Episode 9

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

Christiana slowly left not still believing her ears,
"He wants to see me in his room? What kind of problem is this? She asked herself and slowly dragged the house chores praying someone should return.

Done eating her breakfast the door bell rang and she quickly answered it and Ochen walked in,
"Welcome, she greeted.
"Thank you, is mom back? He asked.

"No not yet, she replied.
"You didn't go to work? He asked.

"I wasn't feeling too well today and mom asked me to stay back, she replied.
"That's serious, same with Bale or is he okay now? He asked.

"I haven't seen him since morning, she replied.
"Alright no problem, but I hope you're good? He asked.

"Yea I feel better now thanks, she replied and he Left for his room.
Christiana heaved and felt like jumping up as she felt someone just came for her rescue.

Ochen walked into Bale room and met him fast asleep, he shook his head and left for his room and met Christiana again.
"Should I get your food now? She asked and he checked his time.

"That should be later please, thanks, he replied.
"Okay, she said and left for her room while he looked at her for a while and entered his room..

Bale woke up and was surprised he slept off, he looked around and saw Christy wasn't there, in that anger he stormed out and met Christiana in the sitting room,
"How dare you! What did I asked you to do? He shouted on her.
"I..I...I was...... "You were what! Bale shouted.

"Calm down bro what did she do? Bale surprisedly heard a voice which he didn't notice his brother was in the dinning eating when he stormed in.
"You're back? Bale asked.

"Yes and I met you sleeping, did she upset you or something? Ochen asked.
"This is all mom fault but I'll take care of it, Bale said and went in.

"What did you do? Ochen asked her but Christiana only shook her head scared to speak out.

"My brother can be sometimes aggressive, if you've offended him then that is not good at all, will you mind telling me what you did to help you out, Bale said.

"I didn't do anything, she replied.
"What did he asked you do? Maybe you must have forgotten or....... "Brother! Over here please, Bale shouted from his room.

"I'll be back, and thanks for the meal, Ochen said and left to answer his brother while Christiana felt weak.
"What's all this God! She said and sat Down covering her head with her palms.

"I fixed the bag, Bale said distracting him from the questions he was asking Christiana.

"Oh thank you. But what did she do? You were so angry like she did something terrible to you, Ochen said.

"Forget about her, I'll handle it, he replied.
"So you won't talk about it? Ochen insisted.

"Brother please forget about it, I'm fine, Bale replied.
"Fine if you say so, thanks for the bag, Ochen said and left his room and Bale sat down with anger.......

"Why don't you just forget about this girl, she might be dead and you're here troubling yourself for nothing, Cynthia said to the troubled Mukasa.

"I am not wishing her dead please and besides, if anything should happen to her I will be the accused one here don't you understand? Mukasa asked.

"But she ran away! Cynthia shouted.
"Will you accept that? I need to find her and be sure she's okay, she is still a child, he said..

"A child you tore her legs apart, she said.(ads1)
"Enough Cynthia! After all you lost your virginity in 14 years so shut up! Mukasa shouted and her eyes bulged out.

"You dare say that to me Mukasa? She asked.
"Why do you keep reminding me that I slept with a child and painting that girl black?

I fooled her and used her innocence so stop it, you're not better than her, Mukasa said and went in immediately while Cynthia stood breathing hard and sat down weakly.

A knock came on the door later but Cynthia ignored and it came again.
"Who is it? Cynthia asked and opened up but saw Christiana mother.
"What do you want? She asked.

"Please I only need my daughter, let me just see her I miss her so much, she said.

"Your daughter isn't here, she left us and we thought she will be with you, what do you want us to do? Cynthia asked and she began to cry and Mukasa saw her.(ads1)

"Nothing has happened to your daughter, she must be staying with a friend or something,he said.

"That's not my daughter, the people I know she should have gone to hasn't seen her, she said.

"Then she has gone to the father of her baby, stop disturbing Our peace, Cynthia said and went in.

"Please wherever you kept her please bring her out and I promise i won't bother you with the baby, she said.

"I mean it ma, I don't know where she is and truth is, I don't want the baby too, he said.
"You don't want the baby? She asked.

"That was a big mistake and I know you don't want it too, it will be better for Christiana if she don't carry on with it but I don't know where she is now, he replied and she sniffed looking at him and he went in leaving her outside.

"Christiana! She shouted but got no reply and she slowly left..........

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