We tried unlocking the door of the prayer room with no success. We tried all the keys on the bunch but it was still the same issue.

“Wait!”, the Pastor called out.

Dad and Mr. Adamu stopped their attempt to open the door. We turned towards the Pastor with questioning gazes.

“The door has been locked by evil forces to prevent us from gaining entrance into the room. Most likely, Laura is inside and she is behind this”, the Pastor said.

I shuddered.

Won’t this girl give up?

No one killed her but Deina.

Why is she seeking vengeance on us?

Anyway, my dad killed her indirectly by killing Deina.

I sighed and looked up to the Pastor while expecting him to profer a solution.

“Let us pray”, he finally said.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you evil powers and forces to let go off this door. You have no legal right in this home. Therefore, I command you right now to surrender!!!”, the Pastor prayed.

When he was done, he instructed my dad to open the door and eventually it gave way.

First victory recorded!

We all stepped in. In reality, this is my first time in the prayer room. I had a hysteric feeling. I wasn’t sure if I was mentally prepared for the battle. But then, my life was at stake hence, I had no choice.

The room didn’t look like what I had seen in my dream. It was well arranged but very dusty and it had cobwebs unlike the tattered and untidy room I saw in my dream, with a corpse hanging from the ceiling.

The Pastor started singing songs of warfare. He urged us to join in the songs. I opened my mouth to sing but I couldn’t. I looked at Temi. He was singing and he appeared to be in the Spirit already. I watched my parents and the entire household as they also sang along.

I started hearing the strange sound and awful cry again. It did not take me seconds, I also started singing though, frightfully.

I sang with all my strength and felt a new surge of boldness and hope.

The Pastor stopped singing. His face was stern and void of emotions. All but faith, he believed so much in God.

He opened his small bag, then, brought out a small prayer book and holy water.

“Repeat after me”, he ordered us and he began reading.

“Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…” , he said. His voice was etched with power and command. His voice echoed around the room.

Everyone repeated his words and he continued.

“Burn all evil to ashes. Banish them and perish them forever”

That instant, there was a very strong wind. The room started shaking and dust was rising in the air. I could hear screams probably from Laura. The cries of evil dancing with words of light. It was a battle between light and darkness. Two forces fighting against each other.

The house was awakened. The evils that were tolerated, the innocent blood that was spilled, the injustice it suffered. Everything was fighting as a dark force. A storm against a storm. A catastrophe over another.

I looked around but did not see Laura. I closed my eyes tightly and continued with the prayer.

“As the night is driven by dawn and malice away by love and faith, oh Lord! Shine your light upon this household”, the Pastor poured every inch of his faith into his work as if he would see God appear and perish the evil.

Just then, I felt a hand tapping my shoulders. I turned and looked.

“Hello Adel”, it was Laura.

I screamed as she pushed me hard.

The Pastor turned and started sprinkling the holy water.

“By the authority vested upon me by the Lord Jesus Christ, I banish you demonic spirit”, he screamed.

My family stepped backwards in fear. Temi came to me and picked me up. He held me tight as he prayed along with the Pastor.

“Nooooo!!!!” Laura yelled.

“I will not leave. I died in this house because of this man”, she said while pointing at my dad.

“I am not begging you to leave. I am commanding you!”, the Pastor replied.

“I said NO!!!”

The Pastor started pouring the Holy water on her again.

Laura’s body vibrated. I could see fury in her eyes as she screamed.

Just then, her face changed. I couldn’t recognise the new look but I guessed it was Deina.

“Deina?”, that was Mr. Boma, confirming my suspicions.

“Dad, help me”, she begged.

“Mr. Boma don’t move an inch towards her. She is not he daughter you knew”, the Pastor said.

Mr. Boma stood transfixed as he started crying.

I looked at my dad. He had gone on his knees pleading forgiveness from Deina.

She started laughing willfully.

The Pastor continued with his prayer.

Now, it was a process of exorcising a demon from another spirit.

“Arise dear God and let all thy enemies be scattered. Free your children from the captivity of this demon. Have mercy Lord and reign your presence in this home”

Deina screamed and evaporated into thin air in a puff of black smoke.

“Thank you Jesus”, the Pastor said.

Second victory recorded!!!

“Now, we can proceed to the garden where Deina was unjustly buried”, the Pastor said.

We filed out of the room and dad locked it behind us as we headed out into the garden.



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