Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 7

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 7
Episode 7

Elder otunno : Nwakor! I understand your point, but that doesn't mean the kingdom should stay without a king, for an instant, look at what is happening in our village just few days our king died, there is a lot of stealing, raping and killing going on in our kingdom, just because there's no king for now to rule the kingdom, let's just hope that after we select the five men and take to okachie shrine for the gods to choose, we pray everything will be over

Elder odogwu : I pray so too

***In Ajoa's House***
Ajoa was in front of his hut sleeping on his mat because it haven't been long he came back from the farm, so he decided to rest outside his hut, but along the line he slept off. 
As he was having a good sleep outside his hut, his wife uremma rushed in from outside and saw her husband sleeping.

Uremma : Nnayi! Nnayi!! Please wake up I have gist for you (she tapped him and he woke up)

Ajoa : Ure! What is it? Why did you wake me up from my sleep, don't you know that am tired, and besides where have you been since I came back from the farm?

Uremma : (smiling) Nnayi calm down, I went to adaugo's house, and am just coming from there 

Ajoa : Everytime I left you at home, all you do is to jump from one house to another, no time that I come home that you will ever be at home, either you are in adaugo's house, or you are in the market gossiping with the market women, is this the reason why I married you? Anyway, I hope you prepared my food before you went to adaugo's house?

Uremma : yes my husband I prepared your food, should I bring it for you?

Ajoa : No maybe later, and by the way, where is mbaka and nnadi our sons? I haven't see them since I came back

Uremma : well mbaka said he want to go and set trap to know if he will catch bush meat today, while nnadi went to go and see his friend ebube, anyway that is by the way, Nnayi! do you know what adaugo told me?

Ajoa : I don't want to know what adaugo told you, I don't listen to women's gossip, infact go and get me my food am hungry

Uremma : Ah.... Nnayi is not a women's gossip oooo...... Is what concerns our community that I want to tell you, you are in this village and you don't know what is happening, anyway adaugo told me that her husband elder Nwakor told her that okachie the great eyes of the gods told them to select five men and bring to his shrine in 8 market days, that from there the gods will choose among the men who to be king, I just pray our two sons be selected and I know that the gods will choose one of them, I can't wait to be called mother of king mbaka or king nnadi

Ajoa : you must be out of your mind for saying that, even if they choose any of my son to be among the men, do you think that I will agree to it, ooo you want them to choose my sons, so if one of them becomes the king he should die like the other Kings right? It will not work for you, you this woman

Uremma : Nnayi whether you like it or not, one of my sons will be king, if you don't want to be called father of the king, me I want to be ooo
Ajoa : Common go and give me my food, before you start becoming mother of the king

Uremma : me I have said my own ooo.... One of my sons must be king whether you like it or not (she said and went inside to get him his food)
***Eight days later***
The five men was already selected, although nnadi the son of ajoa was selected too to be among the men, but ajoa refused his son to be among the men, and nnadi was replaced with another person, after that they took the five men to okachie's shrine and okachie gave them a task in the shrine which they did, and only one out of the five whose name is obi passed the task and he was chosen to be the new king.

After everything, obi was later made the king of ekeama kingdom, four days after obi was made king of the village, he too died as well without the villagers still knowing the cause of it, and with this, the villagers couldn't take it anymore and they decided to stay without a king for the meantime until they will be able to find exact problem and solution to the calamity happening to the kings .


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