Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 8

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 8
Episode 8
Days passed, weeks passed as well, and months also passed and the kingdom of ekeama stayed without having a king, but it haven't been easy with them because stealing became too much in the land, even raping of maidens also became too much which result to some maidens getting unwanted pregnancy all because of the rape going on in the village, and not to talk of killings which are involved as well all because there was no king to control the kingdom, and this began to troubled the villagers, and they made up their mind to put another king, but first they need to find the cause and solution to the calamity happening, so that the next king will not die
***In elder Nwakor's house ***
Elder Nwakor could be seen in his hut pacing around, and at the same time he was looking sad

Adaugo : (with a concern tone) my husband! What is the problem? You have been pacing around since you came back, what is the matter? Please talk to me

Elder Nwakor : Adaugo! Just leave me, I just want to be left alone 

Adaugo : my husband! You know I can't leave you like this without knowing the problem, if you don't tell me what the problem is, who will you tell, please talk to me, am your wife

Elder Nwakor : Hmmm... Could you imagine that all the palmwine I tapped today are gone, ahh... my sweat

Adaugo : Gone! I don't understand, what do you mean by they are gone?

Elder Nwakor: I mean that they have stole it, they have stolen my 13 kegs of palmwine where I kept it in my farm, and I wanted to go and call the buyer, but before I returned with the buyer, I couldn't find all my kegs of palmwine, gods of our land, what did I do to deserve this (he lamented)

Adaugo : Ah..... Not again, what is really going on in our kingdom, stealing everyday, raping and killing as well, was it not yesterday, Awu's daughter was raped, and now I was coming back home I saw a woman crying that they stole all her basket of yams, this is really getting out of hand my husband, you people need to do something, this village need a king who can control the kingdom, because if there is a king, all this attrocities will not be much like this, we have really stay too long without a king, i think is high time we have one

Elder Nwakor : but every king we put on the throne are dying, and we have done everything to know the cause of their death but to no avail, even the native doctor and priestess couldn't find solution to it, what else do you want us to do, as you can see, there's no hope of having a new king now because the same thing will still happen to him 

Adaugo : And this whole thing is really affecting the kingdom seriously, hmmm..... I think my friend 
uka know one person who can find solution to our problem

Elder Nwakor : know one person who can find solution to our problem? And who is this uka you are talking about, is she from our village?

Adaugo : no! She is from the neighboring village, she told me that there's this dwarf native doctor from her maternal home who is a very strong seer that can help our kingdom, his name is Okakamuo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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