Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 3

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 3
Episode 3
Elder Nwakor: o yes that is true ooo.......

Elder odogwu : I think they should appoint nnabu as the king, he is good, humble, and a hard-working man, but obiora hmmm..... That one is too full of pride, if we eventually make him king, he will ruin our kingdom and make us to regret why we make him king, please let's forget about obiora and focus on nnabu, he is the best choice and he will rule our kingdom well

Elder otunno : I pray nnabu rule our kingdom well, but the other question is, what are we going to do to keep him alive on the throne if he becomes king?

Elder odogwu : that is a good question, I think we will summon okachie the great eyes of the gods of our land

Elder Nwakor: which okachie, is he not the same person that told us that the gods said ekene should be the king after king Abuchi died, what later happened? Didn't ekene died two days after he was made king, please you people should leave okachie aside and look for another native doctor

Elder odogwu : so Nwakor! Do you have anyone on your mind?

Elder Nwakor: No! I don't have anyone on my mind now, but the thi.......

Elder okoli: I think I have one on my mind, but she is a priestess, a very powerful one for that matter, her name is priestess mma, I think she will be able to help us

Elder otunno : priestess mma! 

Elder Nwakor: otunno do you know her\

Elder otunno: nooo.... I don't know her, am trying to recall if that name sound familiar, so where can we find this priestess?

Elder okoli: we can find her in iweki village

Elder odogwu: iweki village! I don't think I know that village

Elder Nwakor : me too, I don't know there

Elder okoli : don't worry, when we are ready to go there I will take the lead

Elder Nwakor: hmmm..... this your iweki village priestess, I hope she finds solution to keep our next king alive

Elder okoli : don't worry about that, the priestess mma I know will handle that, so when are we going to iweki village?

Elder odogwu: I don't know for you people, but I think six market days will be okay
Ajoa and his two sons were in their farm cutting grasses and also planting some foods, Ajoa was known in the village as a successful and a hard-working farmer, and he was peaceful as well, he had a wife uremma, who is the mother of his two sons. But one problem about uremma is that she has a running and a secret is not safe with her, tell uremma your secret and beg her to keep it safe, she will assured you that your secret is safe with her, but next thing she will do is to cast it and you yourself will be surprise on how the community gets to know your secret, not only the community but the neighbouring village as well will get to hear your secret, because of uremma's attitude, some of the villagers are avoiding her especially when it comes to their secret.

Back to Ajoa, so as he and his sons are working on their farm.

Mbaka : (2nd son) Ah... My waist, please Papa am tired, my waist is paining me

Ajoa : sorry my son, you can go over there to rest, maybe later you can continue

Mbaka : continue kwa! Papa you mean to tell me that you are not tired?

Ajoa : what will I do, you know we have to clear this grass, so that we can plant all this cassava and yams

Mbaka: but there's another day for it nah... Since morning we came, we have been clearing grasses and planting, ah if you people are not tired me am tired ooo, well let me go and rest first (he said and went to sat down to rest)

Ajoa : please my son, if you are resting, don't rest for too long because we still have a lot of work here, and you nnadi, won't you join your brother to rest?

Nnadi : No papa, am not tired yet, and moreover I will rest anytime we get home

Ajoa : ok my son, that's very thoughtful of you (he said and he and his elder son continue to work, after some moment)

Nnadi : that reminds me papa, do you have any idea who they want to make as our next king?

Ajoa : I don't have any idea yet, but according to your mother, she said that is one of late ekene's younger brother they want to make as the next king, but I don't believe her yet, you know how your mother is always coming up with a story, both the one she is sure of and the one she is not sure of.

Nnadi : (chuckle) mama is always current, she might be right after all, but papa, even though they put another king, won't what happened to the other Kings happen to him?

Ajoa : I don't know my son, but your mother also told me that......
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