I felt so tensed and uneasy. I couldn’t wait for the Pastor to arrive. He told us yesterday at his office, that he would come today for the exorcism. Now, the day has arrived for the proper exorcism but he is yet to arrive.

The entire house seemed gloomy. The aura was very eerie. There was a strong wind and unusual movements. I could feel it! Laura was here. Frightfully, I left my room to my mum’s room. Mum has been isolating herself from dad since the revelations. I wouldn’t blame her. It was too much to bear. I haven’t spoken much to my dad either.

“Mum?”, I knocked on her door.

The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed 10am.

I slowly opened the door of my mum’s room and stepped in but she wasn’t there. I turned to leave and heard the sound of running water from the tap in the adjoining bathroom.

I guess she was taking her bath. I turned to leave and realised the water had stopped running.

“Mum? Are you in there?”, I called out again.

“Yes dear. You can come in”, my mum replied.

“To the bathroom?”

“Yes. Please come and help me with my hair”

I opened the door of the bathroom and got in. My mum turned her back towards me while combing her hair.

Mum stopped all of a sudden and turned towards me.

It was rather too late, I was faced with Laura in my mum’s bath robe.

She slammed the door behind me and lunged towards me in anger. I screamed with all my strength.

I tried to let go off her grip but her hold on me was too strong. I fought her back and continued screaming.

“Adel honey?!!!”, it was my dad banging on the door of the bathroom.

“Dad help me please!”, I cried out.

My dad broke the door open and met me on the floor with bruises on my face and arm. By then, Laura has disappeared.

He picked me up and carried me out of the room.

At that instant, the Pastor arrived. My mum had been in the kitchen all along. Mum quickly attended to my bruises.

“What happened Adel?”, my mum and the Pastor asked.

“She was attacked upstairs”, dad replied.

“We will begin the exorcism process right away”, the Pastor said.

The entire household was summoned including Temi and his dad. The Pastor said an opening prayer. Then, he encouraged us to resist the spirit of fear. He also anointed us and asked us to have faith. When he was done, he beckoned on Mr. Boma and narrated his daughter’s plight to him. Mr. Boma was very angry and attacked my father. He was restrained by the Pastor and Mr. Adamu. The Pastor took him aside and spoke to him.

When the issues had been cleared with Mr. Boma, the Pastor requested for Laura and Deina’s belongings. He started praying over it. While he was sprinkling oil and water on it, there were loud strange noises. I stood between my mum and Temi. It was so frightening.

When the Pastor finished his prayer over the belongings, he took it outside and burnt it.

He returned again after 10 minutes and told my dad to get the keys to the prayer room.

“Remember what I told you all initially. Resist fear and stand firm in faith. The battle will continue inside that room after which we will proceed to the gazebo to properly appease Deina’s spirit and pray over her grave”.

“Okay Pastor”, we all chorused as we proceeded into the prayer room.



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