My name is Adel Iyanu Bright. I am 15yrs old. Well, I will clock 16yrs in two weeks.

Have you heard of the literary term “to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth”? Mine, was more than a silver spoon. I was born with a golden spoon.

Yes! You guessed right. My dad was a very influential man. He is considered to be one of the richest men in the country. He is a billionaire.

My parents had me late into their marriage. According to mum, I was their “miracle baby”. I came to wipe their tears after several years of waiting and series of miscarriages. At some point, the doctors advised my parents to opt for an adoption but mum was still hopeful. Today, here I am; the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bright.

Growing up was very rosy for me. As an only child, my parents ensured I got the best of everything; the best education, designers clothes/accessories, nutritional food, best health care and a very fat bank account.

I also have my personal car. Although, I have a chauffeur as I haven’t attained the age of owning a driver’s license.

In a nutshell, life has been very good. I had no complaints. But then, there’s something about my home which seemed bizarre.

On several occasions, I felt an aura around me and there’s always a very strong stench oozing from the prayer room.

The prayer room is situated at the end of the hallway in the ‘presidential wing’ of my home. The presidential wing constitutes my room, my parents’ rooms and several other empty rooms. We also had the servants wing and security quarters. Our house was a mansion.

I usually wonder why it is called a prayer room. I can’t remember my family having any prayers there. As a matter of fact, the room is always locked.

Initially, when I told my parents about the stench, they said it was the smell of incense from the prayer room and probably I was hallucinating about the strange presence around me. I accepted and for a while, it stopped.

On the eve of my 16th birthday, the strange presence and nauseating stench returned. I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to trace the odour. I sneaked into my parents’ room and got the key to the prayer room. They had warned me never to go there but curiosity got the better part of me. Besides, I was no longer comfortable with the offensive odour.

I waited till everyone had retired to bed. After which I opened the prayer room and got in. The odour was even more repulsive and immediately, I vomited.

I turned on the lights in the room as it was dark. Then, I stood there in shock. I was about screaming, when I felt a firm grip on my mouth after which I passed out.

To be continued…



I woke up and saw myself sweating profusely. I was shivering and could hardly utter a word. In the pitch darkness, I could hear the footsteps of someone in the room.

I could not understand what’s going on. Last thing I remembered was turning on a light in the prayer room and the hands held over my mouth to prevent me from screaming. Now, I have no idea about my location. I was scared stiff and felt very livid.

“Dad, is that you?”, I asked but I got no reply. Could this be a dream?

“Mum?”, I asked again but no reply. “Who is there?”, I asked a third time.

I got up to move and I realised I was in my bed. Which means I probably just had a nightmare.

I sighed in relief but I was still scared. I was very positive there was someone in my room. I heard the footsteps loud and clear. I turned on my bedside lamp to check but I could see no one.

I said my prayers and went back to sleep.


“Happy birthday Adel. My baby is now 16yrs old. Hurray!”, that was my mum’s voice. I looked up and saw her standing at the doorway of my room.

“Mum! It’s still 7am. Can I at least get more sleep?”

“No! Young lady. Get up. Your aunts will be here soon to celebrate you. You have to freshen up”.

Lazily, I got out of bed. It was a very beautiful day. The world seemed to be celebrating with me too. I walked over to my window to open the curtains. I craned my neck, as I sat in a couch opposite the window, to take in the warmth of the morning sun.

Just then, I recalled my encounter the previous night and I shook with fright. I still can’t believe it was a dream. It felt so real. Is the prayer room truly a prayer room? Who held my mouth? Am I hallucinating? There were so many questions on my mind.

“Adel, are you ready?”, mum peeked in to check.

I jerked out of my reverie.

“I’ll be down shortly mum”, I replied. I waved off the questions on my mind and the anxiety I was feeling, while I got up to freshen up.

It was my birthday and I won’t allow anything bizarre to ruin it for me.


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