Episode 8.

After dinner, Christiana took the dishes to the kitchen to get it cleaned and Bale walked in,
"Well well well, so who is this our distinguished guest staying with us? He asked.
"Christiana, she replied.

"That didn't answer my question, he said.
"Ermmm I work with your mom in the restaurant, she said.

"So working with my mom gives you the license to stay in her house huh? He asked.
"No, she just want to help me out, I have no place to stay, but it wont be forever, she replied.

"I see, he said and Ochen walked in.
"Well I see something is helping you out Christy, he said.

"You wish, Bale said and left and Christiana faced down.
"Don't mind my brother, he doesn't like visitors around, he said and she nodded.

"So are you done or should I help out? He asked.
"No I'm done already thanks, she replied.

"Okay if you say so, Ochen said and slowly left and Christiana heaved and continued with what she was doing.........


The next morning Christiana woke up with fever and dizziness, and Dembe began to wonder why she is not out yet.
"Christiana! She called out and knocked on her door and she coughed.

Dembe opened up and saw her cuddling on the bed shivering,
"Good morning ma'am, she greeted.
"What's wrong with you? Dembe asked.

"Pregnancy sickness I guess, she replied.
"I understand, give yourself rest I'll take care of things there, Dembe said.

"No ma'am I'll join you there, Christy said getting up.
"No stay back, you'll be fine before I return, see ya later, Dembe said and left the room.

"Thank you, Christy whispered and laid back weakly.

"So your worker is not going with you today? Bale asked.
"Yes not today, she's not feeling too well, she replied.

"Just yesterday and she is already giving excuses, isn't it to early? He asked.
"This is not an excuse Bale, you won't understand, she said.

"Exactly i don't understand, What is it about this girl that makes you so interested, you don't know her mom, Bale said and Dembe heaved.

"Son I only want to help her okay, I have to go now before I run late, bye, she said pecking him and left.

Bale looked at her and shook his head,
"Bale! Ochen shouted in the room.
"What is it? He replied.

"Over here please, Ochen replied and Bale sluggishly went to him.
"You're not prepared yet? Ochen asked looking at him..

"Ermm yes I'm not feeling too well, i don't think I'll go today, he replied.
"Did you tell Mom about it? Beside your temperature is okay, Ochen said touching him.

"I wanted telling mom but she was in a hurry to go, I'm just so weak and I don't think I'll be able to go. Can't i stay back today? Bale asked.
"Alright, but you'll be fine right? He asked.

"Yea I think a day rest will do, do you need help with that? Bale asked pointing to his bag.
"Yea I think its hooked or something and I can't zip it, Ochen replied.

"Are you using it now? Bale asked.
"I think I have to use another, there's no time for that, Ochen said taking another bag.

"Alright I'll fix it before you get back, Bale said.
"Thanks bro and get well soon okay, Ochen said tapping him and left.

Bale licked his lips smiling to himself when he heard the entrance door closed and he fell on the bed happily.

Christiana who heard the door closed knew the guys just left the house. She got up and went into the bathroom and took her bath, coming out from the bathroom she thought of locking the entrance door and she left the room with the towel to lock the door but saw Bale in the sitting room.

"You're home? She asked surprised.
"What is that suppose to mean? Is that a good morning or something? He asked back.

"Sorry good morning, I didn't know you were at home, I wanted locking the entrance door, she said and turned to go while Bale looked at her.
"You know the towel looks good on you, are you trying to seduce me? He asked and she stopped.

"Sorry I didn't know someone was at home, I'll go change up now, she said and left and Bale stood up pacing around.

Christiana got into her room and locked the door behind her,
"What's he doing here at home? Why is this guy troubling me? She asked herself and sat down on the bed worried.

Leaving the room was a problem for Christiana and she slowly sneaked out to get things done in the house, and she met with Bale in the corridor.
"So what's wrong with you? Bale asked.

"Nothing, she replied and wanted to go but he dragged her back.
"I am not done talking with you okay, you dare not walk out on me, he shouted.

"I didn't, i wanted doing the house chores, she said afraid.
"Really? Meet me in my room when you're done, he said.

"In your what? Christy asked.
"Don't let me wait for you, he said and left and Christiana stood looking at him touching her neck.......

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