Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 2

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 2
Episode 2
Two days after prince Abuchi became the king, he died in his sleep. When the queen found out about the death of her son, she cried bitterly throwing herself on the ground because Abuchi was her only son, the people of ekeama kingdom also mourned for him, after everything they buried him without knowing the cause of his death.
Some months later after the death of king Abuchi, ekene who was one of the great man they have in the village was made the new king of the kingdom, two days later after ekene was made the king, he also died in his sleep and that was when the villagers knew that something is definitely wrong
***At the palace***
The elders could be seen in the palace all looking sad because of the things happening to their Kings.

Elder Nwakor: Chai odikwa egwu (this is strange)

Elder otunno: (confused)really strange, but what is really happening to all our Kings, first our late king only son prince Abuchi died two days after he was made king, now it was ekene that died two days after he was made king also, which means something is definitely wrong, but the question now is, what could actually be the wrong?

Elder okoli: (sighed) that we do not know or doesn't mean that the gods doesn't accept them as the king am really confuse

Elder odogwu: am equally confused as well, I don't know what to think anymore

Elder Nwakor: so now what do we do, I mean what is the next step? Because we need a king in this villag.......

Elder okoli : (cut in) is that your major concern now, we are here mourning and thinking of a solution to end all this death happening to our Kings, and here you are talking of another king, what if we put another king and the same thing happens to him what will you do?

Elder Nwakor: I don't think anything will happen to the next king, maybe the gods doesn't accept Abuchi and ekene on the throne that was why they died

Elder okoli :(mimicking) maybe the gods doesn't accept Abuchi and ekene on the throne that was why they died, look at how you are talking like a child, are you the gods, please if you don't have something reasonable to say just keep quiet

Elder Nwakor: ( angry tone) come okoli, watch your mouth, don't ever in your life tell me to keep quiet, and moreover who are you to tell me to keep quiet, not that you are the king or the head of the cabinet and here you are telling me to keep quiet, don't ever try that again

Elder okoli: then learn how to talk like the elder you are and stop talking like a child

Elder odogwu: please is okay, you people shouldn't quarrel over this, we are here to join our hands to bring up suggestion, solution and idea to handle the situation on ground, or do you prefer we fold our hands to do nothing about all this happening to our Kings

Elder Nwakor: No we can't fold our hands because it will affect us, we need a new king who will rule us

Elder okoli: even if we find a new king, we need to find solution to keep him alive  

Elder otunno: so who do we appoint as the next king, and what do we do to keep him alive? 

Elder odogwu: that is a good question, but who do we appoint as the next king? Remember ekene son is still young to be a king, so who do we appoint now?

Elder Nwakor: I think we should appoint ekene younger brother since his son is still young to be a king

Elder okoli: so which of ekene younger brother should we appoint, have you forgotten that ekene has two younger brothers obiora and nnabu

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