep now and I'm so happy, she replied..

"But how did it happen? You haven't told me how you were able to get the child from the father, because you said Mukasa told you himself which I know he won't just give her to you that easily, Bale said and Christiana remembered Ochen.

"That's right, he didn't want to but........ Regina sneezed hard interrupting her and Christiana stopped to listen again. 

"Its just a sneeze, you were saying something, Bale said and Regina sneezed again. 

"Please I need to go check on my daughter, looks like the air conditioner is too much for her, Christiana said and hurried off to the room before Bale could stop her. 

"Shit! He shouted in anger when Christiana just slipped away when he was just close to getting his answer from her........

The next morning Ochen dressed up to go out and James met with him on the way, 

"Going out? James asked. 

"Yea I have to do something, Ochen replied.

"About Christiana? He asked and Ochen rolled his eyes. 

"Okay yes, I think Bale is planning something and I need to warn her but I hope she'll listen to me, he said and James looked at him. 

"If you know you said something bad to her, then I think meeting with her will be a bad idea. Why not call her up first? James asked and Ochen nodded. 

"And apologize first so she will give you a listening ear, James added. 

"Common James what did I do? Ochen asked. 

"Ochen call her up and I want to hear the conversation. Common call her up, James said and Ochen sighed and brought out his phone and dialed Christy number. 

Christy who just finished talking with Regina teacher about Regina saw the strange number calling. 

"You mean Regina is your daughter? How did that happen? Regina teacher asked and Christy ignored the call..

"Its a long story and I want to thank you for how you treated her, probably if you had treated her well i wouldn't have noticed her, Christy said and the teacher heaved. 

"I have no idea, anyway I'm sorry, she said. 

"Its okay, but she will be in my class now, the administrator knows about this, Christy said. 

"Anything you say, the teacher said and Christy nodded and left and the call came again. 

"Hello good morning, she picked up. 

"Good morning Christiana, please don't hang up listen to me first, Ochen said. 

"Ochen? She asked and stopped.

"Yes its me, but there's something I need to tell you about Bale, he's planning something, Ochen said and Christy shook her head. 

"Really? So you called to gossip your brother to me right? Are you this jobless? She asked. 

"Listen Christy, my brother is a snake and I want to protect you, he said. 

"With what cost? 5 minutes on the bed huh or you also need the share right? Listen Ochen you have nothing to tell me, cause you see that snake, he took I and my daughter in and he's taking good care of us, so damn it! She Shouted and dropped the call. 

Ochen looked at his friend after she dropped the call, 

"That didn't go well right? Ochen asked and sat down. 

"5 minutes on bed, you seriously said that to her? James asked and Ochen looked at him and nodded. 

"Gosh Ochen that was too much, how will you make her believe you now? James asked. 

"Maybe I should let Bale carry on with his plans so she'll see it for herself, he replied. 

"No please, you know your brother more than I do and if he's planning something against them, I think its up to you to stop him. Maybe you can show her a prove of what he's planning and get her back from him, James said. 

"And how will I do that when I have no idea what he's planning with Mukasa, Ochen said.

"What if its about the baby? What other use will he need Mukasa for? James asked and Ochen looked at him. 

"I want to believe You're right, but that will be so cruel of him, Ochen said and left the house immediately...........

After dropping off Christiana and her baby in school, Bale drove off to meet with Mukasa at home.

"You're still looking this down? You need to put yourself back as a man else you'll lose more, Bale said when he saw Mukasa face. 

"What is the plan? Mukasa asked and Bale sat up.

"Your child is in my school as we speak, that was where Christiana saw her because I gave her a little job as an assistant teacher in the nursery section, Bale said. 

"And so is there any plan there? Mukasa asked. 

"Christiana is stubborn, but you see, she will never release that girl to you no matter what you will do. Now what if you take her through the back? After all she won't know you did it, Bale said and Mukasa smiled. 

"What kind of a plan is that? Are you saying i should kidnap her or something? Mukasa asked. 

"You called that kidnap, but that's a different thing to me, she's your daughter, Bale said. 

"I shouldn't kidnap her, mukasa said. 

"But you did before, what difference will it make now? Bale asked and Mukasa sighed.

"Don't worry i know your predicament and I will help you. You are going to take her far away from here and live with her, I'll give you some money to start life afresh with her, Bale said and Mukasa smiled. 

"Wait a minute, is this the only plan you got? Then I'm sorry I won't carry on with it and thanks for the offer, Mukasa said and Bale looked at him.

"Then you will leave Regina with her? Bale asked. (ads1)

"Do you have any problem with that? Then why not drive her out of your house instead of disturbing yourself this way, it makes no sense to me, Mukasa said and a knock was heard on the door. 

"Who's there! He shouted and the door opened. 

Mukasa got up when he saw Cynthia family and Bale looked at him to see a go signal,

"I think we are done, nice talking to you, Mukasa said and Bale nodded and left the house while Cynthia family angrily stared at Mukasa saying nothing.(ads1)

"Welcome, please sit down, Mukasa finally said. 

"So you finally killed my daughter Mukasa and you didn't care to let us know right? Her mom asked. 

"Cynthia killed herself, she left my house with Catherine just because of a married man she was cheating on me with for years. So if you all came here to shout on my head because of Cynthia, don't even dare because she killed me first before she died. Even Catherine isn't my blood! Mukasa dropped and her family looked at him shocked.(ads1)

"That's a lie! My daughter is not a prostitute how dare you say that to my daughter memory! her mother shouted. 

"But she is a shameless prostitute, and an evil one for that matter and she died in it! How could she do this to me? Just look at me now, I lost everything and its all because of your daughter! Mukasa Shouted back fiercely............

Bale went to his car still not satisfied with himself, (ads1)

"Don't worry Mukasa, thanks for reminding me of the word kidnapping, I didn't even think of that. I gave you the chance to be with that witch and you threw it away, watch me do it my own way, for Christiana will never be happy without me, he said smiling to himself and drove off..............



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